Cardi B: While she was performing on stage, so she fought back

In the clip, Cardi B is seen getting splashed with liquid from the cup while performing her 2018 hit “Bodak Yellow.” Clearly upset, she reacted immediately by throwing her microphone into the crowd as security guards rushed to the stage.

Saturday in Las Vegas, Cardi B proved yet again that she is not someone to trifle with: During a performance at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, an audience member threw a drink at the rapper while she performed her breakthrough hit, “Bodak Yellow.

A second later Cardi — who is apparently a lefty — instantly retaliated by hurling her microphone back at the offending “fan.” The video shows the person being escorted out by security; after hurling some doubtless colorful words at the offender, Cardi apparently left the stage after the incident.

Cardi was in the middle of delivering her hit song “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” — which spent three weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2017 — when the incident occurred. Afterwards, she retweeted a video of what went down. In the clip, the rapper seems surprised after being splashed by the liquid from the cup, but then turns angry and throws the mic at them while appearing to yell.

In a now-viral video of the incident, Cardi can be seen wearing an orange dress during the performance and looking surprised when the drink is thrown in her direction while she performed her hit “Bodak Yellow.”

She was performing “Bodak Yellow” at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas when a white, decorated cup with liquid was tossed at her. Cardi B was stunned, then launched her microphone at the woman who threw the cup.

The incident appears to have occurred during Cardi B’s scheduled performance at Drai’s Beachclub on Saturday. Video posted on social media shows that Cardi B was performing her hit “Bodak Yellow” when someone holding a large cup apparently flings the drink at her, dousing the rapper while she was on stage.