Collaboration celebrates Attlee’s vision of opportunity for all

A successful collaboration between Attlee A Level Academy, Queen Mary University of London and The Attlee Foundation was celebrated with a presentation of a laptop to a high-achieving student.

Victor Radev received a top grade MacBook Pro after being awarded first place for his ‘original and creative’ work in a competition that encouraged A Level students to aim high.

The presentation was made at QMUL in Mile End, next to the statue of Clement Attlee – one of the country’s most notable and highly revered Prime Ministers. It also marked the 100-year anniversary of Attlee’s election as MP for Limehouse.

The former Prime Minister was Mayor of Stepney in 1921 and volunteered at Toynbee Hall, giving legal advice across the community. His tireless support for East Londoners laid the foundations for his later achievements which included the UK’s post Second World War recovery and the formation of the NHS and the welfare state.

New City College’s Attlee A Level Academy in Stepney and The Attlee Foundation charity, are both named in his honour.

The charity works to benefit local people disadvantaged by a lack of opportunity and their aim is to continue Clement Attlee’s vision by undertaking projects to overcome inequality. The Foundation has been working with the Attlee Academy and QMUL to raise awareness and to encourage Tower Hamlets students to aim high.

Martin Young, Trustee of The Attlee Foundation said: “It’s a priority for us to support and encourage young people like Victor who want to go on to higher education. He is a worthy winner of the award and we hope this accolade will have a positive impact on his ambitions and future success.”

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