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7 Best Forex Brokers to Trade Brexit


With the Britain leaving the European Union, unprecedented waves of volatility were experienced in the UK markets. While some traders may have shown great concern with such volatility, it encouraged others to harness to the best of their abilities.

However, even though a trader may have the best trading strategy for trading Brexit, one of the crucial requirements for successful trading, is having a broker that delivers the best trading solutions and services to give traders a competitive edge to their trading.


IG is a multi-regulated, reputable broker with offices based in several jurisdictions. IG has been offering its superior trading services since 1974 and, as a STP, ECN, and DMA broker, truly offers traders with some of the most competitive trading conditions in the industry.

Strict regulation in multiple jurisdictions Limited account funding methods

More than 16,000 tradable financial instruments

Tight spreads, low commissions, fast trade execution

Limited account funding methods
CMC Markets is a reputable UK-based Market Maker broker which has been in operation since 1989. Traders are offered with a sophisticated and versatile trading platform, comprehensive analysis, trading tools, and a variety of educational materials.

Strict regulation

FSCS member

Powerful trading platforms

US Clients not accepted

Mark-up on spreads

Fixed spreads and copy trading not offered


Pepperstone is one of the largest online trading brokers which offers traders from around the world with access to global financial markets. With Pepperstone, traders can expect innovative technology, low-cost spreads, low-latency high-speed execution, and award-winning customer service.

Strict regulation

Negative balance protection offered

Social trading supported

US Clients not accepted

Fixed spreads not offered

DEGIRO is a multi-award-winning, multi-regulated broker based in the Netherlands which offers traders with competitive fees and a variety of financial instruments which can be traded.

Traders are also offered with an extensive range of trading tools as well as educational materials.


Strict regulation

Investor Protection Scheme member

Low and competitive fees

US Clients not accepted

Limited payment methods offered
FXCM is a UK-based STP broker which is well-regulated in facilitating the trade of numerous financial instruments across several asset classes. With FXCM, traders have access to powerful trading platforms, fast trade execution speeds, and competitive trading conditions.

Strict regulation

Multiple powerful trading platforms

Social trading supported

Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, and several other countries not accepted

Not the tightest spreads


Swissquote is a reputable STP broker with multi-regulation in several jurisdictions, facilitating the trade of a wide variety of financial instruments. Traders are offered with tight, variable spreads, zero-commission trading, and more.



Commission-free trading

Competitive spreads

No US Clients

No fixed spreads

High minimum deposit


Based in the UK and regulated by the FCA, ETX Capital is a popular and reputable Market Maker broker. Traders have access to more than 5,000 instruments which can be traded through powerful trading platforms.


Established and well-regulated

Variety of financial instruments

Multiple payment options
US, Belgium, Canada, and others not accepted

No social trading

Limited trading tools

30 Years of The Hilditch Group – The Premiere Medical Auctioneer in Britain

The Hilditch Group celebrate its 30th anniversary this Summer, making it the longest running medical equipment auctioneer in Britain. Established in June 1990 by Mike and Nicky Hilditch, it has grown to be the largest auctioneer of healthcare equipment in Europe and a key partner to the majority of NHS trusts in the UK, working as a sales agent on their behalf to maximise asset value for the sale and removal of all medical assets.

Working as a freelance auctioneer in the UK and South Africa, Mike was struck that the standards of professionalism varied considerably across auction houses. In essence anyone can call themselves an auctioneer with no formal training and no qualifications, leading to a disparity between companies and the level of service that they offered. Mike and Nicky made it their aim to establish the most professionally managed commercial auction house in the UK. An accomplishment that they have undoubtably achieved, with professionalism being very much at the heart of the company’s ethos today. The organisation was originally set up as a general and commercial salesroom; offering sales in plant and machinery, general household and antiques and commercial catering equipment. In the early days the organisation even held sales in horses, a throwback from Mike’s days working in livestock auctions. Starting with a modest 5 staff members, this quickly grew to 8 in the first year and now employs almost 50.

It was during the second year whilst clearing a kitchen for a local hospital that Mike noticed whilst the hospital was happy to sell the catering equipment, they would, however, not permit the sale of redundant surgical trolleys, instead these were simply thrown into a skip. From that moment the seed of an idea was planted and the Hilditch Group started researching the medical market. At that time the majority of hospitals disposed of all their medical equipment, regardless of condition, due to a general fear of liability. It took several years for Hilditch as an organisation to persuade a handful of hospitals to consider the resale of their redundant medical equipment as an option. The equipment was sold to a large number of overseas buyers, who normally would not have been able to afford new equipment. Most of these buyers are still trusted customers today. As a result, huge quantities of equipment were given an extended life, landfill and recycling was reduced. These days the reasons for resale of medical equipment have taken on even more pertinence as we are all much more aware of the waste in our society. The expansion of the company was initially slow as NHS trusts took a long time to consider the implications of resale. The introduction of the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) legislation sped the process up, as hospitals considered how they could reduce waste and fulfil their obligations.

Many new hospitals were built over subsequent years as part of the PFI initiative, which resulted in large numbers of redundant assets being surplus to requirements. The Hilditch Group was invited to work with the Department of Health to promote the re-use of equipment as part of the NHS’ waste management strategy. As the Hilditch Group offers a complete site clearance service they manage the sale and disposal of the entire contents of old hospital sites and with a fleet of their own vehicles and experienced drivers, the Hilditch Group can clear medical equipment from a site of any size.

Innovation has always been key to the company’s success, they were one of the first auction houses to offer Timed Online Auctions, developing their own bidding system years before any other auctioneers. Mike also was involved in establishing the National Association of Auctioneers and Valuers (NAVA), an organisation dedicated to improving the professional status of auctioneers and upholding the highest standards of service delivery. Now a Fellow of the Association, he is very keen that his valuers take the NAVA exams and carry out regular CPD courses to improve their skills.

The Hilditch Group have continued to innovate and add customer value over the decades including the addition of the in-house medical engineering department around 20 years ago. The qualified and accredited medical engineering staff have extensive experience and provide a wide range medical engineering services and support for both on and off-site requirements, including: long term maintenance of medical equipment, with planned preventative maintenance contracts (PPMC’s), equipment testing and condition reporting, inventories and assessments, and medical decontamination.

In the past 10 years the company has grown exponentially, expanding its customer base to include, not only most of the public and hospitals, but also manufacturers, banks and lease companies. The organisation has expanded into western Europe with offices in Spain (Hilditch Iberia), France and Germany. This growth does not seem to be slowing down either as the Hilditch Group now has over 20,000 registered buyers from 182 different countries, and can guarantee the largest number of buyers for your redundant medical equipment. With around 30 individual auctions and over 2,000 lots of high-quality used and ex-demonstration items per month. the Hilditch Group is the foremost authority in the market for the re-sale of bio-medical devices, helping clients generate revenue and release equity from old equipment.

The Hilditch Group has also created a medical asset valuation tool in a software-as-a-service solution for those managing end of life values for a large number of medical assets, such as lease companies and large private hospitals.

No other medical device asset manager has such and extensive range of services for your health care establishment; the Hilditch Group remains the premiere medical equipment auctioneer in the United Kingdom. To find out more about our services or to discover how the Hilditch Group can facilitate the resale of your used medical equipment, visit our website to find out more:

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Switching your walk for a Nordic Walk will turbo charge your calorie burn by 20%, say British Nordic Walking

Get Britain Nordic Walking for Better Health is a new campaign from British Nordic Walking aimed at using the sport to help tackle the UK’s obesity crisis and get everyone enjoying better health, especially those who want to give a calorie-burning boost to their daily walk.

With increasing the amount of exercise people take now a component of the UK government’s strategy to tackle obesity and to reduce vulnerability to COVID-19, Nordic Walking is ideal for everyone who wants an easy-to-learn and accessible form of activity.

Proven to burn around 20% more calories than normal walking, Nordic Walking is a safe way to get more “bang for your walking buck”. Even in a group walk, it is easy to maintain social distance.
In Nordic Walking, the active use of specially designed poles engages both the upper and lower body, enhancing your walking technique, to propel yourself forward. It gives you a highly effective all over workout that doesn’t feel like one. Nordic Walking is a fun and social activity that can be enjoyed in town centres or open countryside throughout the year.

Dr Catherine Hughes, CEO of British Nordic Walking, said, “When lockdown began in March, a daily walk became a favourite activity for many people, especially those who haven’t been keen exercisers in the past. Nordic Walking is a very effective and efficient way of boosting the effect of your walk by burning more calories in the same time. It is kind to your joints and has a low rate of perceived exertion which means that you don’t feel that you’re working as hard as you really are.”

Gareth Davies is a British Nordic Walking instructor and Master Personal Trainer based in Stafford who has led a team to the 2019 Nordic Walking World Cup. He said, “I am certain that Nordic Walking has a valuable part to play in achieving significant weight loss and have seen this many times with my own clients. One, Ben Carnes, was pre-diabetic when we met and struggled with his general mobility. After working with me for 18 months he had lost over thirteen stone, normalised his blood glucose levels and completed several British Nordic Walking Challenges.”

Ben Carnes, who is registered blind, added, “When I first met Gareth I could barely walk 200 yards, took painkillers just to be able to get up from my chair and was very conscious of not being able to keep up with others during fitness classes. Nordic Walking has played a powerful part in improving my health, fitness and confidence. It really is true what they say, Nordic Walking is for everyone. If you can walk, you can Nordic Walk.”

About British Nordic Walking
British Nordic Walking CIC is a community interest company that trains and supports Nordic Walking instructors and develops Nordic Walking throughout the UK.

It is part of the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) and trains instructors to use the original 10 Step Method of teaching Nordic Walking. This is the technique that has been used in the research that demonstrates the 20% increase in calorie burn over normal walking.

Dr Catherine Hughes is CEO of British Nordic Walking CIC, a national INWA instructor trainer, and maintains her own local Nordic Walking classes.

Gareth Davies is a British Nordic Walking instructor, Master Personal Trainer, GP Exercise Referral Instructor and Weight Management Specialist for Diabetes and Obesity.

More information:
British Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking and weight loss
Nordic Walking burns 46% more calories than normal walking. Or does it?
The INWA 10 Step Method

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Midnite Melee invites COD players to face best of Britain in £2,000 Warzone tournament

UK Call of Duty players will get the chance to test themselves against the best of Britain in a £2,000 Warzone tournament.

Organised by the UK’s only esports-dedicated sportsbook, the Midnite Melee is open to 256 players who will get the chance to play against high-profile British COD personalities, including Team Thumbless’ Cudi and Jaydar, who will livestream the final on their popular Mixer channels.

The Warzone duos contest boasts a prize pool of £2,000 with the winning pair taking home £1,400 in cash. The second-placed pair wins £400 and third pick up £200.

Entry closes at midnight on Sunday, June 21, with qualifiers taking place on June 22 and June 23. The main event, featuring 32 teams, with 12 progressing via the qualifiers, will be held on June 25.

Players of all abilities on any platform are welcome to take part. The event is open to all UK players aged 18 and older, they just need a Midnite account, an EEG account. Players can sign-up here.

Midnite’s Esports Director Sujoy Roy said: “Call of Duty is a hugely popular game with the Midnite community and we know that, among them, there are some pretty handy players. The Midnite Melee is a chance for them to show their skills in a big prize-money tournament.

“The UK has some of the best COD players in the world and, as fans ourselves, we’re always cheering on British players on the international stage.

“We’ve invited famous names from the British COD scene to play in the main event, meaning our community can test themselves against some of the best in the business.”

Midnite, which holds a UK Gambling Commission licence, sponsored the CS:GO #HomeSweetHome event in April as it targets continued growth through 2020.

Sujoy said: “As a dedicated esports company, we believe that investing in our gaming communities is a key long-term strategy.

“As well as sponsoring high-profile pro events, we’re keen to support grassroots esports by organising tournaments and events for our community to enjoy. Midnite Melee is just the beginning – good luck to everyone taking part.”

About Midnite

Midnite, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensee debuted earlier this year with a £2m fundraising round backed by the likes of Makers Fund, Venrex, and executives from Betfair and GVC.

Midnite Melee is open to sign-ups until Sunday.

For more information or interview requests, email:

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As Home Energy Usage Spikes by 30% During Lockdown – 85% of Brits Unaware Of Their Electricity Usage – Energy & Water Survey Of Great Britain

As lockdown measures in the UK persist due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a clear knock-on effect is that people are using more energy and water at home.

In fact, midday energy usage is currently spiking by 30% as a result of people working, educating, feeding and entertaining themselves from home, according to energy company, Ovo, while Bulb reports a 27% midday surge.

Meanwhile, more than a million households have been given help in the form of ‘time to pay’ with their energy bills due to coronavirus, according to The Telegraph

Yet, according to the Energy & Water Survey of Great Britain 2020, 85% of Brits seem to be totally unaware of their yearly electricity usage

This is the first phase of a 5 year ongoing survey, designed to track the usage of energy and water in the home, homeowners’ awareness of how to reduce their usage, and the impact this can have on their carbon footprint. The survey asks a wide range of questions about how people understand and manage their energy and water at home

The survey is taking snapshots every six months across a wider 60 month online survey and in the first phase there were 2,633 respondents that completed the detailed questionnaire

The statistics show Brits are somewhat oblivious in particular of their energy consumption, flying in the face of the fact that 66.4% of people surveyed were actively using smart meters in their homes to monitor their energy usage

“Clearly there needs to be more education, and more attention to the finer detail of how to cut down on energy consumption as well as reducing carbon output and it must raise the question if the hugely costly roll out or smart meters is actually benefiting the consumer, are households actually looking at the meters in their houses, or are the real winner the energy companies in making collecting their billing information easier and lower cost.”, according to SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Survey shows a mixture of positive and negative impact

In terms of electricity usage:

  • 25.8% don’t leave any phones, laptops or tablets on charge overnight.
  • 50.7% leave laptops on charge while working.
  • 87.9% don’t leave any lamp on overnight.
  • 76.6% don’t use a tumble dryer in the summer.
  • 42.6% set their fridge to 3 (with 5 being the coldest)
  • Only 4.4% of people surveyed leave more than five devices to charge overnight

In terms of water usage:

  • 62.6% don’t take baths. Of those that do 30.6% run a single bath every day.
  • 73.2% shower for less than 10 minutes a day.
  • 78.4% turn the tap off while brushing their teeth. A running tap will use 6 litres per minute of water.
  • 70.1% turn the tap off while washing up, rather than letting it run.
  • 29.1% have a water butt installed on taps – saving on watering the garden and washing the car

In terms of gas usage:

  • 78.9% burn gas.
  • 55.1% run a combi boiler

“Clearly, Britain is heading in the right direction,” says Sait. “The country is shifting from conspicuous and unconscious consumption of energy and water to one that understands, conserves and reduces mentality,” he says

“Now that people are spending time at home more than ever, it’s never been as important as it is now for homeowners to think carefully about how they use energy and water in their home.

“There’s very little doubt that homes across the UK will be facing larger energy and water bills this year than they’re used to” according to Sait. “It also means a significant increase in their carbon footprint – and this comes at a time when many households’ income is going to be squeezed due to the COVID-19 situation.

“Figures from this initial phase of our survey demonstrate that people are making a conscious effort to reduce their energy and water usage, but there are far more things they can change which will have a positive impact on their usage, their bills whilst reducing their carbon footprint.” Sait states. works hard to promote ways in which everyday people, and business owners, can help educate and support customers who want to use energy and water in more sustainable ways but without having to compromise often associated with carbon reduction or going green. They call it ‘Sustainability Without Compromise’.

While government initiatives over the years have strived to help people save money and to respect their environment, Sait and his team are concerned such initiatives focus too much on the negative

“People are less willing to commit to big changes than they are to minor adjustments – which are obvious – especially in the present economic situation focusing on the saving money must come first with the carbon as a welcome by product. ”.

“Simple, everyday changes such as LED lighting or eco showers and taps can make a huge difference to how much people pay every time they turn on a light or use water in their house – start with simple things is Sait’s message, as lots of little changes can make a big difference to your pocket and the environment.

Some householders are embracing the benefits of LED lighting, for instance, which reduces electricity consumption by typically up to 80%, with more than half 52% of respondents saying that they have LEDs in their homes.

For further information, please contact John Price at 6 Hillgrove PR. Email.; Mobile. 07968 476 241.

About SaveMoneyCutCarbon

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s customers have saved over 727 million litres of water and 23 million kWh of energy, delivering a carbon reduction of 6,765 tonnes per annum from completed projects and products sold on its online platform. The carbon reduction alone is equivalent to travelling 23.24 million miles in an average petrol car.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon was established in 2012 with a goal to build a new single “go-to” platform for homes and organizations who want to reduce their energy and water consumption while improving their carbon footprint and sustainability credentials.

Based in Bury St Edmunds, it employs and develops local staff while delivering projects across the UK.  It provides its growing customer base a one-stop-shop: from learning how savings can be made across each building type, to helping deliver on this from a single online order, to delivery of the largest retrofit projects across the UK.

The company has recently been selected as the NHS Sustainability Supplier of the Year for their energy saving works with Cambridge University Hospitals’ world famous Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

About Mark Sait CEO

Mark has been described more than once, as a “disruptive entrepreneur” as much of his experience is in identifying and starting businesses that simplifying fragmented markets to help move new technologies or solutions into the mainstream.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is his latest venture, the company is now recognised as the “go to people for homes and organisations that want to reduce their energy and water bills”. The business has enjoyed rapid growth and now delivers its customers millions of pounds in savings per year, through its UK wide project management and installation teams, and through its website. Mark writes columns for various publications and is often asked to comment on carbon reduction, energy and water matters for various press & TV.

Survey Infographic 

Please click below to download:

Full Data Table of Energy & Water Survey of Great Britain 2020:

Image of Mark Sait,


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