Business communication

Business communication

Can I get a job with a business communication degree?

Are you asking yourself each day how can you see a spike in revenue increase or happier customers and higher profits, per se? Look no further because effective business communication is the primary gateway to increase your productivity by leaps and bounds. This blog will provide you with all the required career information for a degree in business communications holder.

  • Business Executive − Business executives are responsible for establishing corporate goals, policies and procedures, as well as ensuring they are executed appropriately. These professionals are in charge of directing and overseeing an organization’s financial and budgeting activities. While applying for this position, you are expected to be proficient in analysing financial statements and sales reports. This is required to develop ways to save capital by cutting costs, increasing productivity and efficiency simultaneously. You may also be accountable for delegating responsibilities to subordinate employees.
  • Public Relations Manager – Public relations managers are typically hired by business enterprises to maintain a favourable public image for their employer or client by communicating programs, accomplishments and points of view. Their main task includes fielding media questions and pitching stories to the media, as well as preparing media kits and organizing press conferences. Besides writing press releases, this job will also need you to engage in writing speeches for organizational leaders, developing advertising and marketing communications material and prepare documents for corporate newsletters.
  • Marketing Executive − Marketing executives work to maximise profits by developing sales strategies that are relevant to customer requirements. Their main purpose is to promote products, services or ideas. They execute a range of duties encompassing creative, analytical, digital, commercial and administrative responsibilities. These professionals typically engage in areas such as advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution. As a marketing executive, your main duty will be to oversee every aspect of developing a campaign throughout the entire lifespan of individual products, services or ideas.
  • Promotion Manager – Quite like the previous job title, promotions managers are responsible for planning and managing campaigns to promote a company’s products and services. They are expected to possess good creative, project management and interpersonal skills, along with substantial experience in marketing or sales promotion. These professionals work closely with other members of the marketing team to determine the role of promotions and implement it in the company’s overall strategy.
  • Technical Communicators – Also referred to as technical writers, these business professionals develop, gather and separate technical information among clients, designers and manufacturers. On a regular basis, they take part in preparing instruction manuals, journal articles and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information in an efficient manner.

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4 Ways Tech Can Simplify Your Business

Even the most stubborn Neo-Luddite will have to admit that there are some serious advantages to integrating tech into their businesses. In fact, what tech is best at, is making it easier and simpler to run your company than it ever has been before. A topic you can read all about in our post below.


The first thing that tech can do to great advantage in your business is to centralize things. For example, using a centralized documents management system on your companies network isn’t just better than transcribing out every letter on a typewriter, but it’s better than having each employee write every correspondence themselves on the computer as well.

This is because you ensure consistency of standards and formatting across every communication and document that is created, making things much more efficient and straightforward. This being something that means by using this type of tech your business can save a considerable amount of time as well.


Next, if you are looking to simplify your business using a tech solution to track essential variables can be a lifesaver. In fact, there are multiple applications for this type of tech from logging and monitoring the progress of stock and logistics, to monitoring whether your drivers are sticking to the legal requirements imposed on them.

In fact, when it comes to the latter using something like this digital tachograph system can be the perfect solution. The reason being that not only does it ensure that everyone is staying well within the law, but it can also help you maximize the number of hours they can drive for you as well. Something that can make running your business more efficiently a much simpler matter.


We aren’t quite at a ‘rise of the robots’ levels yet, but tech certainly has the potential to make running your business simpler by introducing robots and automated systems. Of course, in larger businesses and manufacturing plants robotics are being used to replace the need for human employees. A great example of this being Amazon’s use of stock robots in their warehouses, as well as the new initiative that they are rolling out where deliveries are made by small robots as well.

Even the most stubborn Neo-Luddite will have to admit that there are some serious advantages to integrating tech into their businesses. In fact, what tech is best at, is making it easier and simpler to run your company than it ever has been before. A topic you can read all about in our post below.


Finally, when it comes to tech making your business more straightforward, let not forget about communication. After all, it’s not just email, and instant messaging that tech has on offer, but tech like video conferencing calls as well, something that can make costly and lengthy business trips unnecessary.

Of course, with the event of AR and VR, more meaningful and effective method of business communication tech are already on the horizon. Ways which should ensure that running a successful company is as simple as possible in the future.