Grok Global Expands Education Services with New Subsidiary in South Asia

Grok Global Services announced it has established a new subsidiary in India, adding to its existing global footprint in China, Malaysia and Vietnam. With initial offices in New Delhi and Chennai, this expansion augments Grok’s global recruitment management and marketing capabilities, and expands Grok’s ability to provide a unified and feature-rich framework for staff deployment across Asia.

Since 2013, Grok has served its clients in India via its India-based partner, Sannam S4. “Since forming this very successful partnership, both Grok and Sannam have expanded. With growing geographic scope and new global service offerings, we are excited that Grok is able to serve clients more fully with its own presence in South Asia. However, Sannam S4 has been, and will continue to be, a key partner for Grok and Grok clients for services in such areas as research and academic collaborations, tax and structural advice, etc.. We look forward to the next stage of our partnership together”, says Kim Morrison, CEO of Grok Global Services.

Grok India will be led by Dylan Hoemsen, who recently joined the organization as Executive Director, South Asia. “I am thrilled to join the great team at Grok and to be able to further build out our solutions offered in South Asia. As a leader in the industry, Grok is showing their commitment to their services and their clients with the expanded presence in South Asia.” says Hoemsen. A familiar face in the region, Hoemsen has spent the last five years living in India where he led the regional recruitment team for Navitas’ North American portfolio.

Grok is pleased to further announce that they will be adding the India-based team of University of Newcastle, Australia to the Grok community. “We’re thrilled to be Grok’s first client institution in India, this is an important market for the University, and we heavily rely on our offshore teams, hosted by Grok, to help us achieve our international goals,” said Hung Truong, Head of International Student Recruitment at Newcastle. “We’ve worked successfully with Grok across multiple geographies for a number of years, deploying representatives in Grok’s China, Malaysia and Vietnam offices. Having the ability to extend this service to India means we are now getting consistent standards of operational support across Asia, and we can work seamlessly to expand our in-country presence across Asia.”

About Grok Global Services
Grok is a professional services firm providing in-country staff, infrastructure and expertise to help education institutions succeed in international markets. Since 2005, Grok has worked with more than 150 clients to extend their reach and improve their outcomes in international engagement and recruitment. Grok’s clients range from globally ranked, large universities to small colleges, schools, and government bodies. Grok serves clients from a range of destinations such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, and the experience serving so many diverse clients in locations across Asia gives Grok an unprecedented view into the dynamics and best practices in its delivery markets.

For more information on Grok and the expanded services offered in South Asia, please contact:
Dylan Hoemsen, Grok Global Services
Delhi, India
+91 84489 38258

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Dreyfus Corporation Securities Funding Facilities Throughout Asia

London— 01/04/2020 — Today Dreyfus Corporation announced the immediate availability of Securities Funding throughout Asia, enabling Investors, stakeholder’s and Institution’s to take advantage of this significant opportunity. “We face uncertain times with market turmoil but Dreyfus Corporation backs and supports our partners throughout Asia,” said Rhys J. Aldous, Executive Vice President at Dreyfus Corporation.

Many customers have already benefited from our Securities Financing globally. We are fully committed to delivering our Securities Financing to Investors, stakeholders and Institutions all across the globe. Our Securities Financing in Asia will enable our clientele to have the benefit of 2.5% annual interest rates and world-class financing.

“My company was in a tight position and we needed funding fast, thanks to Dreyfus Corporation and their Securities Financing we were able to take a non-recourse loan without putting extra business assets at risks,” said Christian Webber, Chief Financial Officer, “We have turned our negative situation into a positive situation thanks to Dreyfus and their simple Securities Financing solution”

Our Securities Financing and Availability
Our Securities Financing throughout Asia is driven by customer feedback and is part of Dreyfus Corporation’s commitment to delivering the most innovate funding solutions in one convenient installation. We provide loans against publicly traded securities throughout the world and have an extensive presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia. Lending against publicly traded securities is one of our core services and we can provide funding in the hundreds of millions Pounds Sterling. Securities lending is also known as “stock-loan” and our firm leads the market in many countries. We are committed to offering the most competitive stock loans to our clients. Our Securities Funding throughout Asia is available for immediate placement, visit our website for more information;

Dreyfus Corporation is the worldwide leader in business and welcome’s the news of new partnerships and funding for our clients throughout Asia.

Dreyfus Corporation securities financing was created by Dreyfus Corporation to fund our clientele in the UK, European Union, South America and Asia.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Dreyfus Corporation™

Media Contact Details
Kathryn Tyler
Executive Secretary
0800 014 8169
our securities backed lending:

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Exploring a culture with difference in Hong Kong

Which is that one tourist destination which is emerging as a popular choice for many? Well, a lot of people these days are heading out to China and exploring this country. So, if you are thinking of paying a visit to China as well, which is the place that you want to visit? For us, the top choice would be Hong Kong. Internationally known with almost every part of the world grained into it along with the heritage of the Chinese culture, Hong Kong truly has a lot to offer to those who love to travel and explore new cultures.

Things to keep in mind when travelling to Hong Kong

Well, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that Hong Kong is more than just a Chinese city. It is a specially administered region and hence the rules and regulations might be a little different, though it does not affect the tourists much. What as a tourist you will be greatly benefitted of is the fact that there are plenty of luxurious as well as budgetary Best Hong Kong hotels and hence finding just the perfect stay will not be a problem for you at all? If you are unable or unsure about the place to stay, then a very simple thing to do would be to get in touch with tour planners or organizers online and they will have the entire tour planned out for you – starting from your flight bookings, your stays to your itinerary. If you want, you can always up for the grabs. So, if you want a pocket-friendly, hassle-free trip, then you can definitely go for tour planners. Just make sure that you research properly and study all the deals before you finalize the customize your travel plans as well. The reason why a lot of people generally tend to go for planned tours is that it is hassle free and you get to save a lot as well because of the combo deals and offers that are always one for you.

The next most important thing about your trip is the Visa. You will need a visa to enter the country and you will have to apply for it before your trip. The visa processing might take time, but it is generally not difficult to get a tourist visa for China, if all your documents and most importantly your passport is in order. Get your flight booking done, after you have gotten the visa approval.

Another important thing to know is the time to visit this place. Well, if you are visiting for the first time, you will definitely want to make the most of it, right? So, the weather needs to be conducive one for tourists. The best time to visit thus would be from September till about the middle of December. The weather remains ideal for tourism – neither too hot, nor too cold, and hence during this time you will be able to make the most of your trip.

Must visits in Hong Kong

Do you know which the places are that you want to visit when in Hong Kong? Well, you need to have an itinerary prepared and here’s ours for you:

  • Hong Kong happens to be a city of sky-scrappers and bustling life. The city is always running and the place has its own glory. Well, if you are interested in exploring the city from an aerial view, then you have to head out to the Peak or the Victoria Peak. The main highlight of this area? You will get to see the entire skyline of the city and experience Hong Kong like never before. This is a must visit on your list of to dos when in Hong Kong.
  • How about exploring the city from the depths now? You can always hop aboard the Star Ferry and take a tour of the city in the waters. This ferry ride will take you around the city from where you will be able to spot some of the most well noted spots of Hong Kong. The best part about the ferry? You have one every three or four minutes, throughout the day; hence step aboard anytime you like!
  • Want to see one of the largest statues of the Buddha in the world which was completed in over 12 years? Well, then, head out to the Po Lin Monastery, where a 34 meters high Buddha statue awaits you. Being primarily a Buddhism dominated country, it is no surprise that you will come across many monasteries and Buddhist statues here, but this one definitely stands tall and stands out!
  • Craving for some time by the beach? Hong Kong has the perfect solution for you – the Repulse beaches and bays. Talk a walk down the sandy beach beautifully carpeted by the waves gently touching upon the shores. If you want you can also spend your entire day at the beach if you are craving for some time to relax. This promises to be a pleasant visit.
  • Street market and that too at night? The Temple Street Market is your destination of choice. Laden with a variety of food stalls and trinkets and gadgets and souvenirs being sold in masses, this is a haven for everyone who is looking forward to some pocket-friendly shopping. This market, generally starts opening its doors around 6’o’clock in the evening. However, if you reach too early, you might find some of the shops closed. So, take your time and head out to the night market in the evening and spend strolling about the lanes, checking out all that the shops have to offer. As a tourist, you will find all the souvenirs that you need to take back home, from here!

Alright, now you have all the basic information that you need to make sure that your stay in Hong Kong is not only a pleasant one, but a fruitful one as well. So, are you ready to set foot into Hong Kong? Well, then without any further ado do get in touch with a tour planner online and get the ball rolling!