New campaign to find more foster carers in Blackpool

Posted on Tuesday 19th January 2021


A campaign aimed at encouraging more people to come forward and apply to become a foster carer for Blackpool Council has been launched.

The council’s fostering service is looking for a diverse range of fostering families who can provide a safe and loving environment for children and young people in its new campaign, Fostering in Blackpool Rocks.

There are a number of children and young people in Blackpool at any one time who find themselves for different reasons in need of a loving and stable family home.

By choosing to be a foster carer, people can provide a child or children with a home for a few weeks, months or even years.

The new campaign aims to attract local people and families to come forward and find out more about fostering with Blackpool Council.

The council is also appealing to experienced foster carers who feel the time is right for a fresh start and want to work directly with a small friendly council who have children immediately requiring that stability.

Fostering in Blackpool Rocks aims to reach much-needed potential foster carers by highlighting the many benefits and rewards for everyone involved.

By joining the resort’s community of foster carers, newly approved applicants will have the chance to receive support from like-minded people.

They will also have the ongoing support from the council’s friendly and experienced fostering team as well as gaining access to the in-house psychology team and a therapeutic approach to parenting training which receives consistently excellent feedback.

Foster carers will benefit from excellent training and a full package of support, including enhanced generous allowances, regular support groups, peer mentors for new carers, an out of hours support and advice line and a dedicated supervising social worker.

In recognition of the valuable work of foster carers and increasing costs, the allowance rate has been increased. Newly approved foster carers can expect to receive between £232 and £443 to help with the cost of caring for a child dependent upon their level of skill and training.

The council’s children’s services have developed a new way of working, ‘Blackpool Families Rock’, which is about strengthening and supporting families, underpinned by three values:

The Heart: which is about how we feel and behave

The Head: which is how we think

The Hands: which is about how we work with people

The idea is that people work with their head, hands and heart, creating a reflective environment for our children and young people which is restorative in nature and aims to strengthen their experiences in life.

The fostering service is very much part of this way of working and the team are helping foster carers to ensure their strengths and resilience are built upon. This then has a positive effect on the child, increasing their self-esteem and confidence.

As part of the campaign, the team have also been working hard to develop a new fostering website,, new marketing materials and a bespoke, inspiring video designed to attract new carers to Blackpool.

Cllr Lynn Williams, Blackpool Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said:

“Our foster carers often tell us that fostering is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things that they have ever done.

“As lucky as we are to have our current group of foster carers in Blackpool, there are still many children out there in need of a foster home close to their local community and we urgently need more foster carers to look after them.

“Our children here in Blackpool deserve a family and the opportunity to be brought up within one, either on a short-term basis whilst they move on to permanence or on a longer term basis until adulthood.

“We’re proud of what we offer at Blackpool Council – friendly support, attractive allowances and full training. The fostering team are known as being experienced, hard-working and dedicated fostering professionals within the region, many of whom have worked all over the North West in a variety of fostering agencies. 

“If you’ve thought about fostering in the past, our supportive team can help you make it a reality. There are hundreds of children who need a loving family as they grow up, and it is such an enriching thing to do.

“If you think that you could help make a difference to a young person’s life, please do get in touch with us.”

For more information about becoming a foster carer, visit or call 01253 420222.

Posted on Tuesday 19th January 2021

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