Community groups helping residents stay warm can apply for grant support

Applications have started to come in for Warm Spaces Grants of up to £500 for community groups and organisations providing warm spaces for residents in Exeter this winter.

Warm Spaces Grants are available for organisations to apply for now on the Council’s website.

The grant will help with additional costs faced by groups providing warm spaces for people to enjoy company and access facilities if they are struggling to cope with the cost of living.

Cllr Martin Pearce, Lead Councillor of Communities & Homelessness Prevention, said: “The Council’s grants program is now available to support those offering warm spaces.

“We are really keen to make sure that as many residents as possible are supported as we go into this cost of living emergency over the winter. Things are set to get harder, sadly, for so many people in the city.

“I think it’s absolutely amazing that these pop up spaces are being delivered all across the city. They’re going to be needed and I’m sure they’ll be well used.”

For details of community support, and for more information about the support schemes administered by the Council, visit our website.  

Organisations can apply now for a Warm Spaces Grant by making an application on the Council’s website.

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