Thinking of a Career in Engineering: What Network Engineers Need to Learn?

Many people search in the Internet for what they need to learn as network engineers, or some of them plan to work as network engineers, but many novice people don’t know what direction they are learning or what kind of network engineers they are planning to become. So let’s talk about it.

I. Types of network engineers

When we study for network engineers, we should choose the type of network engineers we want to be according to the content and direction.

Because there are many kinds of network engineers in China, some people take the computer level II exam. Some people take the National Software Qualification Examination, while others study Cisco Certification Exam and Huawei Certification Exam. So first of all, there are many kinds of network engineers in China. I now only refer to two or three kinds of network engineers. If you dig deeply into the system of network engineers in China. You may find more than a dozen kinds, so which of these different systems of network engineers do we choose to learn?

II. Cisco Certified Network Engineer Certification

Cisco Certification is launched by Cisco, a famous manufacturer in the network field. It is an international authoritative certification in the Internet field. Cisco Certification includes CCNA, CCDA, CCNP (know more about ccnp certification salary), CCDP, CCSP, CCIP, CCVP, CCIE (also for routing and switching, voice, storage network, security, telecom operators) and other certification at different levels, contents and directions.

The company launched the Cisco Career Certification Program (CCCP) for the network planning and network support of its products, and required its agents in various countries to have such engineers, so as to improve the quality of service for users and establish a certification system for Cisco product network engineers.

I also have spent a lot of time talking about the current mainstream of society, such as Cisco Certification, which belongs to manufacturer certification. The so-called manufacturer certification actually refers to a certification launched by computer network equipment manufacturers.

The cost of this certification is generally expensive, because it is a kind of business examination, which is equivalent to the certification of a manufacturer. If you have taken this certification, it is usually appropriate for those novice people who want to enter the industry, or want to become a professional network engineer. Let’s take the simplest example. In factory certification, the most famous one in recent years is Cisco Certification. Cisco Certification is divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced. These three levels are suitable for novice people.

For example, if you are one of those novice people, or no matter what industry you are engaged in, you want to be a network engineer. The fastest way is to directly learn the Cisco Certification, and then take the Cisco intermediate or Cisco advanced test. After getting the certificate, you can basically enter the profession to become a professional network engineer, so this is a relatively fast way. However, the business examination is characterized by its high cost.

For example, Cisco’s intermediate level exam costs USD 500, and Cisco’s senior network engineer exam costs USD 1600. Although the examination costs are expensive, the acceptance of the society, especially the industry, is relatively high. For example, suppose you go to a company for an interview for the position of network engineer or professional system integration engineer. Then you can directly tell the other party that you have passed the Cisco Certification Exam and have the certification of a Cisco network engineer.

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