Do you love the show Britain Got Talent? You will like what we will be hosting. Firstly, we need to give a brief definition of Dyspraxia and put into context on what it means.

Dyspraxia is a development disorder affecting activities that require co-ordination. It affects 10% of the UK population. 5% include children. Dyspraxia present many challenges including co-ordination, following instructions, short-term memory, organisation skills, focus, handwriting social skills, emotional difficulties, education, jobs, and mental health. Non dyspraxic individuals will takes less time to complete tasks like an assignment compared to ones affected by the condition who would take longer to process information. Through support and more time, they can do the task to the highest quality.

The founder of Dyspraxia Support Teesside is Pritthijit and he is dyspraxic himself. The 42 years old experienced torrid times through education and job life. The employers did not understand him as a person. There were no specific adjustments implemented in the workplaces. He did not receive the support needed. Due to the personal experiences, he set up the group to inspire dyspraxic individuals to achieve positive outcomes. The group need their voice heard. There is a lack of awareness and recognition about the condition. The charity wants to educate local organisations about the condition, so that they are better informed on what strategies work best for the group.

The project runs under the umbrella of Roseberry Community Consortium, a Teesside based charity helping the disadvantaged groups of young people across the region. On 12th December 12th, we are looking to arrange an online talent show at 7pm. Do you have a talent? The talent show will be open to adults, parents and children who have dyspraxia or other related conditions across the UK. There is an opportunity to win a prize through a raffle. Whether you have a gift for comedy, dancing, singing, art, or any other amazing skill, please showcase your talent by sending us a video by 5th December- we will choose the best acts, and they will be featured during the online show.

Email entries at . See our website for more information – make a date for your diary. We also arrange other exciting events and activities for dyspraxic individuals. Please keep updated on our websites section dates for your diary.

Air Queen UK launches nanofibre facemask, the AirBon, to provide maximum protection to children

London, 26 August 2020. With children in England back to school next week (and already back in other UK nations), and with government advice shifting towards encouraging more children to wear facemasks, Air Queen UK is today making available the new “AirBon” facemask, specially sized for children.

The World Health Organisation recommends that children aged twelve and over should wear a mask under the same conditions as adults, especially where they cannot guarantee at least a one metre social distance. This recommendation has now been adopted by the UK government with respect to schools, and in response Air Queen UK is now supplying the specially sized AirBon facemasks for children.

TopTec, the South Korean manufacturer of the AirBons, recognised the challenges faced by parents seeking to adequately protect their children, in particular that many children are using masks sized for adults, compromising the quality of the fit; or using 3-ply masks with vastly inferior comfort and filtration efficiency. TopTec took their FDA-approved surgical respirator with nano-filter technology (the “Air Queen”) and re-designed it to fit the smaller faces of children.

The new AirBon masks deploy the same uncompromising filter and manufacturing technology as in the popular adult-sized Air Queen masks. Air Queen masks are N95 equivalent (FDA 510k approved) surgical respirators designed and approved for use by operating room personnel during surgical procedures, protecting both the wearer and others.

While the AirBon masks are clearly not designed for use in operating theatres, they use identical filtration and ergonomic face-fit features as the larger Air Queen masks. Parents can therefore take some comfort that their children are using the same protective technology to help prevent their kids from contact with Covid-19 and other harmful contaminants.

As schools re-open children are beginning to interact on a more regular basis and to help parents navigate the potential risks of their children contracting or spreading Covid-19, the AirBon is now available from priced from £2 per mask.

More details about both the AirBon and Air Queen facemasks can be found at

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Puzzles that teach children about diversity. Learning about our world from the comfort of home

Very Puzzled: Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo.

LONDON – July 9th, 2020 – Very Puzzled, a children’s toy manufacturer that connects children to diversity has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign
on Indiegogo.

Very Puzzled provides a vibrant range of highly engaging jigsaw puzzles, colour in t-shirts and posters that parents and carers can explore with their children. Not only do the puzzles assist children in their motor and cognitive abilities in an era of screen dependence and digital overstimulation, but they also allow the player to learn about integral parts of our world that they may not have been as exposed to before – and perhaps never will.

Each puzzle showcases a variety of historical landmarks and attractions that have been designed to provide endless fun and interesting topics of discussion that can be used as a playful way to learn and offer an authentic means of interaction for both children and adults.

We started with the passion to highlight the majesty of Africa and the African Diaspora, we are now exploring other parts of our diverse world and want to showcase other nations rich with culture, such as India, Egypt and Cameroon.

We are currently living in a moment of history that has been shaped one way or another by the personal views of some placed upon many. These views which have led to systemic injustices are mainly formed during childhood and therefore it is important that our children are as exposed to the beauty and strength of diversity. Very Puzzled jigsaws are a catalyst towards a greater understanding of the people in our global community.

About Very Puzzled:
Very Puzzled., based in London, UK, was founded in 2017 by Patrick Adom, MBA graduate and IT Professional Services Consultant. The company’s first product, the Africa Map jigsaw puzzle, was created with both parents and children in mind. Very Puzzled offers children and parents of all backgrounds the opportunity to explore and learn more about the richness of Africa and the African-Caribbean diaspora. Worn by artists such as Emeli Sande, it is proud of a desired educational tool amongst parents of all backgrounds.

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Tuition Company to help fund education for vulnerable children in Brazil

Maidstone based tuition company to fund education for children in Brazil.

Changing lives one lesson at a time.

Vulnerable children often not accessing school in Brazil are to receive additional support with life changing education and mentoring thanks to a new scheme run by Maidstone company Outreach Tuition.   Outreach Tuition support vulnerable children and disadvantaged young people within Kent and South London. For every new pupil referred to them by primary and secondary schools, local authorities and alternative settings, Outreach Tuition will in turn, fund the education of a child in Brazil.

Outreach Tuition, run by Jodie Devlin, is to help support education through the charity Meninadanca.  Meninadanca works with around 300 children and young people every day, in some of the poorest communities along Brazil’s main highway where they are often exploited by their families. The charity’s Pink Houses provide a safe haven where they can learn to flourish through a mix of programmes to help empower and educate themselves. Through a mix of dance, art and education, the charity helps them to overcome their past, erase fear and build a meaningful future. Meninadance also works with families within these vulnerable areas to educate them on the value of their children within the community.

Jodie Devlin, Director of Outreach Tuition says “School leaders in London and the South East can really feel as though they are making a difference now when they refer pupils to us. In addition to receiving our life changing home tuition for the vulnerable pupils in their own schools, they equally will be lifting up a deprived area of Brazil. We are starting with this scheme in Brazil, but it is our vision to eventually support the education of vulnerable children all over the world.

it organisation that works with at-risk girls in communities

Outreach Tuition currently supports vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Kent and South London. The team work with schools and councils in the south-east offering a tailored and cost effective approach to support vulnerable children. Outreach Tuition were finalists at both the Maidstone Business Awards and Kent Women in Business.

Jodie is planning on visiting the Pink Houses in Brazil in 2021.

High res images are available on request.

More information

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Musicline launches a free-to-join, collaborative, online project for children all over the world.

Calling all singers, dancers and actors!

Musicline launches a free-to-join, collaborative, online project for children all over the world.

Steve Titford, writer for Musicline School Musicals, has composed and produced a brand new song called “Back Together (IRL)” (IRL meaning In Real Life, of course!). It is an isolation escape anthem about lasting friendship, bringing folks together regardless of distance. Powerful, positive, fun.

Steve and Musicline want to make a global recording with as many singers as possible, along with an awesome music video. Solo spots will be available in the video for the best performances.

All children need is a smartphone, tablet or computer along with parent/carer permission. All children need to do is video themselves performing the song to the best of their ability and send it to Musicline.

Musicline have created an online portal to make signing up, granting permission and uploading submissions as quick and easy as possible. This can be found at Here children will also find lots of resources to assist in learning, practising, and recording their performance. Musicline have provided:

  • MP3 downloads of the song with Steve’s demo vocal
  • MP3 of just backing track music
  • “Karaoke Style” learning aid called “Sing it!”
  • PDF downloads of the lyrics and music notation
  • Tuition videos – Steve has also uploaded several tuition videos with lots of great hints and tips on how to get the best performance possible.

Steve and Musicline have tried to provide everything, so all children need to concentrate on is their performance and having fun!

Musicline Managing Director Mike Smith said: “As schools all over the world have been closed due to Covid-19, we thought the best use of our time would be to create a project that children can be creative with without leaving their homes. Performing Arts is incredibly important for children’s confidence and mental health. It’s also a great way to ‘connect’ with old friends and new. It’s a great way to blow of steam and have some fun during this difficult time. ”

Notes to Editor:

Steve Titford, most known for his debut school musical “Shakespeare Rocks!”, writes and produces regularly for Musicline. He lives in Caleta De Fuste on Fuerteventura, whilst Musicline is based in Birmingham, UK, so they know a thing or two about online collaboration.

Musicline is a family-run business which has been publishing children’s musicals for more than 30 years. They pride themselves on producing musicals trusted and loved by thousands of young people and educators.

Contact for any enquiries

Dave Smith

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Zany puppet characters are providing entertainment for children live every night during lockdown

Zany puppet characters are providing fun and entertainment for children live every night during lockdown.

Wordle Durdle Ding Dong is currently broadcasting live on Facebook with bedtime stories read by a range of funny and irreverent puppet characters. The shows are aimed at 5-9 year olds, but are designed to be fun for adults to watch too.

The stories range from Dr Seuss to David Walliams, but also give an important platform to new unpublished children’s writers to have their stories performed to a brand new audience.

Wordle Durdle Ding Dong is the brainchild of Jason Linney, an educational specialist, Guy Moore, an advertising creative director and Julian Hanford, a photographer and film maker.

The show’s characters include Lord Purr-Purr, an aristocratic cat, Monty the Showbiz Dragon, Miss Mimi Thing, a selfie-obsessed social media fan, Archie, an inquisitive and cheeky armadillo, Robin W. Nestliner, self-appointed newsreader extraordinaire, and Fuzzy Bob, a crazy alien who loves broccoli.

Says Hanford, ‘We really didn’t start out to do things quite like this. We have been developing Wordle Durdle Ding Dong as a broadcast children’s programme series for the past few months, but then the lockdown happened, and we thought we just can’t sit by and watch millions of children stuck at home without the fun one-to-one interactions they get at school, so we are using our own lockdown time for free to keep kids entertained and motivated. By broadcasting live directly into their homes on Facebook, children can have an unprecedented level of interactive contact with the characters.


The creators and the puppet characters are available for fun zoom interviews with the press at any time. Please contact :
Julian Hanford, Wordle Durdle Ding Dong
Scarborough, United Kingdom

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The Mental Health Effects for Children of Divorce

England and Wales divorce rates are at an all time low since 1973, however divorce is still an issue heavily discussed in the media. It isn’t in any married couples plan to get divorced, so when it happens it can be stressful and devastating. And the effect isn’t limited to the couple.

For any child whose parents are divorcing, experiencing your family ripped in half can take its toll on a child’s mental health. If you’re seeking legal aid in your area, such as divorce law in London, we will explore how this can affect children, and how you can minimise damage.

Experiencing change

If the child is older or younger, the considerable levels of change that are going to occur within their lives is going to have significant effects. For a younger child progressing through their developmental years, having one parent moving out of the house can be confusing.

At a younger age, it is unclear as to ‘why mum or dad is no longer around all the time anymore’, and ‘when we go to do something, why are mum and dad not doing it together, with me?’.

Investigation into this shows that older children can deal with divorce easier than younger children. Despite this, they are the most likely to bear the brunt of the effect of change. The breakdown of a marriage could mean them moving to a new house, moving school, or no longer seeing one of their parents. It could also mean the family is less well-off financially.

This can affect your child’s life considerably, and their mental health. For example, in the past, your child may have been able to go away on a school trip each year with their friends, whether it be skiing or a pre-summer break.

When going through divorce, due to the fact that two mortgages are being paid, there is simply not enough money to foot the bill for the vast majority of ‘wants’ in life. This will irritate and upset a child who has grown accustomed to such a lifestyle.

Acting out

An important issue to remember is a lack of understanding. A failure to understand a situation can develop into frustration, and in many cases, this can result in anger.

Typically, with one parent absent, the consistent level of discipline that was once there has now been removed. Rather than dishing out punishment for bad behaviour, try to understand the position in which the child finds themselves.

Try to remember that they are currently going through a rollercoaster of emotions. Therefore, be patient and take into consideration the way you are acting around them.

Children notice what is said and done around them. So, if one parent is badmouthing another, they are likely to pick up on this and replicate it. Although the situation between both co-parents may be rather toxic, for the sake of the child’s emotional stability, communication is key. Monitoring behaviour around both parents, particularly if they are now living in different homes, is an effective way to quash any behavioural issues.

The need for stable education

It’s important to support a child’s mental health with a stable education. Research has discovered that children who grow up in a two-parent, married family are more likely to do better at school.

Children with a stable education are less disruptive in class, and less aggressive towards other classmates. In terms of their academic performance, children whose parents’ marriage is intact are more likely to do their work without being forced.

Research, meanwhile, drawn upon by the BBC in 2014 found that 65 per cent of children whose parents had divorced performed worse than expected in their GCSE results, while 44 per cent also insinuated they believe their A-Level results had suffered. Resolution, who conducted the research, proposed that the disruption of moving school could be at fault for the exam results.

It’s common for many parents to believe staying together is the best course of action of their children. However, forcing your children to live in an unhappy home will do more damage than good, so do what’s right for you, even if that means divorcing.


BBC Sounds launch second season of Halloween podcast drama for visually impaired children

Sunday, 27th October 2019

BBC Sounds launch second season of Halloween podcast drama for visually impaired children

Once Upon a Time in Zombieville, the double award winning comedy podcast series for all the family is back! One hundred more minutes of mayhem, as our plucky heroes Jamie and Sam battle the Mad Moghul, the Bad Billionaire, Voom Buckstop in an effort to save the world.

Once Upon a Time in Zombieville is a comic book for the ears! Featuring lead characters with visual impairment and dyslexia, Zombieville is for those who might struggle to read, but still love to listen to a great story. Zombieville is for everyone who ever stood up to, or needs to stand up to a bully.

Season 2 expands upon this theme, with even greater challenges to our young heroes. Over 10 brand new episodes more quirky characters are introduced, broadening and enriching our young heroes’ world and deliver another sweet high-stacked pile of adventure that will champion diversity and empowerment in a world increasingly fraught with intolerance, xenophobia and deliberate falsehoods. Is the truth out there?

But, whilst the gory tale is perfect for dark, spooky evenings, the podcast series – brainchild of production company Bigmouth Audio – isn’t just a spooky tale for Halloween, it’s aiming to change the way production companies approach content for children.

The comedy-horror audio cartoon has been developed alongside the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), creating a rich, immersive experience for both sighted and visually impaired listeners alike.

Bigmouth Audio Founder and Managing Director Stephen Scott, explains: “As specialists in sound for animation we’ve worked extensively with clients in children’s media but, over the years, it’s become apparent that very little original content is being developed that could work for both a mainstream and visually impaired audience.

“The small percentage of content that is available is work that has simply been overdubbed or audio described; we were really keen to find a way to change that, without losing any of the production value.

“We wanted the sound to resemble that of an animated feature film – a cartoon for the ears – that could enable visually and non-visually impaired children to enjoy the same piece of content on a shared level.”

Fictional stories such as Once Upon a Time in Zombieville can also be a great way of helping children to explore real life situations that they need help to deal with, and learn to empathise with others.

Researchers from the New School for Social Research in New York have found that the brain activity that occurs when we read or listen to fictional stories is very similar to experiencing that situation in real life, enhancing the ability to detect and understand other people’s emotions.

And so, whilst Once Upon a Time in Zombieville is a fun-filled, entertainment cartoon to keep kids gripped throughout, the series has been developed to include a number of real-life situations children may have to deal with, from absent parents to bullying, making the right decisions, understanding dyslexia, and friendships, opening up opportunities for discussion and debate.

But, while Zombieville started life as a teaching tool on BBC School Radio the team at Bigmouth Audio hope that it will prove just as popular in the home, by releasing season 1 & 2 for free on the BBC Sounds app & iTunes for families to enjoy this November (10th November) with a teaser trailer going out on Halloween (Thursday 31st October).

Stephen added: “Zombieville was created with strong educational values, offering an inclusive experience for both sighted and visually impaired children, but we knew we would lose the audience if it wasn’t first and foremost a gripping story.

“Unlike most children’s content the show is serialised meaning there is a story arc reaching across the whole series. There’s a healthy dose of weird and spooky antics, making it perfect for this time of year, but we’ve also got some great comedy moments in every 10 minute episode. Plus, each episode has a cliff-hanger ending, to add to the drama and keep audiences on the edge of their seats.”

So, as the dark nights draw in, why not light a candle, curl up under a blanket and treat yourself to an evening in Zombieville.

Once Upon a Time in Zombieville is free to download on BBC Sounds & Apple Podcasts. Season 2 will be available from November 10th 2019. Catch the trailer on Halloween!

For more information about Once Upon a Time in Zombieville, or to find out more about Bigmouth Audio, please visit:

· Once Upon a Time in Zombieville can be downloaded for free on iTunes:

· Researchers from the New School for Social Research in New York have found that the brain activity that occurs when we read or listen to fictional stories is very similar to experiencing that situation in real life, enhancing the ability to detect and understand other people’s emotions – for further information, please see Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind, David Comer Kidd, Emanuele Castano:

Bigmouth Audio

· Bigmouth Audio – a voice production management company, is committed to providing producers of animated content with a superior, dedicated bespoke voice production & dubbing service

· Based in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, and delivering a service to a global audience, Bigmouth Audio’s clients include Netflix, Mattel, Universal Pictures, Fox and Sony

· Founded in 2012, and built on a belief that animation audio is more important than ever before, Bigmouth Audio specialise in voice production management and voice dubbing for animation and video games industries.

· Bigmouth Audio is based at 78a Stanley Street, Glasgow, G41 1JH. For more details, please visit

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Children’s author Jo Kemp believes not. When she began her career in Manchester and wrote the original scripts for Chorlton and the Wheelies and Jamie and the Magic Torch  in the late 70’s she adopted a gentle, narrative style with little regard for political correctness and both series attracted a cult following. She continued in this style when she wrote Boodle Books published by Thurman who were responsible for Mr. Men.

Fast and furious programmes then took the market and the more traditional approach to storytelling took a back seat other than timeless classics and well-marketed formulaic concepts, but there was always a need for something different.

Boodle Books  had a temporary reprise when they were re-launched as  Hoo Ha House but the time and circumstances still weren’t right. Together with the Writers’ Guild, Jo reclaimed the rights along with some 23,000 residual books which she distributed at her own cost free of charge to local schools, hospitals and Barnardos.

At her son Luke’s insistence, due to his belief in the stories he’d grown up with, he convinced Jo not to leave it there and that the best vehicle to get the stories out would be via Social Media.

Crowdfunding was a viable option for raising capital and so rather than suffer the loss of editorial control they decided they had the combined knowledge and expertise to produce/market the project themselves and by utilising  KickStarter, funding could be available.

However, backers would need proof of concept meaning the first five films would have to be self-funded and having run her own film production company employing at one point, around 30 people to produce over a hundred episodes of Raggy Dolls, Jo was understandably skeptical.

However, Luke’s tenacity convinced her that with the advances in technology he could shelve his job as a freelance web developer and devote himself entirely to the project.

Luke directs and animates, Jo found a new vocation as Voice Over and the first five films with associated promotion were completed in under six months. BoodleBobs, with ninety or more characters will also appear in a lineup of songs across the 26 stories. It’s all original content that isn’t dumbed down and is written to also appeal to adults.

After all the noise there’s a growing demand for quiet, one-to-one traditional storytelling that extols these old-fashioned values while embracing new media.

Five of the twenty six books/videos plus an animated signature-music video are on the BoodleBobs YouTube Channel .  And a free Ebook is available from the BoodleBobs website. Work has already started on the next five stories so it’s now a matter of time to see if this mother and son duo can capture their audience and win support for BoodleBobs.


The Times (September 24 2005)

 Kickstarter Project



HooHa House List of Books

Free E-Book Download

More Original Content (Songs)

Sian Ellingworth’s mission is to make teeth cleaning fun and improve our children’s oral health

Sian Ellingworth, founder and MD of Buddies has conceived a new brushing system that appeals to children who dislike conventional toothpaste flavours. It is aimed at children aged between 2 and 5, although a smear of paste on a brush is great for those first couple of teeth. And for parents who struggle with the tooth cleaning routine.

The British Society of Paediatric Dentists reports a quarter of 5-year olds in the UK have dental decay. There is concern that parents may think baby teeth do not matter as they will fall out to make way for permanent teeth. They recommend a list of actions for parents including brushing baby teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste. (BBC Breakfast 22.09.17)

Sian’s first child absolutely hated mint and, after trying various alternatives including expensive flavours imported from America, she decided to develop her own fluoride toothpaste. Sian’s research indicated that 15% of parents questioned had similar issues. The result was the development of Buddies toothpaste, in two flavours: a buttery, slightly minty flavour, Hint of Mint, and zingy apple flavour, Apple Fresh.

This resolved the problem of taste but not the mess that can result at bedtime! Sian then designed an imaginative pump dispenser for Buddies that can be used with any toothbrush, delivering exactly the right amount of paste to the brush.


Entrepreneur, Sian Ellingworth has also conceived and manufactured the innovative Buddies toothbrush, a rechargeable electric toothbrush for children. The Buddies electric toothbrush has a very mild, vibrating, sensation in the mouth for 2-minutes, the recommended brush time. Some children find an electric toothbrush vibration or rotation too harsh so this provides a gentle, stepping stone to the grown-up world.

Designed for use with a Buddies toothpaste cartridge, a single press of the collar dispenses exactly the right amount of toothpaste directly onto the bristles. No more mess, one hopes, when your independent toddler does it alone!

To engage children and help them to enjoy brushing teeth, the Buddies toothbrush charger is also a nightlight which can be personalised with stickers to assume a Buddies character.
Sian Ellingworth says, “My mission is to improve a child’s experience of brushing their teeth. I want them to find it enjoyable and fun, as it encourages adherence to a routine, which in turn improves oral health.

A tube of Buddies Toothpaste last 3 months. which equates to £20 a year. Not a huge outlay for a child’s oral health.“

Sian continues, “From my own experience, I know how hard it can be to persuade your child to brush their teeth if they hate the taste of mint. I hope that our toothpaste flavours and Buddies characters will help little ones enjoy, and maintain, a tooth brushing routine.”
Buddies toothpaste and Buddies electric brushes are available from a wide range of dentists across the UK or online at:
Notes for Editors:
The Buddies Toothpaste USPs:
• Formulated especially for kids that dislike conventional flavours, the toothpaste launched on Amazon in February 2016.
• Currently crowdfunding to enable production of the Buddies Apple Fresh tooth brush and the Secret Formula Toothpaste
• Also, suitable for those on the autism spectrum, with special needs and some in care homes. There has been interest from care homes, special needs groups and NHS Trusts.
• Engaging: Character lids make teeth cleaning fun.
• No Nasties such as Sodium Laurel Sulphate and certain sweeteners!
• Safe: Contains1450ppm fluoride to protect children’s teeth.
• Two flavours: Hint of Mint – buttery slightly minty flavour. Apple Fresh – a zingy taste for those who don’t like mint.
• On its way: our new secret formula toothpaste!
• Made in Watford by a company that specialises in making toothpaste for babies…
• Pump dispenser: one press delivers just the right amount of paste. Can be used with any toothbrush.
• Sizes & prices:
– Pump dispenser: 100ml RRP £4.99 / Pack of 2x 100ml RRP £8.99
lasts for 3 months (used twice per day)
– Cartridges: designed for the Buddies Electric Toothbrush.
6-month pack of 14 x 15ml cartridges RRP £13.99

The Buddies Electric Toothbrush;
• Launched April 2017.
• Designed in the UK by award winning product design group, Innovate, Buddies is one of the first rechargeable electric toothbrushes, available in the UK, for children under 5 that dispenses exactly the right amount of paste to the bristles.
• The cartridge of paste sits in the handle and pressing down the collar automatically delivers just the right amount of paste to the bristles.
• Fun: the charger is a night light which can be personalised with stickers to engage little people.
• Pack contains toothbrush, charger and 6-week supply of cartridges RRP £34.99
2 x replacement heads RRP £4.99; 6-month pack of cartridges RRP £23.99

Availability. Buddies toothpastes and electric toothbrushes are available online at:
Also available through dentists nationwide. Distributed by CTS Dental Supplies, the No.1 supplier of oral hygiene products to UK dentists.

About Sian Ellingworth BSc; MCIPS:
The twice-daily struggle to clean her first child’s teeth inspired Sian to create Buddies. It had left her at a loss. Whatever she tried, he hated the routine. He refused the strong-flavoured toothpastes available and Sian resorted to buying a range of flavoured paste from the USA, which wasn’t ideal and proved expensive.

There seemed to be a gap in the market and, after undertaking some research, Sian discovered 15% of respondents struggled with the same problem. Furthermore, they were confused about how much toothpaste should be used. A ‘pea-sized’ amount is not a good indicator.

Sian’s mission was to create a fun, safe, easy-to-use and mess-free electric toothbrush with appealing toothpaste flavours that would encourage children to enjoy the teeth cleaning routine and reassure parents that their children’s teeth were well cleaned.

Sian Ellingworth entered university as a dental undergraduate, transferring in her second yea and graduating with a degree in biochemistry. She has since built a remarkable career as a CIPS-qualified purchasing professional delivering significant benefits via careful observance, curiosity and successful leadership within the multi-national FMCG and food service businesses.
Sian’s career includes:
• Production Graduate with United Biscuits: initially in manufacturing, gaining an invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. Responsible for running the ingredient preparation area for a pizza factory, she delivered a project in her first year that saved three times her salary.
• Purchasing at United Biscuits: from packaging to indirects and co-manufactured products. As Senior Commodity Buyer for European Purchasing, Sian was responsible for buying edible oils, fats and cocoa, a portfolio worth £70m. She delivered savings in excess of £6m and implemented a global procurement programme that secured improved quality palm oil at no extra cost.
• Commodity Manager at Fisher Group responsible for the Vegetables division.
• European Purchasing function of HJ Heinz including:
European Purchasing Manager Dairy, Oils and Cocoa Head of Purchasing for the Heinz Frozen & Chilled business, on the board of the Frozen & Chilled business
Head of Purchasing for Heinz UK and Ireland
• Supply Chain Services Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland
• Commercial Director for Healthcare and Education, Compass Group UK & Ireland
• Procurement Consultant, managing a range of projects, such as leading the supply chain element of a major project for Danone, later accepting the challenge of managing the whole project. Now Client Director at Procure4, Sian leads projects for a variety of well-known businesses
Outside of work, Sian is busy as a Mum to two young boys and enjoys Pilates, running and healthy cooking.
Sian’s natural dynamism, ethos and drive coupled with her wide range of experiences have coalesced to provide her with the skills and knowledge to successfully develop the Buddies range.

Twitter: @buddiesforteeth Face Book: BuddiesToothpaste
Website. Instagram: buddies_toothpaste