International Day of Peace – a statement from the Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council, Cllr Abdul Salam Khan – Coventry City Council

The full statement can be read below.

Today is the International Day of Peace – a time for us all to think of how we can make our world a safer, friendlier place.

This is a day at the heart of our city’s beliefs. Coventry is so proud to be a city of peace and reconciliation, a city of welcome and sanctuary.

We are so fortunate to live in a city with those ideals, one where all faiths and cultures are treated equally and where we all enjoy the gifts that diversity brings.

Sadly, not everyone in our world shares that fortune.

This year we have seen war break out in Europe with the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine. Men, women and children have lost their lives and thousands more have been forced to flee their homes and their homeland.

We have been honoured to welcome some to our city and we promise to offer what help we can to them and to those still in Ukraine.

News of the invasion shocked us all, but sadly, the people of Ukraine are not alone in their suffering.

There are conflicts around the world, with ongoing civil wars in countries including Yemen, Syria and Somalia. There are thousands and thousands of people suffering every day through armed conflict.

Today is a day when we must renew our promise as a city and as individuals to do all we can to support the work for a friendly, united and peaceful world – and that work must continue every day of the year.

The voices of people, cities and countries around the world must join together to make the call for peace so loud and so strong that it is heard by all.

Let us all spare a moment today on this International Day of Peace to consider how we can play our own part, and to send our thoughts and prayers to all those who are living in fear and for whom peace seems so far away.


Wednesday, 21st September 2022

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