A statement from Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones on Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Potential Investors / Operators found for Doncaster Sheffield Airport

“Following the sad passing of HM Queen Elizabeth we are in a period of national mourning and reflection and we are mindful of the public sector supporting the country at this time. Our work to secure the successful future or Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) has been affected obviously at this difficult time given our focus on the passing of HM the Queen and the accession of the new King.

“I do want to however update on where our progress has taken us before the sad news. Public and private sector stakeholders in South Yorkshire have been working tirelessly to find a way forward that ensures a positive future for a fully operational DSA.

“It is estimated that DSA supports over 2,700 jobs in the wider economy and contributes over £100 million per year to the local and regional economy – that is a staggering £1bn in the next decade.  The closure of DSA would have an immediate effect on employment and the economic future of Doncaster and South Yorkshire at a time when our economy is beset by challenges on inflation, energy costs and economic confidence following the COVID pandemic. It is for these reasons that public and private stakeholders, with cross-party support from our local and regional political leaders, have asked DSA and Peel Group to reconsider its position on the airport’s future.

“In negotiation meetings between Peel, Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. Peel stated their criteria that they would expect to be met by any potential investor, purchaser or operator of DSA.

“Although these criteria are very restrictive, we have held over 50 conversations with UK, EU and Worldwide investors ensuring we left no stone unturned in the search for additional and/or alternative investors to secure the long-term sustainability of DSA.

“We acknowledge that the market conditions are currently challenging but we are pleased to report that there is strong market interest in DSA. Whilst we continue discussions in principle with several parties, we have one group that we believe is an extremely serious proposition.

“Our Chief Executive and senior officers have been leading on the work to save DSA, alongside the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

“There is a significant amount of risk, let’s be perfectly honest, it is almost impossible to sell a house in less than a week, so we asked Peel to give us the time, to work with this serious potential proposition, to undertake the necessary due diligence as we endeavour to save and secure the long-term future of Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

“The official mourning period will run until Tuesday September 20th, I ask that Peel work with us during this period.

“I am grateful that Peel have today announced that the consultation period is to be extended until 26th September.”

Last updated: 12 September 2022 18:00:37

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