Walton Bridge develop online tool to enhance investor access to the UK energy infrastructure market

London, 28th of November 2022: Walton Bridge, a UK investment company, have developed an online tool that gives customer’s insider knowledge into the UK energy infrastructure market.
The expanded online tool will be available for public use from the 29th of November 2022. Until now, getting a unified view of these markets has been a tedious and prolonged task. But the company’s new unified approach eases the process for the everyday investor, offering an efficient resolution through their online tool.

Increased demand for efficient energy services

With the need for home grown energy greater than ever, the energy investors focus on the market’s detailed infrastructure, such as power plant developments. Investing in these properties allows speculators to fund the construction of vital energy utilities, increasing the potential value of the investment once it has been sold.
Most energy developments offer a fixed 24% return over 2-years for investors. According to the energy company, this greatly outpaces the standard savings accounts or cash ISA’s found on the high street. These assets also turnover relatively quickly, with returns paid out to investors on an annual basis.

One investor remarked:
“Innovations like this are much needed both for investors and the energy market itself. With tough global economic headwinds, energy infrastructure needs additional funding in the UK. Solutions like this help fix that, whilst providing incentive for capital to flow in a direction that helps us become self-sufficient – from an energy perspective.”

About Walton Bridge

Walton Bridge’s online investments finder taps into the energy infrastructure market. Bringing its users more choice & opportunity than ever. Their online tool allows investors to supply a few simple details, in return for a bespoke investment plan, covering the UK energy & property markets.

Terms and conditions:
£10,000 Minimum investment amount required
Average 12% Return per annum is based on historical performance
Returns are not guaranteed. As with all investments there are risks.