BERKELEY, CA — In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, MUSA, a digital platform connecting artists and venues, asked emerging artists based in the Bay Area to create individual letters for a collaborative poster that spells out “Black Lives Matter.” The poster stands for the collective responsibility to protect the lives, rights and voices of historically marginalized groups. “We stand in unity with the Black community and push for the end of a systemic racism and classism structure,” said MUSA founder Lucas Tepman.

When asked why she’d participated in this collaboration, artist Amadi Greenstein (Instagram @amadiroseee), stated that, “As a Black artist, this project stands as a meaningful form of personal expression. My intention was to design a visual art piece that simply signifies my experiences and inspirations I’ve carried throughout my childhood, while also stating as an expression of my thoughts and feelings of frustration, disappointment and anger that’s developed towards this current movement.”

The posters will be distributed for free to local businesses from the Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Businesses (BAOBOB) directory. BAOBOB is a membership organization committed to connecting, promoting, informing and representing black-owned/lead businesses and nonprofits throughout the United States. Businesses that have already agreed to display the poster include: Oeste Oakland, Anasa Oakland, Bissap Baobab, Oakstop, Ala Mar, Everett & Jones BBQ, Miss Ollie’, The Black Woman Is God, Mandela Grocery Cooperative, Bikes 4 Life, Strategy Squad, and Rich City Rides. Businesses that would like to receive a poster should reach out to MUSA directly.

The BLM poster, alongside individual posters created by the artists, are now on sale via the MUSA website. The 12×18 inch posters sell for $20, with 100% of proceeds going directly to the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce:

It is the hope of the collaborators that these posters will remain on the walls of homes and shops, reminding us all why we are taking a stand, be that through protests, donations, education initiatives, etc., and why we must continue to speak out in support of racial equality.

About MUSA: MUSA is a digital platform connecting local emerging artists with community spaces. Through MUSA, neighborhood venues are transformed into art spaces that the local community can rediscover, reshaped by the art around them. It is the first platform where venues are able to search for and choose the type of art and event that they want to create. In addition to its matching tools, MUSA handles all of the business details of the arrangement, including the payment system, art-hanging solutions, insurance, contracts, and promotion.

IMAGE — The collaborative Black Lives Matter poster

With questions, comments, or to receive a poster, please contact:
Magdalena Fraga, MUSA Creative Director

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BPSOCA Music Teams Up With UK Songwriters and Artists to Release Caribbean Music for the UK market

London, England, August 21, 2020: BPSOCA Music, a new UK record label that works to elevate the Caribbean culture within the UK music industry, including Soca, Dancehall, and Reggaeton genres, this week announced they are partnering with UK producers, artists, and songwriters for upcoming releases.

BPSOCA Music recognize that street carnivals, such as Notting Hill Carnival, are the spotlight for Caribbean music and as such, they aim for their music artists to release music in time for the popular carnivals worldwide. BPSOCA Music is working hard to make a name for Caribbean culture in England today.

“For far too long, the music scene in England has been a homogenous collection of rock and pop hits that just don’t do anything for the Caribbean community,” said Gareth Sinnerine, Founder and Owner of BPSOCA Music. “Those of us here with Caribbean and African heritage deserve to have our music elevated and accessible for our communities. That’s what inspired us to partner with these musicians.”

With approximately 264,125 Caribbean-born citizens living in England and Wales, as well as 2,542 living in Scotland and 314 living in North Ireland, the Caribbean community has become increasingly influential in British society. Additionally, in a 2011 census, about 1.9 million people, or 3% of the UK population, said they identify as black/Caribbean/Afro-Caribbean.

“We are witnessing a worldwide movement that is shedding light on the need for inclusion and diversity in all aspects of society today,” said Sinnerine. “We believe that through our record label, we can make Caribbean culture a staple in the UK music industry moving forward. Caribbean music has been influencing the hits and singles we consume today for decades.”

Sinnerine also has an events company called BPSOCA Entertainment that showcases UK and International talent that will work in conjunction with BPSOCA Music.

The BPSOCA Music platform will officially launch this Friday August 20th for users everywhere. They are asking all Caribbean music producers and industry participants to contact them for continued musical development and releases.

About BPSOCA Music

BPSOCA Music is a subsidiary of Bacchanal Promotions Limited, with a focus on Caribbean artists, producers, and songwriters in the UK. The platform is on a mission to make Caribbean culture a “staple in the UK music industry moving forward”. More than just a musical engine, BPSOCA Music Limited is hoping to inspire a countrywide movement that sheds light on the important contributions of the British-Afro-Caribbean community.

For more information, visit:

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Project will benefit the Refugee Community Kitchen by raising £10,000, which will supply 15,000 hot meals for the UK’s homeless.

Migrate Art, the art organization fundraising to support displaced and homeless people, has partnered with 10 major contemporary artists and illustrators to create limited editions of re-usable, reversible face masks.

Artists include the creative duo from FriendsWithYou, who have collaborated with Pharell Williams, J. Balvin and Alice + Olivia, as well as British artist Helen Beard, architecture and art polymath Richard Woods, and the king of doodling Jon Burgerman.

An initial set of five masks will be released on Monday June 1st, with a new design released every Monday at 11am for five concecutive weeks.

The masks will be sold for £19.99, or as packs of five for £79.99, and be produced with, and support an independent business in the UK, with all profits benefitting Migrate’s charity partners, Refugee Community Kitchen, who have been feeding homeless people in the UK throughout lockdown The campaign aims to raise £10,000 which would allow Refugee Community Kitchen to provide 15,000 meals.

The masks will be available for pre-sale through the Migrate website from Monday June 1st at 11am.

“This pandemic and lockdown has had a serious effect on charity funding, which ultimately negatively impacts the lives of the most vulnerable people in our societies. Refugee Community Kitchen have continued to put themselves at risk and have been out on the streets every week to feed the UK’s homeless- they are some of the unsung heroes of this crisis. When we saw for-profit businesses start to pre-sell face mask designs, we saw an opportunity to raise money for a good cause, and create a beautiful, high quality product with some of our favourite artists. We want to offer a more morally- balanced alternative for people and to put some positivity out into the world during a challenging time”
– Simon Butler, founder, Migrate Art

“Despite the chaos and devastation of the COVID-19 crisis, Refugee Community Kitchen has continued to serve nourishing food to people in need at points throughout the UK. In London and Edinburgh, we are carefully preparing and serving hot meals every week. We also provide food to vulnerable individuals, families, food banks and other food outreach projects. We are deeply committed to addressing food poverty in Northern France and the UK and continue to adapt our systems and procedures in order to best be of service moving forward. We need your support as more and more people feel the crushing impact of COVID-19. The demand for our food service continues to increase as the government scheme to putthe homeless in hotels has ended and more people lose their incomes.”
– Refugee Community Kitchen

“We are always looking for ways to help our fellow human. We feel wearing a mask is the safe and considerate measure to containing this virus, and we wanted people to be able to spread good vibes to themselves and others with our Little Cloud pattern.”
– Sam Borkson, Friends With You art to aid

‘I’m delighted to be building my ‘brick wall’ masks for Migrate Art , I initially worked with them on their Multicolour project last year and have kept up to date with the amazing work they do helping those affected by the ongoing migration crisis’
– Richard Woods, artist

‘It’s a privilege to help, in some small way, an organization such as Refugee Community Kitchen, who have helped many many people and fed millions. Helping and supporting others in need is the positive good-kindof-infectious we should be spreading around these days.’

-Jon Burgerman, artist and illustrator

About Migrate Art:
Migrate Art has raised has raised over £175,000 for their charity partners, which has funded projects that offer food, shelter, education and psychological support to tens of thousands of displaced people in the UK, France, Greece and Iraq. They collaborated by over 30 of the world’s leading artists including Anish Kapoor, Rachel Whiteread, Shepard Fairey, Antony Gormley, Mona Hatoum and many more. Simon Butler founded Migrate Art in 2016 after first visiting the Calais Jungle refugee camp in Northern France, and was later joined by Ian Syer through their mutual desire to use art to improve lives. Simon had previously worked in a number of London’s most prominent contemporary art galleries, including Newport Street Gallery, White Cube and Lazarides, and Ian is the founder of, one of the UK’s leading online art market places.

About Refugee Community Kitchen:
Refugee Community Kitchen serves hot, nourishing meals to displaced people in the UK and France, having supported almost 3 million people since December 2015. Refugee Community Kitchen have delivered almost 3 million meals to homeless and displaced people in the last four years. Their operation started in Calais, but they now feed people across Northern France, throughout the UK and also in parts of Belgium. Although they had to stop their operations in France due to the French lockdown, they re-focused all their energies to feeding people in the UK. During this time when we are all vulnerable, people living on the streets become even more vulnerable. RCK help these exposed people in the most direct way possible- by providing regularly hot meals for anyone that needs them.

Initial 5 masks,
Monday June 1st 11am:
Kai & Sunny (16.5k followers)@kaiandsunny
Helen Beard (90.8k followers)@helenbeardart
Jon Burgerman (115k followers)@jonburgerman
Miaz Brothers (8.4k followers)@miazbrothers
Richard Woods (10.2k followers)@richardwoodsstudio

Subsequent weekly mask releases (order TBC):
Camille Wahala (153k followers)@camillewahala
Friends With You (134k followers)@friendswithyou
Craig & Karl (68k followers)@craigandkarl
Mike Perry (96k followers)@mikeperrystudio
Philip Colbert (17.7k followers)@philipcolbert
Swoon (148k followers)@swoonstud

@migrateart / / #masksformeals /

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Soyang, South Korea, 10/09/2019 —  Newly opened Sansok Lighthouse museum is proud to present a solo exhibition by the Italian London based artist, Riccardo Matlakas.  The exhibition opened on August 18th, 2019 and will be open every day from 9 am to 8 pm.

The exhibition, curated by Mi Nam Choi, hosts a retrospective of the artist’s work, it offers an important group of paintings and mosaic works from the artist and hundreds of photographs and video documentation of his performance work. Matlakas will be present throughout the exhibition, creating new paintings and sculptures, and interacting with visitors.

This exhibition testifies the continuous and fruitful dialogue the artist has between pictorial art and performance art. His paintings represent a rich and personal vision of the urban world and contemporary society. His performances revive primordial values. While enriching the present international performance art panorama.

The incessant progression of his research has led him to the pinnacle of his creativity so far, bringing him closer to artists such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, but also artists such as Joseph Beuys for his anthropological research connected to art and society. Matlakas’s work is assiduously committed to the development of society and humanity. He declares that art is a spiritual issue, important in every society in every country, especially in our current times.

Each work originates from a subconscious urgency, emerging from within the transmutations of the material being acted upon and the bodies of the artist and audience. There are no design obsessions, only the spontaneous ability to draw strength from the precarious signs of life so that art can be – as always happens with Matlakas – a provisional exercise in poetic knowledge destined to endure.

Riccardo Matlakas attended the University of fine arts in Naples, in the sculpture department of Ciriaco Campus and studied at the Oxford Brookes University with Shelley Sacks former collaborator of Joseph Beuys. In 2010, Matlakas participated in the Moscow Biennial for young artists and then at the Gwangju Biennial in South Korea were on several occasions the artist was also invited to create performances on the border with North Korea, during the PyeonChang Olympic Games in 2018.

Riccardo Matlakas’s solo show is an event not to be missed! It represents a pivotal milestone in the development of this international virtuoso artist.

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