Award-winning photography student has his work published by the BBC

More than 180 sixth formers from 64 different colleges in England entered the Planet Future exhibition which reflected on sustainability and the challenges facing the environment.

The UK’s former Minister for Skills, Alex Burghart, who launched the exhibition, said: “The sustainability agenda has never been more important and the exhibition highlights students’ hopes and fears about the future, while also showcasing their enormous creativity and innovation.”

Deividas said his photograph, pictured above, called Plastic in the Oceans, focused on how pollution affects marine life.

He said: “During my final project I studied environmental destruction caused by humans. In this photograph the small amount of water in a confined space, such as a glass vase, symbolised the little space the fish has to swim in as there is only a small amount of water that’s not contaminated.”

Photography tutor Cat Shackson said: “Deividas joined us on a GCSE programme but he worked consistently hard and progressed to A Levels, maintaining good attendance and excellent effort grades. He has shown creative talent and technical skill, producing some exciting original work, such as the Plastic in the Oceans photograph, and deserves the accolades he is receiving.”

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