5 Tempting Reasons To Study In Montreal

Everyone looks back fondly on their university years. They signify the moment we left home, focused on what we want to do and forged our own path in life. They were also pretty darn fun!

But this is why the location of your university experience is so important. If you don’t choose wisely, you could end up in a place that not only doesn’t suit you but doesn’t give you all the opportunities that university life is supposed to give you.

This is also why so many people end up moving abroad to study for college. Moving abroad gives you a taste of a world completely outside of your own, with a whole new range of possibilities, people to meet, and places to see.

Take Canada, for instance. Just last year, this country hosted over 800,000 international students, which is up by about a third from the year before. Of these students, around 25,000 chose Montreal as their student city of choice.

When it comes to universities in Canada, it is clear to see that students have found something special. With this in mind, let’s look at universities in Montreal as an example and why so many international students have put this city above all the rest:


The first thing that you should be conscious of when searching for a university is affordability. Not just for the tuition fees of the university but the cost-of-living in Montreal itself. In this city, the housing prices are twice as affordable as in a number of cities in Europe or North America, making it an ideal spot for students who do not have a high income.

Job Market

Sticking with affordability, Montreal has also experienced the largest job growth around Canada in recent years, meaning students with a study permit will find it far easier to find a job and begin making an income that can sustain them throughout their years at college.


Canada as a country is also known for its multicultural society. This is especially true in a city like Montreal, where 23% of the population is foreign-born, and Greater Montreal has 120 cultural communities from each continent. As a student, you will want to feel welcomed and accepted wherever you go, and Montreal is one of the best cities to immediately feel at home.


Remember, university is not all about partying and experiencing the city. It’s about education too! This isn’t a problem when it comes to Montreal, however, as there are around 15 universities with over 100 colleges, each one of which has a strong reputation and is beloved by students who walk through their doors. The city helps with this, too, of course. Whilst at university, it’s great to be living in a vibrant, education-focused city to help you study better and make all those exams worthwhile!


Lastly, it is also crucial that, wherever you go to university, you feel safe. According to a recent survey, Montreal ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, and whilst that doesn’t mean there is no crime whatsoever, you can walk the streets a little more comfortably than in other areas of the world. Once again, this is what’s so important about university. Feeling safe in your skin, happy in your location, and ready to make all the happy memories that you deserve to make.