Statement from the Leader of Mole Valley District Council regarding Pippfest – Latest news from Mole Valley District Council

Stephen Cooksey, Leader of Mole Valley District Council, said: “In light of the formal requirements on Sunday for the proclamation of the new King, MVDC has decided that making its grounds available for Pippfest had to be reconsidered. Due to the nature of the event and lack of a suitable alternative venue for the proclamation, we made a very difficult decision to advise the Pippfest organisers, that the festival can no longer take place on the grounds of the Civic Centre at Pippbrook. 

“Pippfest is an important event in Dorking and is loved and enjoyed by many. It is organised by a hard-working team and has always been a hugely enjoyable event. On Thursday the Country lost its Monarch and we understand Pippfest could have been an opportunity for people to come together. However, we needed to take into account the formal processes and procedures that are required, the national, regional and local proclamation of the new King being one of them. It is entirely appropriate that this part of the traditions of our country should take place in the Civic Centre of our district. A family fun day is not compatible with the solemnity required for the proclamation. We have carefully considered the advice about respectful and solemn behaviour during this period of mourning particularly when carrying out the requirements of the proclamation. For these reasons, we have asked Pippfest not to take place. We have considered other options and have not been able to find a solution at short notice that meets both our civic duties and the needs of Pippfest. 

“We are very sorry that Pippfest will not take place this Sunday but hope those disappointed will understand the significance of formal state events.”


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