Clearing 2022: It made me feel excited about my future again

Mon 05 September, 2022

A fashion student at the University of Bedfordshire has spoken about her Clearing experience, after switching institutions so that she could smoothly continue with her studies.

Throughout the summer, prospective students can use Clearing to find a place that suits their needs. The Clearing route can also open up opportunities for existing students who wish to change course and location.

School of Arts & Creative Industries student, Eva, came to study at the University after applying through Clearing when she found out her course at a different institution could be delayed.

Read Eva’s Q&A to find out about her Clearing journey and experience of studying at the University of Bedfordshire…

Before I applied to the University of Bedfordshire, I was studying a degree in footwear at another institution. I didn’t make the grade to complete my next year and I was given the choice to either 1) repeat the year at the university I was currently at, or 2) to drop out of the degree. I was so scared that I would have to repeat the year and could possibly end up in the same position, so I decided to leave the course and move on somewhere else to give myself more of an opportunity to do the best I could in my degree. I only had about two weeks to make my decision and apply somewhere else.

I called the University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing line and enquired about starting. I was only calling to enquire but the team managed to help me apply right there on that very call! I was registered to the University in less than two hours! All that was left to do was to prove I qualified for the course and provide the correct paper work. The whole process was completed that very week.

The process really put my mind to rest and I was able to get excited about my future again. I care about my studies more than anything and when I failed my first year at the other institution I really felt purposeless. The Clearing team at Bedfordshire really helped me get back on track, and made me feel welcome and important. This is an experience I have not had anywhere else.

To other students going through this process I would advise that you stay calm and trust that the Clearing team will look after you.

The University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing team is on hand up until October to discuss courses, funding, accommodation, student support and any other queries about life on campus.

Give the Clearing Hotline a call today on 0300 3300 073 or apply online:

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