Thursday, September 21, 2023

Why Expert Authors At AskGamblers Feel iGaming Is A Fertile Market For Innovation

With the iGaming market currently sitting at $286.50 billion, one would assume that the “formula” (if there is a formula) for iGaming has more or less been nailed down. This is a business, after all, and once businesses understand what consumers want, they have no real reason to change it.

But speaking with experienced iGaming authors at AskGamblers, that impression steadily evaporates. We had the opportunity to ask a few questions to three authors from the AskGamblers team, Sharon Davies, Irena Ducic, and Goran Gacesa, about the scene of iGaming in 2023 and where things might be headed in the future. And it’s fair to say they were very optimistic.

What Do You Think Of The iGaming Scene At The Moment?

“It’s fantastic,” says Goran. “When you think that the first online casino came out, what, ‘95?”

“‘94,” says Sharon, which is just a hint of her unrivalled expertise in the iGaming industry.

Goran continues: “From that point on, the industry has shot up into space. It’s a convenience thing, I think. It’s just so easy. Think about when those first online casinos came about. Back then, you still had to log onto a computer, which took like 30 minutes.”

“94,” says Sharon again, which is just a hint of her unrivalled humour in the AskGamblers office.

“Exactly,” says Goran. “And yet those first online casinos survived, and the concept grew into what it is today. Now anyone can go on their phone and get thousands of games all in one space. Or they can place a bet on a sporting event from the comfort of their living room. And get a notification that they’ve won on the same phone that they placed the bet on. It sounds normal for us in 2023, but we forget how lucky we are. It wasn’t always like that.”

At this point, Irena Ducic contributes for the first time: “You used to have to brace the elements.”

“Yeah,” laughs Goran. “Placing a bet on a soccer game in the pouring rain. And then your ticket gets soaked.”

“But I think the important thing is the games.” Sharon steers her colleagues back on track. “That’s where the real excitement is in the industry at the moment.”

This brings us nicely to our next question.

Why Do You Think iGaming Has Really Caught On?

Sharon takes the lead on this one: “Humans are comfort creatures. We like convenience. iGaming offers convenience. Even more than that, it offers safety, privacy, and variety, with different and popular ways to pay. It’s really catered toward the player. “

“And every decision is too,” says Irena. “Like Goran was saying, this industry is still young, yet it’s taken so many steps over the last few years to improve the overall experience. Where safety is concerned, AskGamblers has worked really hard to put privacy policies and encryption technology in place to protect the user. And with multiple ways to pay, users have options to choose secure payment methods.”

“People want to feel comfortable,” Goran agrees, “like they’re looked after. Then they can play the games in peace, which is how it should be.”

“That’s the other reason it’s caught on,” Sharon takes the reins again. “AskGamblers was established in 2006, and since then, we’ve recommended plenty of online casinos, each one offering everything from slots to table games to card games to dice – the list goes on and on.”

Once again, Sharon led me nicely on to the question we really wanted to ask.

Is There Any Room For More Innovation In The iGaming Industry?

“That’s a silly question,” says Sharon, firmly putting us in our place. “Of course, there’s room for innovation! The market is only growing, which means it’s having a good economic impact. If there’s a good economic impact, then there’s more jobs. If there are more jobs, there are more people involved in developing upon what’s there already and making it even better.”

Goran says: “The emphasis is on technology. We’re in such an exciting time for new technological advancements. The possibilities of virtual reality in online casinos has already piqued the interest of many developers and entrepreneurs. There are so many casinos in the industry, and each one wants to distinguish itself. The competition is really strong, and that’s great for players.”

At this point, we hazard whether we could see VR casinos sometime in the future.

“Why not?” asks Garon. “I think in the future, we’ll see VR and AI playing a big role in every casino. And that will create games that are not only better but offer more personalised experiences, making it even more immersive. It’s a really fertile market for innovation right now. Growth is inevitable.”

“We keep going back to how young this industry really is,” adds Irena. “Think about how far the iGaming industry has come. We’re just scratching the surface of what it can offer. Tech scenes are blossoming around it. VR, AI, AR, the blockchain, and mobile gaming. All of these innovative technologies are only going to benefit casinos and make the experience better.”

“That’s right,” agrees Sharon. “That’s what it’s all about. The experience. The player.”

As we close off our conversation, it feels like we’ve come full circle. All the innovations are about giving the player the perfect experience. And according to these three experts, it’s only going to get better.