best spas in Europe

best spas in Europe

Absinthe, Hemp, and Grappa Spa Treatments: Albaro Spa Opens at Grand Park Hotel Rovinj in Croatia

With absinthe, cannabis and other powerful botanicals, grappa-soaked spa treatments by Illyria Wellness delight guests at Maistra’s new ultra-luxury flagship hotel in Rovinj. Featuring the best massages in the Adriatic, Albaro Spa & Wellness is over 3800 square meters of space for renewal of mind, body, and spirit.

ROVINJ, CROATIA (May 6, 2019) – The most anticipated luxury spa in the Adriatic has just opened: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, the new ultra-luxury five star flagship hotel by one of the leading tourism companies in Croatia — Maistra — is pleased to debut Albaro Wellness & Spa.

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Drawing from thousands of years of local seafaring history, and soaked in more than a little grappa, the spa menu at Albaro Wellness & Spa lures seekers with the promise of the best massages in the Adriatic, infused with forgotten secrets of Istrian wellness.
“When I researched local folk medicine, rakija — grappa with herbs — came up every time,” said Gregory Ugrin of Illyria Wellness, the consultants who crafted the spa concept. “We uncovered intriguing ingredients prized here since antiquity, including Artemesia absinthium, cannabis, laurel, cypress, and the world’s best olive oil. Putting rakija on the feet, or massaging sore muscles with red oil of Saint John’s Wort, are time-tested remedies of Rovinj that we are upgrading with world-class therapeutic massage.”

Although Albaro Wellness & Spa extends over 3800 m², it is the potent liquor-themed therapies that already have guests coming back for more.

Signature Spa Treatments begin with a shot of local rakija:

• Pelinkovac Rakija Ritual: enchanting aromatherapy massage and sugar scrub inspired by the notorious Absinthe of Istria, which contains allegedly psychoactive Artemesia absinthium

• Olive Press Ceremony: profoundly relaxing massage with the world’s best Extra Virgin Olive Oil followed by a skin-smoothing olive crush body scrub from local groves

• Batana Bodywork: a cannabis-infused massage inspired by the wooden boat of Rovinj featuring hemp balm and deep tissue work with a real batana oar

Fitness and Wellness:

• Mermaid University where kids, teens and adults learn to use a monofin and swim like Rovinj’s dolphins, in the first mermaid swimming program in the Adriatic.

• Muse Brain Sensing EEG Brain Optimization with EEG biofeedback, learn to “calm the storm” and change your brain wave patterns to enter deep tranquility.

• Kinesis Functional Training echoing the movements of sailing and pulling on fishing nets.

The Thermal Zone features botanicals of the adjacent forest park with five saunas, two cool plunge pools, tea lounge, ice fall, wellness garden, and experience showers.

In addition to signature spa treatments by Illyria Wellness based on local traditional remedies, Mr. Ugrin selected nurturing seaweed rituals with VOYA Organic Beauty, and results-oriented luxury facial skincare with thermal mineral concentrates by Omorovicza.
“With our stunning position on the ACI Marina, looking over romantic old town Rovinj, Albaro Wellness & Spa is now a bucket list destination for year round wellness,” remarked Peter Lösch, Managing Director of Maistra Collection. “Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is rooted in local stories, so that as our guest explores the restaurants, bars, and spa, they pull back the veil covering all of Rovinj’s secrets.”

To learn more about Albaro Wellness & Spa or reserve a stay, visit Grand Park Hotel Rovinj.

About Albaro Wellness & Spa at the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Perched on the Adriatic above the new ACI Marina, Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is the most ambitious luxury hospitality project ever built in Croatia. The six floors of the hotel offer 193 luxurious rooms and 16 suites with sea views, some of which are up to 175 square meters in size. Albaro Wellness & Spa encompasses over 3800 square meters with three swimming pools, five saunas, two cool plunges, experience showers, five treatment rooms including a VIP double spa suite with sauna, and a wellness consultation room. In addition to signature treatments by Illyria Wellness focused on historical inspiration, Albaro Wellness & Spa features seaweed rituals by VOYA and luxury skincare by Omorovicza. In addition to wellness, guests can enjoy six restaurants and bars, a shopping promenade, conference facilities and luxury interior design created by the renowned Italian designer Pierro Lissoni. Albaro Wellness & Spa at Grand Park Hotel Rovinj by Maistra establishes Istria as the European destination for year round wellness.

About Illyria Wellness d.o.o.
Formed by American wellness consultants Gregory and Liz Ugrin, Illyria Wellness innovates meaningful and historically-informed spa concepts for world-class destination wellness retreats, resort spas, and hotel spas. Captivate wellness seekers with enchanting signature spa treatments and breakthrough retreats that weave together an array of lifestyle factors including fitness, spa therapies, nutrition, emotional balance and mental wellbeing.

Contact for Illyria Wellness:
Liz Ugrin
+385 99 6515 964

Contact for Maistra:
Vanja Mohorović
+385 52 800 209

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Ikalia Spa Debuts with Amber, Gold & Crystal Sound Treatments at Ikador Luxury Hotel in Opatija

Restore Yourself with Innovative Treatments Inspired by Ancient Illyrian Mysteries at Ikalia Spa

IKA, OPATIJA (April 25, 2019) – This month, Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa — a new ultraluxe hospitality project created by renowned Croatian entrepreneur Mr. Pavo Zubak — welcomed its first guests for the hotel’s grand opening and debut of Ikalia Spa, created by international spa consultants Illyria Wellness.

Through wellness treatments, Ikalia Spa lures seekers into an enchanting journey of remembrance, tapping into legends and echoes of antiquity that still ripple in the waters of Ika.

“Two thousand years ago, a water springs goddess named Ika was revered all along this coastline. Today, Ika’s springs still rise up through the salty Adriatic in the place that bears her name,” notes Liz Ugrin, Co-Founder of Illyria Wellness. “The Amber Road of the ancients also passed through this place, so as I set out to define the spa concept and develop wellness rituals, the stories began pouring out from the abundance of antiquity — just like Ika’s springs.”

“The Opatija Riviera has long been a place of inspiration for musicians, intellectuals, and writers. But at Ikalia Spa, we are tapping into why so many artists — from Puccini to Isadora Duncan — felt called here for renewal,” remarked Mr. Pavo Zubak, founder of Zubak Grupa. “There is a mystery in Ika, just below the surface, that has attracted seekers not just for hundreds of years, but thousands.”

Ikalia Spa sources artisan natural ingredients like 100% pure Baltic Amber powder, local olive crush, organic distilled plant oils, and premium plant-based skin care featuring Croatian spring waters.

Discover the Ikalia Spa Signature Treatments, featuring gemstone sound therapy, fragrant amber, healing gold, and the mysterious waters of Ika:

Perfect Sounds: Tuning Ceremony in 432 Hz — 50 Minutes
Enter a sound therapy ceremony designed to stimulate deep listening and attune your energy to the patterns of nature. Gemstone-infused quartz singing bowls release cascades of overtones as the sounds activate emotion and remembrance. At moments, sonic peaks arise at the nodes, pulsing in a container for physical, emotional and spiritual shift.

Ancient Amber Journey — 110 Minutes
Follow the ancient Amber Road to where it meets the sea. After a welcome drink and foot ritual, receive an enlivening exfoliation with 100% pure Baltic Amber powder. Then you’ll relax into a fragrant amber bath. After, we perform a mesmerizing massage with cream made with Baltic Amber and nourishing shea butter and offer a Brightening Amber Face Treatment to cleanse and illuminate your skin.

The Worship of Ika — 140 Minutes
Realize your divine nature as we attend you from head to toe. First enjoy a welcome drink and devotional foot ritual, and release mortal cares with a sugar polish with Immortelle essential oil. We then invite you into a neroli-scented bath for a ceremonial pouring of the Waters of Ika. Let yourself be adored with our 24K Golden Body Massage with colloidal gold, and the 24K Gold Rejuvenation Facial. To conclude, we offer an art application of 24K gold leaf flakes for a look that inspires devotion.

For a romantic couple’s experience, the spa recommends:
Amber Rendezvous for Two — 110 Minutes
Arrange a trade rendezvous on the Amber Road. Begin with welcome drinks and a foot ritual, then our therapist will show you rasul techniques to enjoy for a private interlude in the rasul chamber, complete with 100% pure amber to lavish on one another. After rinsing off, you’ll receive side-by-side amber massages.

Ikalia Spa features:
Spa Treatment Rooms: The Crystal treatment room is ideal for wraps, massages and facials, with its own terrace and sea view. The Gold treatment room boasts a Lemi All-in-One treatment table that enables nail services as well as spa treatments. For side by side treatments, the Amber Spa Suite is a double room with private rasul and experience showers, a Jacuzzi jetted bathtub, and terrace with Fabio Alemanno infrared stone loungers.

Ikalia Float: With the Zero Body float table by Starpool, glean the benefits of floating without getting wet. Ask for our live music therapy treatment, Ikalia Sonic Float.

Solarium: Boost Vitamin D in the Solarium, or upgrade with our Bronze Age Solari treatment.

Savu Sauna: 90C + 10% Humidity. Dry heat and the aromas of ancient resins await you.

Conifer Steam Room: 40C + 98% Humidity. Aromas of pine, juniper, and eucalyptus awaken the senses.

Ice Fall: Visit our ice fall for a cool-down — we recommend a body rub with handfuls of ice.

Salt Crystal Relax Room: Famous for respiratory relief, heated salt crystal blocks release ions and create a peaceful feeling.

Relaxation Lounge: Our tea lounge features NOTE vibroacoustic loungers with sound therapy, heat, and chromotherapy.

Emotion Showers: Enchanting showers infused with refreshing essential oil aromatherapy.

Hydrotherapy Pool: Relax for a spell in the jetted hydrotherapy tub with stunning views.

Private Rasul: Available by reservation for up to two persons in our Amber Spa Suite, with a range of body masks and scrubs featuring local essences to refresh your skin.

Fitness Room: MATRIX equipment: Versa Functional Trainer, Treadmill, Elliptical, Recumbent Cycle, free weights, and kettlebells. Sessions are rounded out with a WallBars Swedish Ladder with pull-up and dip bars, SwingBells, and a WaterRower rowing machine.

To reserve your stay, visit Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa.

About Ikalia Spa at Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel
Perched on the Adriatic sea with its own private beach, Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel welcomed its first guests in April 2019 with 8 elegant rooms and 6 luxuriously appointed suites. Nobilion restaurant offers fresh Mediterranean cuisine, while Riva Lounge provides the ultimate in luxe coastal lifestyle. The hotel’s third floor is devoted to Ikalia Spa, a temple of wellness made in homage to the ancient Illyrian goddess Ika, for whom both the hotel and town are named. Spa therapy rooms include a rasul chamber, float room, solarium and 3 dedicated treatment suites for spa therapies. With spa concept and treatment design by Illyria Wellness, interior design by Atellior, and wellness equipment by Spa 2.O, Ikalia Spa at Ikador Hotel is a stunning addition to the Opatija Riviera’s wellness tradition and the first Leading Hotels of the World® property in the region.

About Illyria Wellness
Formed by American wellness consultants Gregory Ugrin and Liz Ugrin, Illyria Wellness innovates meaningful and historically-informed spa concepts for world-class destination wellness retreats, resort spas, and hotel spas. Captivate wellness seekers with enchanting signature spa treatments and breakthrough retreats that weave together an array of lifestyle factors including fitness, spa therapies, nutrition, aesthetics, emotional balance, and mental wellbeing.

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