UK Shared Prosperity Fund – Grant Scheme – Latest news from Mole Valley District Council

At its meeting on 26 September 2022, the Cabinet will consider a grant scheme that would enable Mole Valley District Council to allocate the government’s UK Shared Prosperity Funding to successful projects that ‘build pride of place and increase life chances’ over the next three years.

As part of its Levelling Up agenda, the government has set aside the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF), totalling £2.6 billion, to be distributed amongst local authorities across the country. Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has been given an indicative allocation of £1million, which would be split across the next three financial years and need to be spent by March 2025. In July, MVDC agreed an investment plan for consideration by the government and to add the first year’s allocation of UKSPF funding – expected to be a little over £50,000 and received in or around October – to its 2022/23 budget.

Once the government agrees MVDC’s investment plan, and the first year’s allocation of UKSPF funding be allocated, the next step would see MVDC establish a grant scheme, called the Community Capacity Building and Infrastructure Support Grant Scheme. The aim of the scheme (as defined by the UKSPF) is to build capacity to deliver social action projects and/or carry out works to improve community infrastructure which helps build pride in place and/or increase life chances. The scheme would be open for applications between 30 October and 11 December 2022. Charites, voluntary, community and not-for-profit groups will be eligible to apply for the funding.

Councillor Bridget Kendrick, Deputy Leader of MVDC, said: “While it has yet to be absolutely confirmed that we will be receiving our allocation of the UKSPF, it is only right that we begin to put plans in place for the next steps in this process. The prospect of financial support available to our local communities in years to come is very encouraging, particularly when you consider funding available via our Neighbourhood Fund too. The UKPSF is focused on projects that benefit the wellbeing of our residents, including anything from improving digital connectivity to enhancing local arts, cultural heritage and creative ideas. We will provide more information on the application process via our promotional channels when everything is confirmed.”


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