7 Best Forex Brokers to Trade Brexit


With the Britain leaving the European Union, unprecedented waves of volatility were experienced in the UK markets. While some traders may have shown great concern with such volatility, it encouraged others to harness to the best of their abilities.

However, even though a trader may have the best trading strategy for trading Brexit, one of the crucial requirements for successful trading, is having a broker that delivers the best trading solutions and services to give traders a competitive edge to their trading.


IG is a multi-regulated, reputable broker with offices based in several jurisdictions. IG has been offering its superior trading services since 1974 and, as a STP, ECN, and DMA broker, truly offers traders with some of the most competitive trading conditions in the industry.

Strict regulation in multiple jurisdictions Limited account funding methods

More than 16,000 tradable financial instruments

Tight spreads, low commissions, fast trade execution

Limited account funding methods
CMC Markets is a reputable UK-based Market Maker broker which has been in operation since 1989. Traders are offered with a sophisticated and versatile trading platform, comprehensive analysis, trading tools, and a variety of educational materials.

Strict regulation

FSCS member

Powerful trading platforms

US Clients not accepted

Mark-up on spreads

Fixed spreads and copy trading not offered


Pepperstone is one of the largest online trading brokers which offers traders from around the world with access to global financial markets. With Pepperstone, traders can expect innovative technology, low-cost spreads, low-latency high-speed execution, and award-winning customer service.

Strict regulation

Negative balance protection offered

Social trading supported

US Clients not accepted

Fixed spreads not offered

DEGIRO is a multi-award-winning, multi-regulated broker based in the Netherlands which offers traders with competitive fees and a variety of financial instruments which can be traded.

Traders are also offered with an extensive range of trading tools as well as educational materials.


Strict regulation

Investor Protection Scheme member

Low and competitive fees

US Clients not accepted

Limited payment methods offered
FXCM is a UK-based STP broker which is well-regulated in facilitating the trade of numerous financial instruments across several asset classes. With FXCM, traders have access to powerful trading platforms, fast trade execution speeds, and competitive trading conditions.

Strict regulation

Multiple powerful trading platforms

Social trading supported

Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, and several other countries not accepted

Not the tightest spreads


Swissquote is a reputable STP broker with multi-regulation in several jurisdictions, facilitating the trade of a wide variety of financial instruments. Traders are offered with tight, variable spreads, zero-commission trading, and more.



Commission-free trading

Competitive spreads

No US Clients

No fixed spreads

High minimum deposit


Based in the UK and regulated by the FCA, ETX Capital is a popular and reputable Market Maker broker. Traders have access to more than 5,000 instruments which can be traded through powerful trading platforms.


Established and well-regulated

Variety of financial instruments

Multiple payment options
US, Belgium, Canada, and others not accepted

No social trading

Limited trading tools

Spotify Protest Album Provides Welcome Relief From Brexit!

World Record breaking indie band The Pocket Gods continue their protest against Spotify for their paltry royalties for artists & songwriters, with another album of 100 songs all 30 seconds long this time they’re all about Brexit!

The album consists of 100 ambient and relaxing tracks all 30 seconds long and with funny Brexit related titles such as: “We Don’t Need Another Nero”. “Splitter Remain Implosion”, “Brexiteers Of The UK Unite (Ironically)” & “Aaron W*nkroller” it will soothe your soul, make you chuckle and allow you to escape the Brexit madness for a while!

As well as being an artists commentary on the state of Brexit it’s part of the band’s continuing protest against lack of royalties for artists and songwriters from streaming services such as Spotify.

This is the band’s 8th album now in the series of 100X30 albums – which are all 100 tracks all 30 seconds long – the reason behind the 30 second song is that Spotify pay out a minuscule royalty of 0.007p per stream to an artist after a track is played for 30 seconds – and then no more.

So The Pocket Gods thought why record songs longer than 30 seconds if you’re only going to be paid a pittance anyway?

This campaign has led the band gaining an official Guinness World Record for their albums for most digital tracks on an album! The band also have their own movie out now on Amazon Prime which has been described as an indie Spinal Tap and has already made it into IMDB’s list of the top 40 Rockumentaries ever made!

The album is out now worldwide on all major streaming services. You can hear the album here: For interviews, exclusives and sessions please email:

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Brexit: The Real Deal delivered by Wotan Games

Brexit: The Real Deal a card game to bring some fun into the Future of Brexit in U.K. for July 2019

Teddy Tech and Wotan Games Together Provide next Step into Brexit UK after Brexit EU with a fun card game.

Brexit: The Real Deal is a card game in which 3-5 players compete to win trade deals with other countries. You’ll have to plan, bluff and second guess what everyone is doing as you try and complete your hidden agenda and stop them completing theirs! Pledge Now

“We appreciate all the great work that Tech Teddy has done with Brexit: The Real Deal and we are pleased to work with them to deliver the game,” stated Laurence O’Brien, CEO of Wotan Games. “They understand the importance of seeing that there is always a lighter side of any great decision..”

Teddy Tech is also pleased to work with Wotan Games. Russell Neal, Senior Designer at TeddyTech said: “Probably the best thing about working with Wotan Games is the experience and reach in the industry. I know when I am working with Wotan Games we are working to the same end, fun and laughter within a challenging environment.”

Russell went on to explain, “Another great thing about working with Wotan Games is the people. If I have a question about anything or an issue that needs a response, I never have too wait long for a reply…. I really appreciate that, as do my team.”

Teddy Tech is located in London and has been working on games for 4 years.

About Wotan Games
Wotan Games is an independent U.K. publisher that is London based. Working with LudoFact to build card and board games to entertain and educate. Information on Wotan Games can be found at Wotan Games.

Wotan Games are on InstagramTwitter, and Linktree

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British Brand Beats Brexit Blues

British Brand Lands Exporter of the Year Award

A Birmingham shoe business has won the prestigious “Exporter of the Year” award at the National Small Medium Enterprise Awards in London this week.

Shoes by Shaherazad is the brain child of Birmingham born business woman Shaherazad Umbreen and features unique designs made in Birmingham and Norwich. The concept, which only became available two years ago, beat off tough competition from a number of other national brands to become this year’s winner.

The judges at The National SME Awards said:

“This was an absolutely outstanding entry. Not only are the winners product being exported all over the world but are also ensuring they are sustainably made in the UK, indisputably comfortable, and that 100% of profits are donated to good causes. Truly awe inspiring.”

Shaherazad, who lives in Kings Norton, said she originally came up with the idea 10 years ago and has seen a massive surge in sales following the announcement of Brexit. “The uncertainty caused by Brexit hasn’t dampened the world’s appetite for British made product,” says Shaherazad as she explains the demand for her product. “I had a dream of empowering women by providing heels that not only looked good but were also good for their feet and comfortable to wear. Many business women are now working longer hours and we want to look good without having to suffer for it. I’m exporting my shoes to countries all over the world, including Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the USA and Singapore.”

A number of UK businesses have been struggling with exports caused by the uncertainty of Brexit, but Shaherazad claims that the weakened pound has actually increased the attractiveness of British product as importers from other countries are getting a far better deal than they would have done before the Brexit vote took place.

Shoes by Shaherazad have been popular in Europe and beyond because of their versatility, their comfort and their quality, factors which appeal to women across all cultures. Profits from the shoes go to directly helping women and girls living in poverty through the business’s partnership with GlobalGiving UK. So far, the shoes have helped over 3000 women across the world to gain an education making it a truly global shoe.

I wanted to create a product which could be for and to empower women,” says the 41-year-old. “Every time someone buys a pair of my British made heels a woman or girl living in poverty is empowered to gain an education. Guilt free heels! What more could anyone want from a pair of shoes?” The Birmingham entrepreneur has arrived back from an export trip from Spain this week to collect her award and will be heading off on another export trip to Portugal later this month. Her mission is to empower women and girls in every country in the world through the profits from her shoes.

More information on Shaherazad and her 18 Hour Heels is available

Brexit uncertainty shouldn’t slow UK’s entrepreneurial spirit


Unless you’ve been visiting Mars, you can’t have escaped the unseemly arguments and counter arguments over the fall-out of Brexit, and the cost to the UK to do so. Most of the negotiations seem to have been conducted in public and a game of “Brexit-Future Tennis” is being played out.

As a direct result, businesses are making contingency plans based on their desire for Hard/Soft Brexit, and carefully choreographed statements are released that cover all eventualities.

If you add then the high-profile businesses going bust and you could have a toxic mix. Carillion has been the big failure thus far in 2018 with approaching to thousands of jobs lost this far, and the ramifications will continue.

David Breith, Partner at Incuhub states the picture is far from black and how the UK’s famed entrepreneurial spirit should remain undimmed. In 2017, 660,000 companies were established; a 7% increase than in 2016. We understand the impending prospect of leaving the EU worries many businesses, with tariff barriers and availability of a willing and adaptable workforce and this is a rightful concern. However, the UK’s famed approach to entrepreneurship in recent years has seen many great ideas reach fruition and take on the world’s best industrial markets and competition presented.

There are also many factors that help the businesses of tomorrow:
• More and more investors are turning away from property and becoming angel investors to the businesses of tomorrow. The government’s recent levy on owning multiple properties has stunted growth in owning multiple properties, but this is good for those seeking investment.
• The successes of Amazon marketplace, eBay and Alibaba means you can buy and sell quickly to a global audience.
• Business leaders and investors, like those at Incuhub, are extremely willing to impart their experience to help the sustainability of start-ups and entrepreneurs.
Dave Breith, commented: “At Incuhub, we’ve seen many businesses seeking advice, consultancy and finance to boost the ideas they have. The UK is a hotbed of ideas and invention, and we’re here to help businesses realise their full potential. We’re witnessing some phenomenal businesses approach us with their mapped out idea(s) they just need a helping hand. Many businesses have a vision, but don’t know where to turn to get their idea fully off the ground, with Incuhub they have a much higher increased chance of success.”

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About Incuhub
Incuhub is a true partner in your business, we only succeed if you do. Our business incubator provides businesses with a mix of funding, executive management and business administration to convert a promising plan into an investable, successful, valuable and scalable business.

Whether you are a new start up, fully established or just need some help and advice, we are here for you. At Incuhub we recognise that all businesses are different, they all have their own way of doing things and some work and some don’t. We are here to help and advise on best practice, and to give you knowledge on what is right for you. For more information, please call 0203 859 5655 or visit: