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Anna Juravin



Has code2GOD nonprofit charity 501c3 organization become a sophisticated force in the art world or it is acting on ideology? Was this a business decision or a request from the Pope in the Vatican?

We’ve asked code2GOD to give us some answers as to if and why they turned down a $400 million European offer. We wanted to know who was the offer from and if that was the Vatican that made the offer or the Louvre Paris? We have not received a comment.

The JESUS 153 FISH MYSTERY art by code2GOD is said to be the equivalent of the Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci. While the Salvator Mundi is undoubtedly an artistic masterpiece, the Jesus 153 Fish Mystery is an art that will greatly impact the Christian world. The impact will happen as soon as Biblical scholars would be able to understand the principles of code2GOD. Only then will the question rise: was Jesus God or the son of God or simply well versed in the codes that make up the code2GOD. 

Once the religious and academic worlds will wrap their head around Don Juravin’s discovery, the Jesus 153 Fish Mystery may exceed the $860 million valuations of the Mona Lisa. 



Source: UniverseNewsNetwork

Who is code2GOD? 

If you haven’t heard of “code2GOD” you should know that it is a nonprofit charitable organization from Jerusalem located in Florida. 

What is code2GOD?

According to their site: “The original Bible (Hebrew) was created by GOD with parables for the public and hidden deeper messaging to humanity, using 32 mathematical codes, called code2GOD. We are scientifically decoding the original Bible to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity. code2GOD discoveries are made into the world’s most valuable art.”

Two Patent Pendings have been filed, seeking acknowledgment of code2GOD’s 32 codes and their findings of the “scientific proof of God” art which outlines coded Biblical facts that science has not been able to find.


Are code2GOD findings credible?

For math and science lovers, 18 out of the 32 codes would be understandable. However, one needs also to know Hebrew very well like Don Juravin. The higher levels of Biblical authority in the Vatican seem to be amazed by the findings of code2GOD and Don Juravin. An Italian source told was that Mr. Juravin was invited by the Pope for a close meeting but Mr. Juravin is concerned that such a meeting will create a religious affiliation that Mr. Juravin and code2GOD do not desire. The Vatican has not commented. Late comment from Anna Juravin, volunteer in code2GOD organization “the JESUS 153 FISH MYSTERY is my favorite, even though it’s not the most complex decoded art in the code2GOD collection.”

However, code2GOD only responded briefly stating that Mr. Juravin is respectful of the Pope, as well as any religious leader of any religion, and that code2GOD is welcoming religious leaders to receive code & scientific findings on a personal basis.   

The decoding work of the organization is well known only to very few like the Vatican, the Louvre in Paris, and major leading Christian organizations. Since their exploration of the Bible was not made public, so far, not many know about their scientific Biblical revelations.

Paul LeBreux, partner of Kim CG Moody, Is Accused Of Abusive Conduct To Women & Kids in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina

Paul LeBreux, partner of Kim CG Moody, Is Accused Of Abusive Conduct To Women & Kids in Dwight Schar's Bella Collina
*This is an opinion article, see sources and disclaimer below.*
UPDATE: Paul LeBreux functioned as a rubber stamp board member in Dwight Schar’s troubled community called Bella Collina in central Florida. Anna Juravin, who claims to have been abused by Paul LeBreux’s conduct on the board, which has effected also her dauthers, is preparing a lawsuit of $18 million against Paul LeBreux personally. She has a long list of abusive misconduct which she holds Paul LeBreux responsible for. Anna Juravin believers that wants a grand jury will hear what she has been through, it will bring them to tears and she will be awarded a much larger punitive damages amount then $18 million.
Paul LeBreux is a partner of Rick Scharich and PSR Developers who were sued for predatory lending and unfair business practices.

Paul LeBreux is employed by Moodys Private Client from Canada. Kim GC Moody, his Moodys Private Client firm and Paul LeBreux have been lately sued for an unethical business conduct involving a self-shooting of a man, his wife and daughter. Anna Juravin intends to file Amicus Brief and assist the plaintiffs in revealing the true nature of Paul LeBreux.


Attorney Paul R LeBreux works for Moodys Private Client, and served as a rubber stamp for Dwight Schar on the Bella Collina POA board of directors. Now, he’s on the board of GameSquare Esports (CSE: GSQ).

Can Gamesquare Esports Shareholders Trust Paul LeBreux?

Don Juravin, who has personal knowledge of attorney Paul LeBreux ethics says: “BE CAREFUL” and indicates that based on his experience in Bella Collina, Paul LeBreux is only a rubber stamp and can be seen as unethical. In fact, Paul LeBreux served blindly the billionaire Dwight Schar who was found to be unethical by the former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and he was banned for life from the NFL, fined an estimated $30 million and has to pay legal expenses of $7 million.

“I don’t trust Paul LeBreux” states Don Juravin, the author of the new book “The Logical Proof Of The Existence Of GOD.” I would be suspicious of any company who relies on Paul LeBreux as a reference of trust, he states.

Paul LeBreux was sitting on the Bella Collina POA knowing, or should have very well know, that unethical and borderline legal action are happening in the troubled Bella Collina which is controlled by the billionaire Dwight Schar deemed to be unethical. Paul LaBreux assisted in hiding the true financials from Bella Collina homeowners, he approved or turned a blid eye to wrong doings, and benefitted his own PSR Developers company at the expense of homeowners. In that, Paul LeBreux failed miserably and shouldn’t be trusted, states Don Juravin.

Paul LeBreux’s PSR Developers Was Sued For Unethical Lending Practices

Paul LeBreux’s company PSR Developers and his partner Rick Scharich were recently sued for a list of alleged predatory violations of lending laws and unethical business practices.

The lawsuit against Paul LaBreux‘s company PSR Developers reads:

  1. PSR Developers has failed to provide a statement of the loan payments or breakdown of principal and interest after demand.
  2. PSR Developers failed to provide a copy of a RESPA statement at or subsequent to Closing.
  3. PSR Developers failed to timely service the loan, including but not limited to failing to deposit payments received and intentionally withholding the payments in order to cause late payments and defaults.

Paul LeBreux Accused of Shady or Questionable Landing Practices

  1. PSR Developers (Paul LeBreux & Rick Scharich) provided a loan subject to the Dodd Frank Act, without being qualified or licensed as a mortgage loan processor.
  2. PSR Developers provided a loan subject to the Dodd Frank Act, without making any determination as to the financial qualifications of the borrowers or ability to pay.
  3. PSR Developers intentionally failed to provide notice of any late payment or default in loan payments.
  4. PSR Developers (Paul LeBreux and Rick Scharich) intentionally failed to provide any notice of default of payment under the Mortgage so as to intentionally cause and allow acceleration of the Mortgage and Note.
  5. PSR Developers intentionally initiated a foreclosure complaint before the court without first providing notice of default and the opportunity to cure, all in an effort to illegally secure possession and title to the subject property.

Is Paul LeBreux Involved In Some “Mafia-Like” Activity That Makes Him Scared Of Paul Simonson?

Some of Bella Collina residents can’t ignore their feeling of living in a community that is run by Paul Simonson in a “mafia-like” community on behalf of the big boss, Dwight Schar. Paul LeBreux allegedly seems to have been part of the POA coverup to endless wrong doings like authorizing selective enforcement against a Jewish family and abusive behavior against mothers and their kids.

We will reveal more information in a separate article.

We are further looking into additional irregularities in Paul LeBreux: past Chair of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Canada) and a past Chair of the STEP Canada Technical Committee. Paul is a partner in the Globacor Group of Companies and a partner at Moodys Tax Law LLP. Cross-Border and International Tax and Estate Planning Domestic and International Trust Planning. Council, STEP Worldwide, Canada, Past Chair – STEP Canada Technical Committee, Former Member of Law Society of Upper Canada, Canadian Tax Foundation, Past Chair, STEP.

Dr. Jeremy Spry (UF Health The Villages Hospital) another rubber stamp for unethical Dwight Schar and Paul Simonson, is expected to be similarly sued, sources say.
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*This is an opinion article, see sources and disclaimer below.*

UPDATE: In a counter lawsuit filed against PSR Developers, which is owned by Rick Scharich and Paul LeBreux, it’s alleged that the two were involved in a possible real estate scam. The alleged scam, which potentially can be an illegal real estate fraud, Rick Scharich was colluding to help Dwight Schar “steal” a house from a family which was exposing the wrongdoings by Dwight Schar’s controlled Bella Collina community.

Rick Scharich
Rick Scharich

Rick Scharich, Rick Vogel, & Drew Vogel, in Troubled Bella Collina

The lawsuit reads: “Plaintiffs by their wrongful conduct have violated the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.” The reader of the Lake county court Florida 352021CA000227A, may perceive developer and lender Rick Scharich and Paul LeBreux as real estate scammers who possibly committed a fraud by negotiating with Dwight Schar’s team ways to take away the house in unethical methods.

Rick Scharich, who is the VP for Vogel Building Group (Drew Vogel and Rick Vogel), is accused of violating the Fourteenth Amendment by attempting to take the property without just compensation. 


Mr. Scharich has about 30 lots in the troubled Bella Collina community and it’s believed that his violations of the HOA rules is done knowingly by Paul Simonson. Then Rick Scharich is buying a overpriced lots from Paul Simonson father in law. Bribes in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina? Stealing or inflating prices in Bella Collina? Sources tell us that the matter will be deposed and exposed during court proceedings.

Colluding With NFL Banned Dwight Schar

Rick Scharich is said to collude with Dwight Schar who was recently banned from the NFL for unethical conduct after he was accused of GANGSTER and EXTORTION behavior by his partner Dan Snyder. Eventually Dwight Schar was found “guilty”, was banned for life from NFL ownership and was fined an estimated $33 million dollars plus $7 million in legal fees. The defendants in this case are set to depose former Attorney General of The US, Loretta Lynch, Dan Snyder and Dwight Schar himself. 

Does Dwight Schar allow corruption in Bella Collina using Rick Scharich?
Does Dwight Schar allow corruption in Bella Collina using Rick Scharich?

Paul LeBreux, Shooting, Abusive Conduct On The Bella Collina HOA Board

Paul LeBreux is an attorney from Canada accused of what seems to be misconduct of finance in the case of self shooting of a business partner. Paul LeBreux, partner of Kim CG Moody, is also accused of abusive conduct to women & kids in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina.

Paul LeBreux functioned as a rubber stamp board member in Dwight Schar’s troubled community called Bella Collina in central Florida. Anna Juravin, who claims to have been abused by Paul LeBreux’s conduct on the board, which has affected also her daughters, is preparing a lawsuit of $18 million against Paul LeBreux personally. She has a long list of abusive misconduct which she holds Paul LeBreux responsible for.
Paul LeBreux is married to Irene Jaroszuk (Savvy Sage Solutions) who doesn’t seem to mind the abuse that her husband is allowing towards a mother and her daughters. As a resident of the troubled Bella Collina, Irene Jaroszuk must be aware that her husband allows HOA misconduct and probably stealing from the residents to benefit himself and partner Rick Scharich. As a mother, one may think that Irene Jaroszuk will care for her husband’s wrong doings.
Anna Juravin believers want a grand jury to hear what she has been through, it will bring them to tears and she will be awarded a much larger punitive damages amount then $18 million.”

Richard Arrighi The Bella Collina Neighbourhood Hero

Richard Arrighi, who used to be a partner of Dwight Schar, reveals HOA misconduct and alleged corruption in management of Paul Simonson, Dwight Schar’s CPA. Paul Simonson, along with Alec Simonson, his son, are rumored to have stolen property from houses in Bella Collina and possibly using them at home or selling them on the web. No response was given by Paul SImonson or Alec Simonson who is now a student at the Department of Biology at the Florida Atlantic University.

Richard Arrighi Bella Collina Neighborhood Hero
Richard Arrighi Bella Collina Neighborhood Hero

Did Rich Scharich Use Son Trevor Scharich Or Wife Venessa Scharich Against The Family Which He Tries To Harm?

Rick Scharich is Ricky Lee Scharich  married to Vanessa Scharich who is expected to be deposed in case 352021CA000227A along with Trevor Scharich. The Bella Collina saga was already documented by channel 9 (see below).

*This is an opinion, impression article presenting a point of view to be considered and there are other opinions regarding the individuals and entities mentioned in this article. You may search other information and find other opinions.*


*This is an opinion article, see sources and disclaimer below.*

Anna Juravin, a resident in Bella Collina, a community controlled by Dwight Schar.

UPDATE: Dwight Schar VICTIMS non profit organization was founded by Anna Juravin a mother of three young daughters who claims harassment and intimidation over 4 years long in Dwight Schar’s controlled Bella Collina.

This heartbreaking letter was sent to Dwight Schar, and Spencer Schar, manager at Bella Collina, via multiple channels, and by registered mail. According to Anna Juravin, Dwight Schar chose to ignore it even though he’s fully aware of his orders, or “passive orders”, which he gave Paul Simonson and which have been violently executed by Randall Greene (read another article “DWIGHT SCHAR’S THUG, RANDALL GREENE, CONTINUES TO HARASS THE JURAVIN FAMILY IN BELLA COLLINA“).  Dwight Schar also has spent over one million dollars in legal fees against the Juravin family and mainly, Dwight Schar has been targeting Anna Juravin with selective enforcement frivolous lawsuits, so she claims.

Letter To Dwight Schar (July 24, 2020)

 Dear Mr. Schar:

 I am writing to you out of desperation because I have nowhere else to go. The neighborhood under your control, Bella Collina, has been a danger to my family, my children, and their pets. I am a mother who wants nothing but the safety of her children and the security of her family.

The actions of Bella Collina have made my family feel unsafe. I worked hard to create a stable environment for my children, but your staff undid all of my efforts. My heart is broken because my family is no longer all together. And this is all because of the horrible actions of the Bella Collina staff.

Harassment and Intimidation Against Me and My Young Daughters

Ever since we moved in, I have been living in constant fear. My husband, myself, and my children have been the targets of bullying, harassment, and intimidation. The small children are afraid to leave our house. Even our little cats have been threatened.

I’m writing this letter because I believe that you do not know what is happening in your community. I need help. Instead of creating the gorgeous community that was advertised, your staff is using your money to make my life a living hell.

My children, the lights of my life, no longer live carefree and happy lives. They feel scared because of the actions of your men. Paul Simonson, the man you put in charge of Bella Collina, Randall Greene, the head of the POA, and Richard Arrighi, the convicted criminal who worked here, have all darkened our doorstep with their fear-mongering. Would you feel safe knowing that a criminal worked in the neighborhood where your children were growing up? In what way is your staff different from the mafia, with their means of force to silence us?

My Name Is Anna Juravin and I Trusted You Mr. Schar

My name is Anna Juravin. I moved to your Bella Collina in December of 2015 with my husband, Don, and our three daughters: Karin (12), Levia (7) and Ynes (4).  I dreamed of having a house to myself where I could raise my daughters in peace and help them have the best lives. My husband and I were reassured by seeing your name on the Bella Collina brochures. We thought this place was the best for our children. We could not have been more wrong.

This is the Juravin family which Dwight Schar is targeting
This is the Juravin family which Dwight Schar is targeting

WHy Are You Fighting My Jewish Husband With So Much Hate?

My husband is a good man and an excellent father. He was born in the Holy Land, the son of a Holocaust survivors’ family, and served in the Israeli military. He invented a regimen that has saved thousands from terrible gastric bypass surgery. And yet it feels as if we are being dismissed just because my husband is Jewish. If your men will so readily dismiss my husband, how will they treat my daughters?

During the first nine months after our move, we tried to fix the problems in Bella Collina. I wanted only the best for my girls. We realized that Bella Collina was not what the staff sold it to be. Instead, the community is a “ghost town,” covered in dangerous trash and construction sites that bring toxic pollution to the community. These sites are never finished. The roads are never clean. And your employees use your money but don’t care that their actions endanger my children.

Using Randall Greene To Scare and Intimidate My Daughters

When we realized that no one cared, my husband, placed an honest review online. Little did I know that this would place my family in even more danger. My husband’s business was destroyed by your men, making it difficult to ensure my children’s futures. Randall Greene, a man in your employ, came to my husband’s hearing to testify against him.

I hear so many troubling things about Randall Greene and his history with the abuse of women. His previous employer was accused of hitting his fiancee. Greene himself was arrested for domestic battery. How could I feel safe, knowing that men who abuse women are in this neighborhood?

My husband and my girls have been banned from the Club because they are Jewish. The staff have been abusive to us. The head of the POA is a violent man. 500 families have left Bella Collina.

Meet Levia Juravin with Coco and Ynes Juravin with Whitey whom Dwight Schar is trying to hurt
Meet Levia Juravin with Coco and Ynes Juravin with Whitey whom Dwight Schar is trying to hurt

You Have Caused Us Harm, Mr. Schar

I gained weight because I cannot go to the gym to work out, putting my health at risk. Part of the reason we moved into a community was so that I could use the amenities. But the staff have barred us from it, while collecting our money. Our children are not allowed to have volleyball nets, while their neighbors have nets and all kinds of toys that are banned by the POA. Our girls were not allowed to attend their graduation.

Can you imagine my position? I had to explain to my children, who I love more than anything else in the world, why they could not go to their graduation and school party. Bella Collina is responsible for their sadness, something I never wanted them to feel.

No Pedophiles In Bella Collina? Randall Greene?

Karin felt threatened by what we believed were spies in Bella Collina. She saw a car pass by and take pictures of her. Either Randall Greene was stalking us, or knew of the stalking and did nothing about it.  Karin left us. The staff forced a child of mine to leave our home because she does not feel safe. She left us and went back to Israel, breaking our hearts. We just wanted a safe home where we could be a family. My family is no longer together and my dream is ruined.

This is what the staff have done to us:

  • The staff spied on me, my husband, my kids and our visitors. I have no sense of privacy! I fear I cannot get dressed or go to sleep at night without someone watching me and my children. My privacy was invaded.

  • Bella Collina security investigated our visitors and tried to scare them away from our home. I cannot even host people in my own home because of the staff.

  • Bella Collina staff spammed my husband’s cell phone with tens of thousands of text messages, making his phone unusable. I have seen these threatening texts.

  • Bella Collina staff refused to provide us basic community services for over three years while continuing to charge us.

  • They used your artillery of law firms to scare my husband from using his rights to free speech. He can no longer make social media posts or use hashtags.

Selective Enforcement

  • They singled out our property for made up HOA violations for the sole purpose of retaliation. They have targeted me, personally, as a woman. I am the only person who has been sued personally by Randall Greene.

Threatening to Block Our Water Supply

  • Bella Collina staff sent intimidating letters threatening to block our water.

  • They placed hidden cameras in the community targeting our family and refused to inform us about their location.

  • They announced that my husband, Don, was “dangerous” to the club because he placed an honest review online. As a result, the community banned him, me and my daughters from Bella Collina’s Club for almost four years while continuing to charge club fees. We paid club fees for the first few months and then had to stop.

  • Bella Collina placed a lien on our house because we could not afford the extensive Club fees, especially if we were not allowed to use the Club.

Illegal Lien of My House

  • To receive a lien on my house, the legal team misrepresented to Judge Terry Neal in case 35-2017-SC-004004-AXXX-XX on May 7, 2018. They claimed that my family was going to flee a lawsuit to Ireland, never to return. More than a year has passed and we are still here.

  • Bella Collina staff contributed to fake news on the web only to hurt thousands that rely on my husband’s help.

  • Randall Greene took control over the HOA leaving the residents no say in the community.

  • Randall Greene is stalking my husband and my family on the web with vicious comments and distorted pictures.

Five Tires Damaged

Five tires on our cars have been mysteriously damaged over a period of six months in Bella Collina.

5 tires damaged in retaliation or simply Bella Collina is not safe, claims Anna Juravin
5 tires damaged in retaliation or simply Bella Collina is not safe, claims Anna Juravin

My Car Was Keyed Up and Down All Over In Your Bella Collina

Difficult to see in the picture but Anna Juravin's car was scratched all over
Difficult to see in the picture but Anna Juravin’s car was scratched all over
Policeman observes the vandalism happened to Anna Juravin's car in Dwight Schar's Bella Collina
Policeman observes the vandalism happened to Anna Juravin’s car in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina

Tempering WIth Our Irrigation System

  • The staff seem to have also tampered with our irrigation system to cause damage to the lawn. The HOA can single out our lawn, fine us and take me, personally as the mother of the house, to court. It feels like they are bullying and harassing women.

Mr. Schar, You Aimed at My Kids’ Pets Also

  • If aiming against me as a woman is not enough, the Bella Collina staff are also out to hurt my daughters’ pets as a way to HURT OUR CHILDREN. Paul Simonson and Randall Greene learned, while spying on us through the security guards, that we were gone on vacation for a few days so they viciously called animal control. They lied to them, implying that the cats in need of rescue and that we were not coming back. They aimed to have our house broken in and take these precious cats to cause my daughters agony and heartbreak. They even bragged about it via text to my husband afterwards. Going after little girls?! Where do they draw the line? 
This is Levia and her cat Coco which Dwight Schar's team tried to hurt
This is Levia and her cat Coco which Dwight Schar’s team tried to hurt

Cutting The Pool Cord (Nothing is Happening in Bella Collina Without Your Approval)

  • To make sure we “get the message”, the pool cord was “mysteriously” cut draining it completely. The intent was to create damage and send a message, like one the mafia would send. It is obvious that we are not safe in Bella Collina, and that my husband should shut up and stop telling the truth. The employees were going after my family, Mr. Schar, trying to scare me, the woman of the house. They threatened my children. They tried to show us that they could show up at my back door, and that we should not feel safe in our own home.

You Approved Randall Greene To Illegal Trespass onto Our Property To Steal and Scare

  • Someone illegally trespassed on our property after midnight and broke stones in our backyard. The loud noise scared me and my daughters. They were meant to put pressure on my husband to stop telling the truth about what goes on in Bella Collina.
  • The Bella Collina staff provided information on my husband to the FTC, not because they wanted to be good citizens, but because they wanted to hurt my husband’s business out of revenge. Simonson and Greene, as well as Greene’s brother-in-law, were reporting our moves to the FTC to implicate us.

Did You Allow Randall Greene to Stalk My Daughters?!

  • Either Randall Greene or someone that he knows was stalking my girls. Whether it was a pedophile or something that was intended as further retaliation against my girls, we do not know. When we reported a stranger driving around Bella Collina, Greene and Simonson did nothing. They only covered their acts up or covered for the other person involved. We were forced to file a police complaint. The policewoman spoke to my daughters and confirmed the stalker.
Meet Levia Juravin with Coco and Ynes Juravin with Whitey whom Dwight Schar is trying to hurt
Meet Levia Juravin with Coco and Ynes Juravin with Whitey whom Dwight Schar is trying to hurt

Have You Seriously Financing Attorneys To Hurt My Husband?

  • After my husband was forced to file bankruptcy, Bella Collina directed your law offices to go after me, a struggling mother with young daughters.
  • As if this is not enough, there is more, which I would leave for a later time.
  • You should not be surprised, because this kind of behavior is not the first for your men, as you can see below.

Respectfully, Mr. Schar, Do You Have A Pattern of Allowing Violence Against Women?

In a class-action lawsuit, Bella Collina staff members were accused of:

  • Illegally blocking the Sutherins from entering the community.
  • Illegally blocking the local school bus from picking up Mrs. Sutherin’s kids, forcing her to go through the rain and the heat to the highway.
  • Sending her a mug in a mafia-like fashion, with a note saying “We know where you live.”
  • Defaming an officer of the law and an attorney: Tim McCullough.
  • Spying on a reporter that came to my house.

Listen To Don Juravin As He Can Turn Your Bella Collina From Trashy To Great

The staff control the HOA and therefore none of us residents have any say as a result. Bella Collina looks trashy, uncared for, and with endless for sale signs, and almost no sales.


Dwight Schar's Bella Collina looks trashy
Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina looks trashy

Bella Collina carries your name, and for many years was part of the site. This is one of the reasons why we decided to live in Bella Collina.

The staff are doing whatever they want with your permission. They are lying to the media, to the public, and to potential customers.

I, A Mother, Will Win Against You In Court But Should We Go Through It?

We won against Bella Collina in the appeal when Randall Greene was overly aggressive against me. The appeal court decided that the staff had crossed a line. But that does not make me feel safe, knowing that I live where men can cross a line and endanger my family.

My husband’s family survived the Holocaust. In court, the staff purposefully used his old name, that has German connotations, to try to show that he is a fraud.

We have invested much time and money in Bella Collina.  There are not many of us left here. I hear rumors that Paul Simonson and Randall Greene think you’re too old to care for Bella Collina. They think that they can do as they please against the residents, at your expense.

I hear You’re a Decent Man – Do The Right Thing

Despite all of the above, I hear that you are a decent caring man that would not put up with these types of behavior and that you would make it right.

Mr. Schar, I know you are a caring man who could not possibly know what is going on with Bella Collina. There is no way that you would let these men harass women and children. As a mother and wife, I am begging you to bring an end to these terrorist tactics. All I want is peace for my family in our own home and community.

Thank you for reading my letter. I beg you please to order your employees to give peace with my family a chance.


Anna Juravin

Mr. Schar, you know how to contact me

*This is an opinion, impression article presenting a point of view to be considered and there are other opinions regarding the individuals and entities mentioned in this article. You may search other information and find other opinions.*

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Randall Greene, the head of the Bella Collina POA and an employee of Dwight Schar, conducted himself in an anti-Semitic fashion towards the Juravin family, who are descendents from Holocaust survivors. 

A letter was written to the Anti-Defamation League that started, “We are writing to you to request assistance to stop the rampant anti-Semitism that is occuring in the community of Bella Collina, a neighborhood in central Florida that is run by DCS Capital Investments, a company owned by former RNC Finance Chairman Dwight Schar.” 


Don Juravin did not know that Dwight Schar was anti-Semitic. Mr. Juravin believed that Schar was a philanthropist, a good man, and good businessman, which convinced him to buy a house in the community. After he purchased the house, Mr. Juravin had to pay $40,000 in initial fees to belong to the Club, a venue owned by Schar in Bella Collina. There was a monthly fee, $420, also associated with the Club that had to be paid.

Later, after he wrote a bad review, Randall Greene, the head of the POA, drove by Mr. Juravin’s house several times and honked his horn loudly. Twice, Greene drove by Mr. Juravin, who was out walking, and yelled a vile anti-Semitic slur at Mr. Juravin. A few weeks later, the Juravins received a letter stating that they would be banned from the Bella Collina Club as “dangerous people.” Mr. Juravin did not know what to do, so he kept paying the monthly fee. He did not make the connection that it was because he was Jewish. 

No one said anything to Mr. Juravin, until he decided to stop paying the monthly fee. A few months later, the POA placed a lien on Mr. Juravin’s house for not paying the fee, even though he was banned. 

Mr. Juravin was forced to undergo a background check, which he feels is unnecessary because the man that runs the Club and the man that runs the POA both have arrests and in one case, criminal charges to their name. In addition, anyone seems to be able to use the Club without a background check. 

The Club continued to cause grief. Mrs. Juravin was found crying one day because she had learned that her two daughters were about to graduate from school, but could not attend their own graduation ceremony because the family was banned from the Club. The two girls snuck in with a family friend, a Christian doctor, and were subsequently thrown out of the Club. The family of the doctor were sent a ban notice as well. 


In an affidavit signed by a former business partner of Dwight Schar’s, the former business partner revealed to Anna Juravin that Dwight Schar had engaged in anti-Semitic behavior, with vile comments. 

He wrote, “On several occasions during staff and management meetings, that included me, [CPA] Paul Simonson, [POA president] Randall Greene and others, Dwight Schar made derogatory comments about Jews, making derogatory remarks about their mannerisms and their way of life, and I was surprised Simonson laughed it off, being Jewish himself, just to not make waves with his boss, Dwight Schar. I was very  offended by such comments.” 

The ADL has responded to the Juravin family’s complaints and informed them that they were investigating the case. 

Dwight Schar, an NFL owner with a share in the Washington Football Team, has engaged in flagrant breaches of conduct in his capacity as a minority owner in the NFL. He and his employees have harassed, intimidated, and threatened a mother and her three small children. 



“Everyone who is part of the league must refrain from ‘conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in’ the NFL,” states the NFL code of conduct. While former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been hired by the NFL to investigate Dan Snyder’s claims against Dwight Schar for extortion, we are asking Lynch to additionally investigate Schar for his improper treatment of a Jewish family, including a mother and her three girls.

Owners are responsible for maintaining the code of conduct in the NFL according to the rules. The rules state: “This includes owners, coaches, players, other team employees, game officials, and employees of the league office, NFL Films, NFL Network, or any other NFL business.” 

“Ownership and club or league management have traditionally been held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline when violations of the Personal Conduct Policy occur,” writes the NFL. For Dwight Schar’s breaches, it would be appropriate for the NFL to investigate the conduct of one of their owners and sanction fines and disciplinary action as needed. 


Anna Juravin has founded a non-profit organization meant to help those who feel Dwight Schar’s poor management has victimized them. 

Many unexplained and scary incidents have taken place in Bella Collina that have threatened the well-being of families. Anna Juravin’s car had been keyed all around while parked on her property in Bella Collina. She feels someone in Bella Collina destroyed the vehicle “as a warning.” That doesn’t make her and her children feel safe in Bella Collina. Since the guards are controlled by Dwight Schar’s team, headed by Randall Greene, she suspects it was an “inside job.” Her tires had been damaged several times, and she feels she can no longer safely leave her home. 

Other families have complained of similar harassment. The Sutherins, a family that had lived for more than a decade in Bella Collina, had to have their children leave the neighborhood to get picked up by the bus. The children had to walk across a major interstate highway to get to school.


BELLA COLLINA Manager Spencer Schar Assaulted 2 Women + 1 Man

From the police report: “Spencer Schar allegedly grabbed her by the throat, pushed her against the side of the house and punched her in the face”

UPDATE: Spencer Schar was sued for HOA problems in Bella Collina

Dwight Schar, the billionaire who controls everything in the Bella Collina community, gave his son Spencer Schar a job, to manage the Bella Collina community. Dwight Schar is also Dan Snyder‘s partner who owns the NFL Washington Football Team.

Spencer Schar’s qualification to manage Bella Collina? Seems like none.

Spencer Schar’s age and experience? Don Juravin thinks that Spencer Schar is too young and probably has no real experience in managing a community. Moreover, homeowners should be made aware that Spencer Schar can have a negative impact on homeowners’ investment.

Spencer Schar’s personality? Rumor says he’s “a condescending young guy who drinks too much.”

BELLA COLLINA Manager Spencer Schar Assaulted 2 Women + 1 Man
BELLA COLLINA Manager Spencer Schar Assaulted 2 Women + 1 Man

A Pattern Of Violence In The Schar Family? 

Don Juravin thinks that there appears to be a pattern of force or violence in the Schar family that carries over to how they do business with their clients and customers. Don Juravin noted this and published a page, “Like Father Like Son?? Spencer Schar accused of physically assaulting women. Women and kids in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina have also accusations.” He was quickly subjected to more harassment and retaliation from the Schar gang as they tried to silence him. 

This is the same Spencer Schar who, in a detailed police report, assaulted two females and punched another man. In short, Spencer Schar assaulted three people as reported. Since his rich parents were fast to clean up, and possibly cover up, Spencer’s actions, we don’t know if there are others.  

A local news report described the attack: “When one student, Sallie Collamore, encouraged Schar to leave the party and return home, he physically assaulted her. Spencer Schar allegedly grabbed her by the throat, pushed her against the side of the house and punched her in the face.” 

The report continued: “…… Schar grew increasingly frustrated. Refusing to leave, he punched McHutchison in the face and allegedly kicked her in the side. He then punched Joslin in the face. Police verify this was the account they were told as well.” 

Spencer Schar is the son of Elon University’s biggest donors, Dwight and Martha Schar. The Schars have contributed $13 million to Elon University. As a response, the school gave Spencer special treatment and only suspended him for one year. To make matters worse, rumor says that Spencer is now involved in Bella Collina and residents may be worried given his history. 

History of Violence Involving Bella Collina Florida

Randall Greene was accused by residents of stealing a house. Randall Greene is working for Dwight Schar as the “Enforcer” and was placed by Paul Simonson as the President of the Bella Collina POA. Randall Greene had taken over a house that was purchased by someone hired to buy a house for Jordan and Maya Rupert. Judge Mark Hill ordered Randall Greene and Christina Greene to “vacate the premises” and clean up the house: “The transfer of the Pendio Property from Alfresco to DCS is a fraudulent transfer in violation of Fla. Stat.§ 726.105. The transfer of the Pendio Property from DCS to Randall Greene and Christina Greene is a fraudulent transfer in violation of Fla. Stat. § 726.105.” See the judgment against Christina and Randall Greene.

Randall Greene was working for two decades for a boss who was also accused in court of domestic assault and battery for choking his fiancee. Around the same time, Greene was also accused of domestic battery. Later, when Randall Greene went to work for Dwight Schar, Spencer Schar was arrested for assaulting three students.

The Sutherins were homeowners in Bella Collina. In 2012, after Richard Arrighi took over the POA board for Dwight Schar, the Sutherins voiced their concerns about the mismanagement of the POA. The backlash began immediately afterwards and the feud between the Sutherins and the POA. Dwight Schar’s “enforcer” Randall Greene ordered the security guards to stop allowing the public school bus into the Bella Collina community

Rain, storm or in the heat of the sun, the Sutherins’ mother was forced to have her children leave the neighborhood in order to get picked up by their school bus. Paul Simonson, Dwight Schar’s right hand, actually gave the OK for this retaliation against a mother and her kids.  The children had to walk across a major interstate highway in order to get to school.

Harassment of Homeowners In Bella Collina Community

Don Juravin and his wife, Anna, and their three children have suffered repeatedly from the harassment that is ongoing at Bella Collina.

Mr. Juravin and Bella Collina went back and forth, initiating lawsuit after lawsuit. The massive legal team and staff at Bella Collina had more resources than Juravin did, however. And the staff knew it. A text interaction between Mr. Juravin and Randall Greene, marked December 30, 2016, ended with a threat from Mr. Greene, referencing Dwight Schar’s sterling reputation and billions: “We have a lot of money and credibility, and those are two things you don’t have, with anyone.”

At one point, the property manager, Randall Greene, wrote to Mr. Juravin that the lawyer employed by Mr. Juravin “was not Juravin’s lawyer, and was not an attorney.” Mr. Reid, the attorney in question, was in fact a licensed attorney. 

Dwight Schar The boss Knows everything but doesn't admit liability - Paul Simonson - Randall Greene
Dwight Schar The boss Knows everything but doesn’t admit liability – Paul Simonson – Randall Greene

Scary Management In Bella Collina

Homeowners have never had any say in Bella Collina for the last 19 years. Bella Collina is like a trap for naive homeowners who fall for the look and the false pretense of names like “Nick Faldo” and “Dwight Schar” or the use of other celebrities. 

Paul Simonson has been managing Bella Collina for many years on behalf of Dwight Schar. Nothing is done in Bella Collina without Dwight Schar’s approval and Paul Simonson carries his orders out. The dirty work of retaliation and harassment is carried out mainly by Randall Greene for Paul Simonson. The two of them joined Schar shortly after their troubled and bankrupt construction company went under.

In short, Randall Greene carries out orders from Paul Simonson, who updates Dwight Schar constantly. When harassment and retaliation against mothers and their kids happen in Bella Collina to teach families a lesson for standing up for their rights, Dwight Schar knows about it and actively or passively is responsible for it.

Randall Greene Retaliates Against Women, Children and Their Pets

When the Juravins went on vacation, they had to alert the community’s security that they would be gone for two weeks. Immediately, the Bella Collina staff called the county sheriff’s animal control department and reported that the Juravins’ two cats were being abused. Dwight Schar’s employee, Mr. Greene sent Mr. Juravin another text message, this time saying, “The Sheriff’s office animal control unit should have been in touch with you as they were called on my instructions. Please do try to enjoy your vacation.” The Juravins were able to clear this up, and the county police department noted that the two cats were in good health and were well cared for. 

In the past two years, the Juravins have reported multiple incidents happening on their property, in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina. Their cars have been viciously keyed. Their backyard furniture has been broken. Their pool lines have been cut. Strange cars drove by slowly and stared at their three daughters playing in the yard. They have been contacted again and again by random unlisted numbers, often who mock Mr. Juravin’s accent or call him names. 

The family was banned from the community’s country club, and labelled as “dangerous.” Despite the ban from the amenities, the Juravins were still forced to pay for these amenities, at the rate of $5,000 a year. The daughters’ school held a graduation party at Dwight Schar’s Club, where the daughters were not allowed to attend. One was 8 years old, the other was 11. 

Dwight Schar, Paul Simonson, Randall Greene Fighting Women, Kids and Pets Fraudulently tried to have the kids' cats taken from them
Dwight Schar, Paul Simonson, Randall Greene Fighting Women, Kids and Pets Fraudulently tried to have the kids’ cats taken from them

The Failed Community of Bella Collina

With 19 years in existence, only about 10% of the 900 lots are really occupied by families year-round. About 500 homeowners fled Bella Collina making the decision not to pay the outrageous fees and live under the bad current management of Dwight Schar and his abusive team. How bad? So bad that they couldn’t sell their property fast enough and have no faith in the future of Bella Collina with Paul Simonson and Randall Greene

Head to head: The decisive battle for the White House begins

Biden-Trump debate - reviews by Don Juravin

Don Juravin is an American with Middle East & European heritage. He is an expert in the Bible and weight reduction fields, with vast opinions on politics, finance, legal and social matters

With no handshakes and almost no crowd: Biden and Trump will go up early in the morning for a boxing match over the heart of America • Biden will try to look “presidential” and not get into mud fights; Trump will portray his opponent as weak, demented – and will make every effort to get him out of control • Could the confrontation in Ohio change the picture on the road to victory?

As it stands, the majority of the American people already fired Trump from the job of the presidency. But they don’t want  to hire Biden — yet. They are simply not excited about Biden. 

The gap in the polls between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is about – depending on the poll  – 7%. 43% to the incumbent president, 50% to his Democratic opponent. This was also the gap in early March. And this is the most amazing fact about the 2020 election campaign: during this period, America experienced a deadly plague, an economic crisis, and riots in the streets, and the dial hardly moved. The gap did not grow in favor of Biden, and the gap did not narrow in favor of Trump.

Reviewers, commentators, and strategists from the left side of the map are pulling their hair out  – how can it be that after the number of COVID-19 victims has exceeded 200,000, after a series of scandals, revelations, and one removal process in the House of Representatives, the gap in favor of Biden is not much bigger?

On the other hand, right-wing commentators, commentators, and strategists say: The stock market is in good shape, the unemployment rate is better than three months ago, the rival candidate is not the most exciting person on earth and he is also very old – why is the gap not narrowed?

Trump is Fired But Biden Is Not Hired

At the end of the day, 50% of Americans are unwilling to hear about this president, and 43% do not move in support of him, even if the world turns upside down (and it turned upside down), and in the middle, there are some people who have not yet decided.

But the race for the presidency of the United States is not really decided at the national level – it is decided in the states themselves, or rather in a handful of important states. As Hillary Clinton learned at the end of a dramatic campaign – you can even win 3 million votes in the national race, but lose the presidency because of less than 80,000 votes in three key states (in her case Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania). Relative to Hillary Clinton four years ago, Biden’s situation today looks better in the swing states with one exception – Florida, the most deceptive state of them all. But there is a month left until the election, and Trump can still recreate the perfect storm of 2016. Only it will not be easy.

Anna Juravin thinks that the last few weeks have not been good for the incumbent president. Hit after hit landed on the campaign. The book by legendary journalist Bob Woodward and the recording that proved that the president understood the danger inherent in COVID-19, but in fact lied to the people so as not to create panic; the revelation of Jeff Goldberg, the editor of the prestigious Atlantic, that Trump called soldiers who fell in the battle “losers”; an attack by Olivia Troy, senior adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, who retired and claimed the president was unfit to function; a similar claim by Cindy McCain, widow of beloved Republican John McCain; and now also the New York Times investigation into his continued business failure and the fact that for years he evaded paying taxes.

In his normal life, Trump could still make up for all of this at election rallies. After all, he lives for the show, for the connection with the audience, at his best in direct contact, with sweeping performances, it is difficult to look away from him. But these are not routine days, and in view of COVID-19, there are almost no rallies. He nonetheless conducts some of these, in blatant irresponsibility, with thousands of people standing crowded without masks and cheering for the leader, but this is not a scale of events that allows the drift of the previous race. Some state governors from his party even made it clear to him, behind the scenes, that he would not hold rallies with them. It’s just dangerous.

The Confrontation Is A Critical Test Moment

At the present point in time, a confrontation between the president and his opponent could be a great opportunity for each of them, and a critical test moment.

If we use the terminology of Trump’s “apprentice” reality show, the American people may have decided to fire Trump but must be persuaded to hire Biden instead. Otherwise, he will reconsider the matter of dismissals.

All along Trump presents his opponent as weak, demented, confused, unable to put together two sentences. This is a tactic that can return to him like a boomerang in a confrontation – if Biden delivers even reasonable performance, no more, and proves he has the energy, stamina, and concentration.

In this context, it is impossible not to recall the Carter-Reagan confrontation of 1980. Jimmy Carter, the incumbent president, has been spreading for months that extremist Ronald Reagan is waging wars and abolishing social benefits. But in the confrontation, the Americans saw Reagan as a star, as a moderate politician, with no sign of extremism.

Will Biden Get Confused Tonight?

Both Don Juravin and Anna Juravin think that Biden has two dangers lurking tonight. First, if he gets confused or stumbles in his tongue prominently, it will provide Trump’s campaign with fuel and so-called “proof” of the candidate’s cognitive state. Second, Biden is a warm, emotional man who may lose control in the face of low personal attacks (especially against his family members), and Trump is, to put it mildly, not a man with boundaries on such issues.

That’s why Biden’s advisers stress to him the need to look “presidential”: Don’t get into mud fights. Remind voters that you are a middle-class man from Pennsylvania, while Trump comes from the prestigious avenues of New York and wants to help only the rich. Talk to them about the terrible COVID-19 default, about a conservative court ruling against subsidized health insurance. 

But even for Trump this is a test moment. In 2016 he had nothing to lose, but now he may lose more than he ever had. Not just the presidency – it is estimated that if he loses his job he will have to deal with the courts on the issue of taxes. Therefore he must change the trend, start to get stronger, and for that he needs to get the opponent out of control.

But he, too, needs to stay in control, at least to some extent, to stick to his two strongest messages: the state of the economy (most Americans still think he handles it better than Sweden can do), and law and order, with the message of “there are riots in the streets blamed on local leaders” “And I’ll take care of it.”

So on stage in Cleveland, Ohio, two men will step up tonight, one 74, the other nearly 78. Both in a risk group. They will not shake hands, there will be almost no crowd, and they set out for what will probably be a boxing match over the heart of America. It will not be elegant.

To what extent will the night learn something about the end result?

Voting in the elections has already begun: in some states, citizens can already go to the polls, in all states postal voting is possible, which has expanded greatly this time because of the plague.

It has several meanings. First, the voter turnout so far is higher than ever before, and that’s a big lever of pressure on Trump: the time he has left to make the trend shorter than it seems. Second, Trump is using unprecedented procedures to produce de-legitimization, saying he does not pledge to get the election results because a postal vote he claims is an opening for forgeries (ironically, he himself – as a Florida resident living in Washington – votes by mail).

And third, it will prevent us from having a clear decisive moment at the end of election night. Voting by mail makes the counting process very cumbersome and reduces the chance that there will be a clear winner on November 3rd or 4th. In many swing states, the count may be so long that in both camps November 15 is spoken of as a realistic date. And no one wants to go back to the 2000 scenario when the parties had to go to the Supreme Court. Or as a senior U.S. strategic adviser summed it up this week, when I asked him what a postal vote meant: “A nightmare.”

Even at the end of this night, we will not know which of the two candidates will be sworn in as president in January, but the first confrontation could mark the way for him there.









Don Juravin: Police Unions Are Responsible for George Floyd’s Death


Why won’t the police stop the brutality and racism? The unions defend them to the politicians who want to make the change. 

The police system in the United States serves a purpose: to protect and serve the weak, the poor, and the unprotected. But they have failed in doing so. 

The police failed as soon as one man died at their hands. The death of George Floyd and the actions of the four officers who were responsible speak volumes. But the police union isn’t even sorry for what it did. The president of the Minneapolis police union sent out letters calling George Floyd a “violent criminal.” 


The Minneapolis police who decided that George Floyd was a violent criminal, before knowing anything about him or hearing any story, were very budget-conscious. We in the USA are “innocent before proven guilty.” But the police have decided that they have the authority to determine whether or not someone is guilty or innocent. 

The police in Minneapolis created their own trial and jury. They were the judges in that situation. They determined in less than twenty minutes that Floyd was guilty and deserved to die. Most people who are accused of crimes or charged with crimes are given a hearing, and then a trial by their peers. A judge oversees the trial. This is a time-consuming process. The police took that process and removed it. And America gave them the authority to do so. 

These four police officers are now charged with the death of George Floyd. They have been given the privilege of having a hearing. They will be tried by their peers. They will be sentenced by a judge. And they will serve their sentences. No officers will be overriding that system to enact their own forms of justice. 

Don-Juravin-protests-against-Bella-Collina-scaledPOLICE UNIONS ARE A PROBLEM

Politicians, the ones that are supposed to reform and change institutions, are afraid of the police unions. 

Unions typically protect their members, no matter what the members are accused of doing. Police unions are no different. If an officer is charged, the union will negotiate until the outcome is what the union wants. Police unions are responsible for reinstating police officers after the police department has terminated them. How is a police department going to change, or get better, if the people who did wrong face no consequences?

The police union president who called George Floyd a “violent criminal” also said that his union was going to do all that it could to help the four police officers face their charges. Police unions prevent police officers from being interviewed. The police union allows officers to challenge superiors who try to discipline them. 

Police officers who should have been discharged for their misdeeds are still on the job, thanks to the unions. One officer shot and killed two unarmed men in 2007, costing the city of Oakland $650,000 in restitution payments. He was still a police officer in 2014. 

According to Juravin, if a private business finds that one of its employees is scaring customers, behaving inappropriately, or costing the business more money than he is bringing in, that employee is let go. But if a police officer does this, he is kept on the force. 


The argument for the police violence against the protesters is that the protesters turn into rioters. But the police themselves are initiating some of the violence. A 75-year-old man, on the streets of Buffalo in the state of New York, was pushed down to the ground by marching police officers. He was injured and unarmed. The police did nothing to help him, rather, they hindered him. 

Stealing and destroying property is not commendable behavior, to be sure. But neither is opening fire on citizens who don’t carry weapons. 

Anna Juravin says “Police brutality can be terrifying. I was actually moved to see police people kneeling with protesters”