Investment Capital Account Management: 6% gross monthly profit in all accounts

Investment Capital Account Management (ICAM) corporation announces earnings of 6% gross monthly profit in the last 12 months for all its partners using artificial intelligence services.

ICAM holds the right to use theServer automated investment system designed by Cristian Păuna and developed by Algorithm Invest. The system is made available to all investors who want to make a profit in their own capital accounts. theServer operates on 17 international capital markets, using advanced artificial intelligence technology. The system includes over 2400 real-time data-mining algorithms to identify optimal trading opportunities in the short, medium, and long term and executes an average of 6.6 MIPS. The ICAM service offered to investors has achieved a 72% profitability in the last 12 months, equivalent to a monthly average of 6% gross profit.

The ICAM service offered to investors has achieved a 72% profitability in the last 12 months, equivalent to a monthly average of 6% gross profit. The ICAM service makes 80% of investments in stock indices (CFDs) of the major international stock exchanges from Frankfurt, New York, Zurich, London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and 20% investments in currencies, gold, and German treasury bonds. The service is addressed to investors who want to invest the minimum amount of 100,000 USD or Euro, plus the allocated risk, which can be 10%, 20%, or 30% of the capital, at the investor’s choice. During the investment period, the capital remains liquid, deposited in the investor’s account, opened with an independent, authorized, and regulated brokerage company, with which theServer system is connected. The capital and the realized profit can be withdrawn anytime with no restriction or penalties from ICAM.

The cost of the ICAM service is 50% of the gross profit. There are no hidden fees or other taxes, and the service is billed only if the investor registers profit as a result of the service provided. ICAM service contracts are strictly confidential and can be concluded at any time, unconditionally. Investors, individuals, or companies, are invited to test the ICAM service with the minimum amount of capital, before making a significant investment plan. All ICAM service details, the tracking records, and all contact details are listed on

ICAM, artificial intelligence at your service.

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Capital Allowances: The Best Way For Business To Recovery From Covid-19?

As we approach the re-opening of the UK and Western Economies following the Covid-19 Pandemic, and businesses plan for their recovery, cashflow management has become the key area of focus for all businesses.

UK Government Tax Incentives exist to promote investment and sustainability in real estate assets for Landlords, Tenants and Owner Occupiers.

These incentives are referred to as Capital Allowances and are obtained through savings in Corporation and Income Tax. Obtaining the relief is not an automatic process and the tax rules are complex and often misunderstood. As a result, many businesses miss out on the tax relief available to them.

A Capital Allowances review of your current and historic capital expenditure could potentially generate savings that will reduce not only your upcoming Corporation and Income Tax payments but potentially generate a Tax Repayment as a result of Tax Over payments in earlier years.

Capital allowances consultants support property transactions to optimise tax relief opportunities associated with real estate acquisitions, disposals, development and leases.

This can be an area that businesses can maximise claims against their historic tax payments and provide a much needed boost to their cashflow in these highly uncertain times.


• Improvement on investment returns
• Realise cash savings and the associated cash flow benefits
• Reduce direct and indirect business costs associated with managing your tax compliance
• Delivery by a professionally qualified team with industry leading expertise
• National coverage across all property and industry sectors

Capsure Tax is an industry leading Capital Allowances Advisory Firm which specialises in securing all the available tax incentives in relation to expenditure on the following Assets: –

• Commercial offices
• Retail
• Warehousing & Logistics
• Hotels

Our experience ranges from preparing capital allowances claims for standalone projects through to providing a total capital allowances outsourcing function for our clients.

We have developed a claim preparation methodology which not only ensures capital allowances claims are HMRC compliant but are consistent across all projects. We also ensure each project is risk managed in accordance with our Client’s tax risk profile.

Capital Allowances Consultants

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