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Car Sales

Swansway Motor Group Launches Quick and Easy Car Buying Service

Customers of Swansway Motor Group in the North West can now buy cars entirely online. Their new online service allows them to select and pay for a car in full or apply for a finance arrangement, allowing for simply Click’n’Collect purchases. 

Swansway Motor Group, a car dealership franchise based across the North West, has launched an online service that allows customers to purchase from the comfort of their own home. Customers can now buy vehicles online, either by paying for it in full on the website or by applying for and receiving finance deals without having to need to visit any physical dealership.

The ability to purchase a car online is a new evolution for Swansway Motor Group, which has allowed customers to browse their stock and reserve the car that they want by paying a £99 deposit for many years. The £99 deposit can be paid by credit or debit card and the Group has expanded the options to allow for payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay to make it as easy as possible. And now those customers can proceed to the next step and start the process of purchasing the car outright without having to follow up without a physical visit.

Vehicle finance has been fully integrated into the website in order to make it easier for customers to find the right finance type for them. Customers can also change their deposit and finance term to suit their individual requirements. Customers can start by browsing the available stock, can get a part-exchange valuation if they want, then apply for finance online or pay in full. Once the purchase is complete, the vehicle will be waiting for them at the dealership so they can make any final inspections before driving off with the car of their choice.

The website makes it easy for customers to customise and track their purchases. Each visitor can make their own account which tracks ongoing deals, as well as allowing them to save their favourite vehicles, quotes, and any finance applications they have completed or started on. There’s no rush to complete an application in one sitting, as they can save their progress and complete it next time when they have the information they need.

Despite offering complete online car sales, Swansway Motor Group is still there to help ensure the best possible car purchase experience. They offer virtual appointments that can take place on any phone, tablet, or computer, so customers can speak to their team and watch live videos of the vehicles that they’re interested in. Once the full payment of a vehicle is confirmed, the Group will arrange a collection appointment on a date and time to suit the customer. This collection will be contact-free and take place in a dedicated handover area.

To learn more about Swansway Motor Group, their new buy online services, and the stock available, visit their website at

Are Used Cars Better For The Environment Than New Ones?

Eco-friendly driving is a scorching topic right now. You’re all aware of the effects that driving a car has on the environment. Billions of people get in a car every single day and generate lots of carbon emissions. 

Consequently, there’s been a massive influx in people who want to reduce the environmental impact of driving. Many ideas and suggestions have been made, but one of the most contentious ones is whether or not buying used cars is better for the environment than buying new ones. 

Already, you can probably see a few debatable points forming! So, let’s take a look at some of the key arguments to figure out the answer to this question.

Reducing car waste

The main argument in favour of buying used cars is that you reduce a lot of car waste. If you take a look at a company like Davies Car Sales, you’ll see hundreds of used cars available for people to buy. What would happen to all of these cars if everyone bought brand new ones every time? They’d end up getting turned into scrap metal. Granted, some of the parts could be recycled, but the majority would end up as waste, and the emissions released when disposing of them would be terrible. 

Buying a used car basically means you’re recycling a vehicle and using it again. In many ways, this is a compelling argument that makes a lot of sense. 

New eco-friendly technology

On the flip side, people argue that buying new cars can be better as they contain newer technology. Modern cars are being made with exciting new technologies that reduce fuel consumption like never before. Just look at some of the best electric vehicles on the market right now. You’d struggle to find cars on the used market with this sort of technology, meaning you miss out on a vehicle that releases zero emissions and is more eco-friendly. 

As such, you can see why people argue that buying a new car is better for the environment!

It’s the driver that matters

There’s also the argument that neither option is particularly better than the other. If we all bought used cars, then we would reduce waste and slow down new car production, lowering carbon emissions. However, if we bought new cars, we’d have access to better technology that makes the car use less fuel. But, neither option matters if you’re driving badly. 

You can get a used car and end up spurting out so much CO2 because of your driving habits. The same goes for someone with a new car – you can take terrible care of it, meaning you have to keep buying a new car every few years, which is bad for the environment. If you focused on learning how to be fuel-efficient when you drive and taking better care of your vehicles, then it doesn’t matter if you buy new or used.

Ultimately, that’s the answer to the question. Both new and used cars can be better for the environment than the other. However, it all depends on how you drive them and how well you look after them. That’s the main thing to focus on if you want to save the environment while driving.