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According to Barbers, the 8 Rules of Barber Shop Etiquette

  • Barber shops have been a place of refuge for style and community for a long time.
  • Insider asked two barbers — Fabiano Nogueira in Georgia and Rey Tineo in New York — their best tips for clients.
  • Tineo said, “My biggest pet peeve about lateness.” “You can chat and have fun, but please be on time.”

Although you won’t see them as often these days the iconic red, green, and blue pole that marks a barbershop is still easily identifiable. Barbering is not just a historic profession. marginalized communities — it’s also going through an upscale renaissance, the trade plied by men with sharply angled, elegant beards and butcher’s aprons in stylish hipster shops with exposed brick.

Insider spoke to two master barbers to help you get into this thriving community.

Remember that a barbershop has a different atmosphere than a salon.

“Barber shops are geared towards the male clientele,” said master barber Fabiano, who owns Barbearia Barbershop, Marietta, Georgia. “But, the essence and value of a barbershop are the people who work there. We love to meet our clients, hear their stories and watch their children grow.

Rey Tineo, a fellow master barber and shop owner at Status Barber Studio in Bay Shore (New York), agrees.

Tineo stated, “There’s quite a bit of history in a barbershop.” “It’s where men have gathered throughout global history to talk about community, sports and politics.”

Services offered by different companies are also varied

The services offered are also different because of the male-dominated customer base.

Fabiano Nogueira, who owns Barbearia Barbershop in Marietta, Georgia

Fabiano Nogueira is the owner of Barbearia Barbershop, Marietta, Georgia.

Courtesy Fabiano Nogueira

Tineo stated that the work involved in creating a complete look for a woman’s cut and style is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Hot towel shaving is something I love the most about barbershops, which most salons do not offer.

It’s a wonderful experience all by itself if done correctly. The warmth of the towel opening your pores as you begin to relax in the chair, the lather of shaving cream being applied, closeness of the straight razor against your skin, the facial massage replenishing your freshly exfoliated skin, topped off with a chilled towel to close your pores and tighten the skin, and then a splash of a refreshing aftershave … this is a real treat.”

Enjoy the diversity of modern barbering

Tineo stated, “When you first enter the worlds of barbering one of your first things to notice is the diversity.” “Berbering is still a male-dominated industry. However, over the years, the industry has seen a lot of women enter the field, and it’s been great.

Be on-time

Tineo stated, “Lagitude is my biggest pet hate of all.” You can expect to have a good time and be able to chat with other people, but please be on time. It’s not a problem for me, but it is important for me to be on time. It’s rude for the person who is following your appointment, as I’m still going give you the full service you expect and the precision you deserve.

Nogueira asks for grace in the event that the schedule is not followed. DoesThe butterfly effect is real. 

Nogueira stated, “It’s difficult for us to always stay on time, too.” “We are not machines and not all clients have the same hair. We are able to be gentle with most of our clients, which is a good thing.

The cut’s cost is more than the cut

Everything has been affected by inflation, even services such as barbering. 

Rey Tineo of Status Barber Studio in Bay Shore, New York

Rey Tineo is a stylist at Status Barber Studio, Bay Shore, New York.

Courtesy Rey Tineo

Tineo stated, “A good cut can cost you anywhere between $30 and $50.” Higher prices correspond with more detailed or higher quality work. 

Nogueira stated that the price of a haircut is also affected by experience, training, equipment, and maintaining the shop. Tips are customary, appreciated and essential to barbers’ incomes. The usual tip is 15% to 20%, just like a hairstylist.

Respect their experience 

Tineo stated that the amount of training a barber has can impact how much they charge for a haircut. 

Tineo believes that clients have unrealistic expectations of barbers. Tineo expects that they will provide the same type of services as other barbers.

He said, “There are so many variations in barbering.” “I continue to attend barber conventions and take online courses. This allows me to learn from the people who have paved the way for me.”  

Don’t be afraid to not know what you want

Unlike hairstylists, who tend to prefer guidance and directionBarbers love to let their artistic visions guide your haircut.

Nogueira stated, “While a photograph is always helpful if you’re looking for something very specific,”

Tineo said, “If given the choice between a client coming in with a photo of a haircut and the ability to do it my way, I would prefer to do mine my way.” Barbering to me is a way to express yourself; it’s an art form. Even if the client has a picture, I will still give my take on the cut.

Talk to your barber about yourself.

Nogueira explained that they use the initial consultation to talk to clients about what they want and if it suits their hair type, facial structure, and line of work.

Tineo thinks that this is more important then coming in with a clear picture of what you want. 

He stated that he does a thorough consultation with clients before I start cutting their hair. “This allows me to assess their wants, personality and profession. It also gives me the chance to fully explain to them if their hair texture, thickness or thinness prohibits them from having a particular cut. If they are unable to have a particular cut, I can then suggest something that would be better. I wish clients understood that not everyone is the same. canGet the same style.

“The profession and personalities of the client play a huge part in creating any look. What can be more artistic than creating pieces of art with every haircut?”

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