To Address Overwhelming Demand, Louis Law Group Opens a New Office in Naples

Louis Law Group is well-known across Florida for helping clients obtain full and just compensation for personal property damage claims. The Naples office is the firm’s latest expansion.

Louis Law Group, whose mission is to help its clients obtain full compensation for personal injuries and property damage, is opening a new office in Naples. The Naples office addresses the pent-up demand for knowledgeable, experienced, and aggressive attorneys who can help clients take on insurance companies.

About Louis Law Group

Louis Law Group has a stacked roster of attorneys who are laser-focused on their clients’ needs and objectives. Clients with property damage claims can feel confident that they’re in good hands.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for various types of property damage , including water damage, hurricane damage, roof damage, fire damage, and even theft damage. But while clients naturally expect their insurers to honor these types of claims, plenty of insurers try to deny them by saying the claims are outside the client’s policy, that the claim lacks evidence, or that the clients failed to pay their premiums.

Louis Law Group attorneys have seen it all. In cases of claim rejections or low settlement offers, our attorneys can tilt the odds in the clients’ favor. They can handle all aspects of a claims, from gathering necessary evidence and negotiating a fair settlement offer with the insurance company, to going to trial.

Just as important, Louis Law Group attorneys provide peace of mind. Rather than spending hours on the phone haggling with their insurance company, clients can delegate this task to their lawyer and spend more time doing the things they love.

Pierre A. Louis, the senior managing attorney at Louis Law Group, says the firm is especially excited to serve Naples clients. “Our attorneys are ready, willing, and able to help all of our Naples clients fight for the compensation they deserve.”

4851 Tamiami Trail North
Suite 200
Naples, FL 34103
(239) 331-5313

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The five most important cyber issues an organisation should address first

KYND introduces the five most important cyber issues an organisation should address into its KYND Start Report.

Priority recommendations to accelerate the mitigation of cyber risks identified in the KYND Start Report

KYND Limited, provider of pioneering cyber risk management products, today unveiled a new KYND Recommendations feature which is available to customers who purchase the full version of KYND Start.

KYND Recommendations provide clear and simple guidance on the five most important cyber issues that KYND has identified for a particular organisation. It gives an immediate list of priority actions that should be addressed to minimise the organisation’s cyber risk exposure and they are now included in every full KYND Start report.

KYND Start is a simple, standalone report showing the current cyber risks facing any organisation in a clear and easy to understand way, using only a company’s website name to provide instant results. Providing an accessible price-point for entry level or bulk use cyber risk management, it is currently being used by brokers, risk advisors and insurers globally.

Andy Thomas, CEO says “Our customers tell us they love the simplicity of the KYND Start report, which shows instantly the cyber risks facing a company. We also get asked ‘of the risks KYND has identified, which should be prioritised and be fixed first?’ and we quickly realised that putting together the five most important cyber risks together with recommendations of how they should be mitigated would really help our customers and I’m delighted to say this feature is now available within our KYND Start report”.

About KYND

Founded in March 2018 and headquartered in London with an office in Porto, KYND is a new breed of cyber company. Using its proprietary and pioneering technology, KYND now makes complex cyber risks simple to understand and manage for every organisation, regardless of size, means or industry sector.

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Issued by: KYND Limited
Contact: Melanie Hayes

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