Recruitment Group announces a positive 60% client growth since March 2020

Manchester-based Golden Egg Recruitment Group announces its significant growth across its business and staff population. Since the start of the UK lockdown, the Golden Egg Recruitment Group has grown their client base by 60%, while adding to their internal team by 15 people.

Their notable growth has been achieved through pivoting their existing business model to include flexible payment terms, offering funded payroll solutions, and providing bespoke commercial solutions to every client where needed.

“We had to act swiftly to adapt the way we do business, as we knew that the recruitment sector would be hit hard. We had no choice but to create and embrace the necessary business changes when lockdown began” says CEO Benjamin James Kershaw.
“Without using the government furlough scheme, our quick response and ability to adapt our enterprise was in stark comparison to many of our competitors, who scaled down their operations. We have been able to continue to grow by offering flexible recruitment terms to every single new client – which ultimately has led to the Golden Egg Recruitment Group securing new business and placing hundreds of candidates into roles across the UK, keeping people in work and the economy moving”.

About us
Our fresh, innovative, and bespoke working ethos means we stay one step ahead in a fast-paced environment. Drawing on the 60 years’ experience of our consultants, we match talented professionals in permanent, temporary and contract all-level roles covering all major sectors. What you see is what you get. Using a vibrant mix of enthusiasm, know-how, energy and a passion for people-placing, our no-nonsense and straightforward approach attracts businesses who trust us to build a solid rapport and to get the job done.

Our refreshing working methods are streamlined, mapped out and allow us to retain the stoic professionalism we took immense pride in building up from scratch. We make things happen – our swift operations enable us to ensure a quick turnaround and satisfaction. We are fiercely proud of our clients; their success equates to our success, and together we form formidable partnerships. Our reputation proceeds us; we’re the go-to for both organisations and ambitious professionals seeking career-enhancement. Our holistic approach makes sure each candidate is the right fit with the proper credentials.

The privately-owned firm which covers all UK market sectors offers all clients and candidates a bespoke, friendly and no jargon service. For more information:

For further PR and media enquiries
Holly Wood , Golden Egg Recruitment Group Ltd
Sale, UK
0161 974 7080

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Avgidea Announces Launch of Avgidea Data Platform to Improve Data Usability With Google Sheets

Avgidea, Inc., creator of end-to-end data management platform, announces launch of Avgidea Data Platform (ADP) to improve data usability with Google Sheets, G Suite.

Open data is provided in all markets worldwide and users need to search through the internet every time in order to find what they need. If you are able to find appropriate data, you download them in local environments, typically as text or CSV files, then use various
tools to modify and aggregate before analyzing them. It’s time-consuming and often blurs what you are trying to achieve in the first place.

ADP’s components, Avgidea Data Search and Avgidea Query Editor, prevent you switching multiple tools back and forth, and minimize tasks related to open data by implementing data search and query features as an add-on of Google Sheets, which is a very popular service as online table calculation.

Avgidea Data Search (ADS)
From Avgidea Data Search, you may search open data which is scattered on the internet and import it to Google Sheets directly with a single click.

ADS supports part of ckan and Dataverse API and you can easily import CSV data from various sites on the internet. ADS maintains the latest endpoints of ckan and Dataverse available globally, therefore you can simply select an instance from the list and immediately start searching data from the instance.

Avgidea Query Editor (AQE)
Avgidea Query Editor can let you submit a query directly to instances compliant to SPARQL specification and import query results into Google Sheets. There exists several SPARQL compliant data platforms such as Amazon Neptune or Virtuosso Universal Server. As long as endpoints are available on the internet, you may
import query results into Google Sheets via AQE.

Avgidea Data Search and Avgidea Query Editor are offered as an add-on of Google Sheets, therefore you may install from G Suite Marketplace using your existing Google account (G Suite or Gmail) and immediately start using both components under free plan.

If you are willing to use the products without any restriction, you may purchase subscription plan from Avgidea’s website. You are eligible to receive updates of new features and

For healthcare agencies / research institutions
For healthcare agencies or research institutions which are willing to access open data for COVID-19 related activities, we offer a free subscription license of ADS and AQE for 1 year.  Please contact us directly if you are willing to use our products for such purposes.
Also, if you already make research data available public through ckan or Dataverse instances, we can register them as endpoints in ADS.

About Avgidea Inc.
Avgidea brings various business ideas into practice using IT technologies and offers them to the world as service and application. We provide data platform service and also development and consulting business using G Suite and Google Cloud Platform.
Inquiry :

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Aquaponics AI announces mobile app to unleash your aquaponic superpowers

Aquaponics AI, a social-impact aquaponic technology company, has released their mobile app to compliment its data management and visualization solution. Designed to improve the way aquaponics growers grow, Aquaponics AI’s new mobile app brings real-time access to system data, insights, and farm management into the palm of your hand.

“We started Aquaponics AI to cultivate the relationship between regenerative agriculture, next-gen farmers, and technology. Each data point that gets collected contributes to the global community of growers and their understanding of earth’s awesome biosphere.” – Jonathan Reyes, CEO of Aquaponics AI.

Aquaponics AI is a streamlined mobile toolkit for efficiently updating and managing your aquaponic farm data. The application optimizes and brings the important items needed when in a grow space, without being digitally complicated and providing confusing features. This simplicity in recording metrics, maintenance schedules, libraries, and calculators on hand, minimizes the effort and amount of time it takes to manage your grow space.

The Aquaponics Toolkit can be downloaded at and is available on Android and iOS.

About Aquaponics AI
Aquaponics AI is the leading provider of cloud based aquaponics software. A data and intelligence-driven approach to growing with Aquaponics enables small and large farms to simplify data, understand your system and become a better grower. With Aquaponics AI, growers can leverage key data insights to increase overall success and impact. For more information visit or email

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MindCheck announces Free Plan for its business mental health KPI platform

MindCheck’s holistic, data-driven Organisational Mental Health KPI Platform offers a 360º approach to employee wellbeing

BRISBANE; AUS; 16 July 2020 – As the world moves through a collective existential crisis – where home-work boundaries blur, uncertainty looms, and family pressures mount – it has never been more important for companies to fully embrace and understand the whole spectrum of employees’ mental, physical and emotional health. In 2020, it is not enough to look at employees’ wellbeing or wellness on a surface level, or as a mere checkbox exercise.

Depression, anxiety and stress – which were becoming ‘business-as-usual’ pre-pandemic – have now reached global epidemic proportions and make a nasty dent on businesses’ bottom lines. Did you know that, even before the pandemic, 20% of workers worldwide were suffering from debilitating depression, anxiety or stress every year? And that this continuously costs businesses about 5.8% of their payroll? Most people are not aware, as these costs are usually hidden, masked by misinformation, stigma and wilful ignorance on behalf of companies.

In the wake of the pandemic, global healthtech player MindCheck, born out of a passion and need for a human-first, holistic and hyper-personalised mental health approach, has announced that it is rolling out its MindCheck for Organisations platform worldwide, making its free plan available to all organisations for the first time.

Understanding that all organisations – regardless of size, headcount, industry or country base – need tailored mental health support now more than ever, MindCheck’s free plan has now been made available for immediate sign-up on

“From start-ups to scale-ups to SMEs and corporates, we believe that an inclusive, holistic, adaptable and integrated approach to mental health and wellbeing should be baked into the fabric of all companies from inception,” says MindCheck CEO Ricardo Se Cestari.

Having run successful pilots across the UK, Germany and Australia – from big industry to co-working spaces and SaaS scale-ups – MindCheck’s goal is to become the go-to 360º assessment tool for workplace mental health. As award-winning culture change and D&I expert Vessy Tasheva of, a delivery partner, says: “MindCheck has been critical to understand employee engagement, productivity and capacity to learn at any given time as well as identify what can be positively or negatively impacting the organization on a scale.”

MindCheck’s success has thrived in its ability to look at people through a 360º lens, as its Contributing Factors™ Assessment takes into account not only recent life events, sense of purpose and level of workload, but connection with nature, quality of sleep, relationships, gut health, and more. Moreover, it offers dedicated intersectional programmes for underrepresented groups ERGs i.e. women in business, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC, and unique partner innovative future tech and gamification solutions such as Healium, a US-based clinically validated VR & AR tool for stress, anxiety & burnout.

Matt Boyce, CEO & Founder of Australia’s Human Connection Project says, “Simply put Mind Check is a fantastic, perhaps even necessary, addition to any organisation. The ability to get an in-depth understanding of your communities’ mental health and overall wellbeing allows you to measure and implement positive, proactive steps to an inclusive, resilient and well workforce.”

MindCheck is the brainchild of successful tech executives who have had their personal battles with anxiety, depression and debilitating mental illness. The three founders have a combined 10+ university degrees from top universities such as Cambridge, Harvard, in the areas of Applied Psychology, IT, Business, HR, and Law. Under their belt, they hold dozens of academic excellence and industry accolades and are working alongside distinguished academics from King’s College London, NYU, Harvard and University of Queensland, as well as policymakers from the European Digital Society, to create a new mental health tech playing field that is holistic, digitally ethical, inclusive, evidence-based and, most importantly, accessible to all.

About MindCheck
MindCheck is a B2B/B2C digital platform delivering evidence-based frictionless, holistic & personalised mental health support for individuals & enterprises. It helps over 10,000 individual users per month better understand their levels of stress, anxiety & depression, as well as manage the possible causes underlying them (MindCheck Contributing Factors™). All through a simple and data-protected two-step assessment of over 55 lifestyle data points. Since inception, we have helped over 120,000 people with depression and anxiety worldwide.

For further information or PR enquiries, visit

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Simplification Institute Announces Launch to Support Companies Overcome Recession

The complexity management firm specialises in removing complexity to create leaner portfolios with higher profit margins to help companies overcome the looming recession.

DUBLIN, June 2020. Simplification Institute today announces its launch as Europe’s first complexity management firm specialised in consumer good companies. The firm is built on the core belief that Simplicity drives value and its proprietary approach, the Simplification Roadmap™ has delivered major efficiencies and multi-million-euro savings.

With empty shelves and unprecedented demand shifts in supermarkets, manufacturers now more than ever recognise the need for range rationalisation, portfolio optimisation and business simplification. A bloated portfolio results in slower growth, erosion of profit and impeded productivity. By effectively tackling complexity, manufacturers will improve product availability and customer service whilst delivering cost savings and margin improvements. Research shows that about 25-35% of cost in consumer goods companies is driven by complexity¹. The pandemic also highlighted the importance of sustainability and portfolio simplification can be a major driver of carbon emission reduction.

The Simplification Institute helps across all three steps of the complexity management process and is specialised in eliminating the root cause of complexity -not just the symptoms- resulting in a lasting positive financial impact. The firm targets large and medium-sized consumer good companies in Europe.

“Almost all multinational companies struggle with complexity, the point is to identify, and make the most out of complexity that adds value to your business and to eliminate ‘bad’ or non-value added complexity, and that is our core business,” commented Jo De Pauw, Founder of the Simplification Institute.

“Manufacturers who effectively manage complexity will thrive in the next decade” says Peter Soer, an internationally recognised commercial leader who has served in global and regional leadership teams at Unilever and Kellogg’s and runs an executive coaching practice. Peter has advised the start-up firm since its inception and he concludes “unfortunately, most companies don’t know where to start to cut complexity and this is where Simplification Institute is uniquely placed to make a difference.”

(1) Source: Jagersma, Pieter. The hidden cost of doing business. Business Strategy Series. 9. Nyenrode University, The Netherlands.

About Simplification Institute
Simplification Institute™ is a complexity management firm specialised in Consumer Goods. The firm is built on the core belief that Simplicity drives value. Our proprietary approach, the Simplification Roadmap™ has delivered major efficiencies and multi-million-dollar savings. We are different from other firms because we eliminate the root cause of bad complexity, not just the symptoms, and we work across departments to deliver measurable results. From our headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, we help large and medium-sized companies across Europe. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.

Press contact
To arrange an interview or get more information contact
Download press kit on our website
Phone 00353 1 558 72 87 web connect on LinkedIn

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Matters.Cloud announces integration with Google Drive

Partnership to provide a combined cloud based solution to the legal industry for practice management and document collaboration.

London, United Kingdom. June 8, 2020 – Matters.Cloud, a provider of cloud based practice management software to the legal industry, today announced a new integration with Google Drive to provide small and mid size law firms with cloud based document storage and matter management.

Matters.Cloud enables legal professionals to track time and expenses, manage clients and matters, raise invoices, develop opportunities and keep up to date with tasks all within a single cloud based platform.

The newly announced integration allows both new and existing customers of Matters.Cloud to take advantage of the benefits of Google Drive including:

● Creating new folders automatically in Google Drive for each matter or opportunity
● Enabling you to save documents from familiar applications like G Suite or access files securely via Google Drive mobile app.
● Drive integrates seamlessly with Docs, Sheets, and Slides, cloud-native apps that enable your team to collaborate effectively in real time.
● Edit and store over 100 file types, including Microsoft Office, PDFs, images, and more.

“Integration with Google Drive means you never have to worry about finding a document, everything is in Drive and you can access it from anywhere”, said Donna Flanagan, Customer Experience Manager at Matters.Cloud.

Further details regarding the integration are available at the following link:

About Matters.Cloud 

Matters.Cloud enables legal professionals to track time and expenses, manage clients and matters, raise invoices, develop opportunities and keep up to date with tasks all within a single cloud based platform.

Whether you are a single lawyer or operating as part of a larger firm, you can feel confident the system has been designed with security in mind. You can select from one of 6 data regions to comply with relevant data laws, operate in any of 15 different languages and cater for local currency and tax requirements.

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Chic NYC announces that South Florida location will donate hundreds of handmade mask, along with turning its design studio into a Drop Off Station for goods and supplies

Miami, Florida – Chic NYC, a runway fashion company that has been featured at Fashion Week since 2015 has decided to turn its Miami Design Studio into a drop off station for shelf life food, goods, cleaning supplies and financial donations. The fastest growing fashion house has been the one New York City fashion brand to remain open during the quarantine, even hiring during the devastating time. “Now is the time to give back” says CEO Oz Avcioglu. “We have worked with federal and local authority to keep our New York operations open, but our South Florida team has picked up a majority of the work that our team in New York has not been able to accomplish. We feel that South Florida has became our home through the pandemic and we are looking forward to giving back to the tri-county area. We will be handmaking mask to drop off to hospitals, responders, grocery stores and other front line workers, along with turning our Miami Design Studio into a drop off station for the community to drop off canned goods, shelf life food, financial donations and cleaning supplies. From there, 100% of the donations will go to front line workers and families in need.” Says Oz.

For anyone who wishes to donate, all goods can be dropped off Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 5 PM at 20855 NE 16th Ave. Ste C19, Miami, Florida 33179.

In addition to accepting donations, CHIC NYC has also created a link on its website where anyone who needs assistance during the pandemic can apply for help. They are reviewing all applications on a first come first serve basis. Please visit

Chic NYC is a fashion powerhouse that was featured at New York Fashion Week in 2015. Since then, the brand has became the fastest growing e-commerce and retail boutique, winning 8 awards. With offices and retail stores now worldwide, the CHIC NYC Runway Fashion Label calls Miami, Florida home to its design studio where it manufactures its very own organic cottons for its clothing and accessories.

To learn more visit

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CITF announces new award for IT teams who excelled during coronavirus lockdown

London, 01 June 2020 – A new award “ Best IT team during Covid19” was announced today which aims to celebrate the impressive contribution of IT teams to business continuity during the coronavirus lockdown. Launched by membership organisation CITF, submissions are invited from today until 30 June and the winner will be announced at CITF’s Real IT Awards which will be held online on 17 July.

Technology departments have been one of the unsung heroes of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. In a matter of days after the 23rd March lockdown announcement, IT teams in organisations of all sizes and across industry swung into action and provided the technology and services which allowed their colleagues to keep being productive. Thousands of businesses have managed to transition to an entirely new way of working thanks to the efforts of technology teams.

Running since 2004, the Real IT Awards are the UK’s most prestigious independent technology awards, and every year they aim to celebrate outstanding technology projects, teams, and innovations. To acknowledge that IT teams have played an invaluable role in smoothing business response to the lockdown, CITF chose to create a new award category this year to recognise IT teams that have gone ‘above and beyond’ when it comes to helping their organisations keep working in unprecedented conditions.

IT departments and business leaders are invited to submit or nominate applications via the Real IT Awards website before the 30 June deadline. CITF’s panel of peers and senior technology and business leaders will then review submissions. Judges will be looking for impressive stories supported by solid metrics that show:

• What the team did that delighted customers (internal or external)
• How the team rose to these unprecedented times and delivered solutions that helped their company to continue working seamlessly
• How they fostered extraordinary teamwork to accomplish everything they did

The final winners will receive a Real IT Awards certificate and recognition from industry peers.

Joanna Poplawska, CEO of CITF explained why the new award was created: “The fantastic work that technology teams do often goes unrecognised, and this is especially so during the coronavirus lockdown. IT teams have pulled out the stops to keep their organisations working, and so we wanted to celebrate the impressive work that they have done”.

Poplawska noted that a wide variety of submissions will be considered: “We are open to submissions from any industry or sector and are interested to hear about all kinds of response to the lockdown. Our judges are looking for examples of responses that had a measurable impact and which tell a compelling story”. She added that “we’d love to hear about creative responses to the lockdown or examples of technology departments whose work was especially impactful”.

The Real IT Awards will be happening virtually this year and will be hosted on the Real IT Awards website from 13 – 17 July from 4 pm each day. In 2020 the award’s charity partner is the NSPCC.

To contact CITF:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7052 1894
Mobile +44 (0) 7872011386

The Cursitor Building
38 Chancery Lane

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“Outlook Killer” Mailbird Announces Its Unified Calendar

California, USA; 20 May 2020 – Popular desktop email client Mailbird has just released a highly-anticipated new feature – the Unified Calendar, a comprehensive addition that allows Mailbird users to manage not only emails, documents and tasks, but now also includes events.

Mailbird is a desktop email client for Windows known for its high usability, multiple-account support, wide functionality and smart integrations that include management of documents, messengers, video meetings and more. Mailbird users often remark on a marked improvement in usability and features after switching to the platform from Microsoft Outlook.

The new Unified Calendar from Mailbird has created an exciting new way to manage events. The platform allows users to edit meetings, send invitations and use other matter-of-course features as normal, but now also easily unites all your calendars from any provider in the same interface – without any compatibility issues. The calendar also has a convenient sidebar view that allows you create events while viewing your mail to make the process smoother and error-free.

According to Mailbird CEO, Andrea Loubier, “The Mailbird Unified Calendar is a game changer in that firstly, it’s built into your email client with Mailbird. No more toggling between different apps, where you may have one for emails and another for calendars. Secondly, it unifies all your calendars into one place, much like how we have unified contacts, folders, and inboxes. Everything in one place. All your calendars in one smart App.”

The new Mailbird Unified Calendar feature includes:

  • Adding new calendars
  • Importing of existing calendars from any provider
  • Managing events and invitations
  • Different types of events: one-time, recurring, all-day, etc.
  • Notifications
  • Sidebar view

The feature is already available for all Mailbird’s users in the latest app version.

This update aligns with Mailbird’s vision to provide regular new feature releases that are highly appreciated by its users. In April, Mailbird announced a 12-week sprint for new features, wherein, besides the Unified Calendar, other updates like Advanced Search and Moving Emails Between Accounts were released, and more features are expected until the middle of June.

For more information visit

About Mailbird:

Mailbird was created in 2012 as a Sparrow-inspired desktop email client for Windows and became one of the most successful startups in the category with a 102% average year-over-year revenue growth since 2013. Mailbird has been repeatedly awarded as the best email client by reputable media, such as IT World, PC World, Windows Report, and others.

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Matters.Cloud announces partnership with FreeAgent

Partnership to provide a combined cloud based solution to the legal industry for accounting and matter management.

London, United Kingdom. May 18  2020 – Matters.Cloud, a provider of cloud based practice management software to the legal industry, today announced a new integration partnership with FreeAgent to provide small and mid size law firms with cloud based accounting and matter management.

Matters.Cloud enables legal professionals to track time and expenses, manage clients and matters, raise invoices, develop opportunities and keep up to date with tasks all within a single cloud based platform.

The newly announced integration allows existing customers of FreeAgent to take advantage of the benefits of Matters.Cloud including:
● Providing insight, whether they are a single lawyer or operating as part of a larger firm.
● Bringing together key information related to clients, contacts and matters.
● Helping to break down matters into key phases and tasks.
● Enter time and expenses in line with legal industry standards.
● Simplifying processes like raising invoices, capturing payments and managing client funds.
● Freeing up time to focus on winning new opportunities.
● Providing access both in the office and on the go, via our mobile experience.

Details of clients, matters, invoices, credit notes, receipts and write offs will automatically synchronise with FreeAgent’s online accounting software.

This approach allows small and mid sized law firms to take advantage of FreeAgent’s cloud based accounting capabilities including integration w

ith online banking platforms, payroll, VAT and corporation tax.
“FreeAgent is great for small to mid sized law firms, simplifying the accounting process by providing access to an award winning cloud based solution”, said Donna Flanagan, Customer Experience Manager at Matters.Cloud.

“At FreeAgent, we’re committed to helping people manage their finances as easily and efficiently as possible, so we’re delighted to be working with matters.Cloud. It’s an exciting partnership that we hope will help many legal professionals run their businesses better, while also enabling us to expand our presence in the industry”, said FreeAgent’s Founder/CEO Ed Molyneux.
Existing users of FreeAgent will also be able to take advantage of special terms, getting access to matters.Cloud with 50% off for six months after connecting their account. New customers to FreeAgent will receive the same discount for both platforms.
Further details regarding the integration are available at the following link:

About Matters.Cloud
Matters.Cloud enables legal professionals to track time and expenses, manage clients and matters, raise invoices, develop opportunities and keep up to date with tasks all within a single cloud based platform.

Whether you are a single lawyer or operating as part of a larger firm, you can feel confident the system has been designed with security in mind. You can select from one of 6 data regions to comply with relevant data laws, operate in any of 15 different languages and cater for local currency and tax requirements.

About FreeAgent
FreeAgent provides award-winning cloud accounting software specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses, contractors, freelancers and their accountants. More than 90,000 UK businesses use FreeAgent to manage their business finances.
FreeAgent has won major industry accolades from the AccountingWEB Software Excellence Awards, British Accountancy Awards and ICB Luca Awards. The company is a FCSA partner and has been listed twice on the Deloitte Fast 50, as well as being named “one to watch” in the Tech Track 100.

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