Beldon Haigh’s x Music x Donald Trump x Kim Jong Un

Beldon Haigh’s x Music x Donald Trump x Kim Jong Un

Bad Korea move? Kim Jong Un joins Trump and Putin in rock band

IT’S not every day that you catch a glimpse of a bare-chested Vladimir Putin in a pair of tight silver pants.

But that’s exactly what you’ll get if you check out Beldon Haigh’s latest music video for the new satirical single, Not Taken In.

The Russian president is joined on stage by some of the world’s authoritarian figures including Donald Trump on bass and Kim Jong Un on lead guitar, as the Scottish Singer/Songwriter belts out his new protest song.

The latest offering is every bit as manic as his previous single, Lose Your Sole, which gained over one million views on YouTube – a feat that less than 1.4% of videos on the channel achieve.

Not Taken In, on the Covfefe Records Label, is “a way of poking fun at the leaders’ abnormal behaviour”, according to Beldon.

Don’t be fooled though, Beldon Haigh is much more than a novelty act, seeing the song as an alternative protest.

We wanted to create something with more positive energy but still poke fun at authoritarian figures.
“We don’t idolise them at all. We want people to look at them in a different light. They get away with far too much so this is our more empowering approach towards protests, rather than being victims of them,” Beldon added.

His previous four singles have been packed to the rafters with irreverent swipes and great musicianship. Not Taken In comes from the same stylistic wheelhouse mixing poignant lyricism with delightful guitar hooks, riffs Beldon’s trademark big choruses.
With five singles released in the last 12 months alone, he is now attracting increasing radio interest.

If you want to hear more from Beldon Haigh and his band, MOAB (Mother of all Bands), they are playing a live seven-song set on BBC Radio’s Jon Holmes show on Saturday, February 24, between 10am and 1pm.
You can also find the band on itunes, Spotify and of course, YouTube.

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