Historic milestone challenges Advertising and Digital Marketing graduate

One Advertising and Digital Marketing graduate has become a part of history, as her new role saw her instrumental in supporting the televising of the Queen’s funeral – all within one month of graduation.

As she kickstarts her career, Megan Andrews has been putting her skills to good practice after landing the graduate job of her dreams as an Operations Technician with the BBC.

As an Operations Technician, Megan has joined the tech savvy team responsible for providing high quality, 24-hour operational support services for BBC’s TV, radio and online production stations.

However within only one month of joining the BBC, Megan was faced with her first career challenge as the Queen’s death was announced on the evening she clocked in for her night-shift.

Megan said: “As soon as I logged in on the Thursday evening, it was all hands-on deck. Straight away, I was tasked with adjusting the schedule changes, proofing the pre-arranged coverage on the Queen to make sure this aired without a hitch. It was a huge task to get stuck into, and one which we’re still catching up with now!

“It was fascinating to see their fast-paced processes in practice and be part of a team which was so heavily involved with publicising the Queen’s funeral. I’m really proud to have played my part in supporting the televising of the funeral to 26 million Britons as part of the BBC, and it was certainly an experience I’ll never forget.”

Whilst studying at the University of Northampton, Megan credits her personal tutor, Matthew Holtz, and the employment opportunities on offer for her success in securing a full-time graduate role with the BBC.

Megan added: “I was offered the opportunity of a placement whilst studying my undergraduate degree, however with the support of Matt, I chose to instead search out my own experience opportunities.

“Following a virtual networking event held during my second year, I met with Charles Haynes, Founder and Managing Director of Ziggurat, who reached out to offer a six-week remote internship within their social media sector. While here, I supported a portfolio of YouTube content creators with editing high-quality content for their Tiktok and Instagram channels.

“I also successfully joined Northampton Students’ Union as a Marketing Assistant through Unitemps in my final year, as well as securing a second internship with Boromi, a community of non-profit Play Libraries which support parents with early development of their children through purposeful play.

“Each of these opportunities – combined with the skills I learnt during my degree – were a winning combination for me to successfully step my foot in the door of a global business with the BBC. I haven’t looked back since, and am very excited for where the future will lead me.”

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