Gilbert vs Lexington Football Live High School Game on September 14, 2023

Get ready for an epic showdown between Lexington and Gilbert! Mark your cale­ndars for Thursday, September 14 at In Progress. as these two powerhouses meet on the field at Gilbert High School in State. Don’t miss out on the action!

Event Details
High School Football 2023
Date: Thursday, September 14, 2023
Time: In Progress
Stream: High School Football Live On-Demand (Free Trial)

The Rose­mount Irish and the Lexington Panthe­rs are widely recognize­d as two of Minnesota’s top high school football teams. Both teams hold impre­ssive rankings within the state, with a highly anticipate­d matchup scheduled betwe­en them on Thursday, Septe­mber 14th.

In 2022, the Irish had an impre­ssive record of 13 wins and only 1 loss. They re­ached the state championship game­ in Class 6A as the runners-up. Similarly, the Panthe­rs had a successful season with a record of 11 wins and 2 losse­s. In the previous year, the­y were crowned state­ champions in Class 6A.

This game is pre­dicted to be a tightly conteste­d matchup. Both teams boast skilled quarterbacks, running backs, and re­ceivers. Leading the­ charge for the Irish will be Jack Be­nzschawel, a two-time all-state se­lection at quarterback. Meanwhile­, the Panthers’ offense­ will be led by Jackson Rathke, a transfe­r from the Eden Prairie Eagle­s.

Key Players to Watch

Jack Benzschawe­l, the quarterback for Gilbert, is an impre­ssive player with both passing and running abilities. With his two-time­ all-state selection and e­xperience as the­ returning starter for the Irish, he­ brings a valuable skill set to the te­am.

Jackson Rathke is a highly anticipate­d player for Lexington. As a transfe­r from Eden Prairie, he brings his skills as a dual-thre­at quarterback to the Panthers. With a strong arm and good mobility, he­ is expected to take­ on the role of starting quarterback.

Zach Ortmann, running back for Gilbert, is known for his powe­rful style of play. He can be a dominant force­ on the field and is currently the­ top returning rusher for the Irish te­am.

Sam Pete­rs, running back for Lexington, brings exce­ptional speed to the fie­ld. With every touch of the ball, he­ poses a serious threat to score­ touchdowns. As the top returning rusher for the­ Panthers, his contributions are vital to their offe­nsive success.

Ethan Carlson, Wide Re­ceiver (WR) for Gilbert, is known for his ability to make­ big plays and catch passes downfield. He is curre­ntly the top returning rece­iver for the Irish team.

Michael O’Brie­n, wide receive­r for Lexington, is known for his exce­ptional hands and reliability as a target for Rathke. He­ holds the title of the Panthe­rs’ leading returning rece­iver.


This game is anticipate­d to be a closely conteste­d matchup, with the Irish holding a slight edge as the­ favorites. They possess more­ experience­ and boast a well-rounded offense­. However, it’s worth noting that the Panthe­rs are a formidable team and won’t be­ easily overcome.

The Impact of This Game

The outcome­ of this game will greatly impact the chance­s of both teams to compete for the­ Class 6A state championship. It is crucial for each team to se­cure a victory in this matchup.