Vital compliance checks for business owners coming out of Coronavirus lockdown

Businesses will soon be planning to reopen and get their employees back to work after the government announces the new workplace rules later this week.

These rules are likely to include social distancing, wearing of personal protective equipment, and the possibility of staggering work times.

One area of importance is how private and company vehicles are going to be used by employees and contractors. Many people have not driven their vehicles for several weeks, which highlights extended risks for both employees and Company Directors.

In Wuhan China, it has been reported there has been a 32% increase in the use of private cars from public transport, because personal vehicles were seen to be safer.

There are some vital checks which should be carried out by business owners and drivers as we prepare to come out of lockdown.

Vehicles have now been parked up in workplaces and outside people’s homes throughout lockdown and we should all take time to review our current procedures on vehicle and driver checks to stay within the law and make sure that employees are safely put back on the roads. This include vehicle checks for defects and roadworthiness and driver checks on health & wellbeing as well as licensing.

It’s important to remember this doesn’t just concern employees with company owned vehicles but also the Grey Fleet drivers who are the employees that use their own vehicles whilst on company business, an area which is still miss understood by many. In a recent’ Driving for Better Business’ survey, 60% of Senior Executives said they ‘didn’t know about the grey fleet’ or ‘how big it was’ in their business.

Health & Safety Laws require that all employers show the same ‘duty of care’ to employees driving their own private vehicles as they do for company-owned, leased or hired vehicles. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure all vehicles used for work purposes, irrespective of who owns them are safe and properly maintained and that drivers are licensed and insured.

Rebecca Hall Managing Director of HH Driveright commented, “We all have a duty of care to make sure that we put safety first for anyone driving any type of vehicle whilst on company time, including both employees and contractors. Having the correct processes in place for checking and reporting is very important. You wouldn’t put people at risk asking them to drive 5 or even 100 miles to see a customer without checking first that are fit to drive, their vehicle is in roadworthy condition without any defects and they have the correct licence and insurance in place. With the current lockdown being in place since March 23rd, its even more important to get on top of processes for people returning to the new normal.”

At Fleet Live in October 2019, we learned that only 38% of Directors regularly check their drivers have the correct insurance and 50% of all vehicles on UK roads are used for business purposes.

Think about your own organisation, have you got a way to keep track of the vehicles used by employees or contractors? You should keep as a minimum:
• Insurance details including business cover for those employees using their own vehicles for work related journeys other than just commuting
• Vehicle maintenance checks such as oil and brake fluid levels
• Roadworthiness including defects, windscreens, tyres etc
• Road tax validity

Checking drivers every day will reduce the risks of incidents taking place. Make sure that every driver is fit to drive and put in place a way to monitor individual driving behaviours, which can result in further education or wellbeing support. These checks should include:
• Licence validity
• Age and the drivers experience
• Health issues and alcohol or drug use
• Driver behaviours such as speeding, harsh braking and using a mobile phone

Keeping a track on your drivers and vehicles requires responsibility and accountability. Checks can be completed and recorded on manual systems such as using spreadsheets, but as your fleet and drivers increase it would make sense to look at a more efficient method which could be the introduction of a tech system such as the HH Driveright service.

HH Driveright is a comprehensive service, using the latest technology including a driver’s app to provide a total and secure solution for managing vehicle fleets and drivers. The system has a secure database which allows organisations to maintain, retrieve and analyse all vehicles, drivers and claims management data in one place. It also has a unique innovative security system allowing vehicles to be fully protected against theft and hijack, which offers both automatic and remote immobilisation. In addition, it monitors vehicles for safety issues, predictive maintenance services and reports both driving and vehicle insights. Another great feature is the ‘Online School of Excellence’ a platform to deliver driver training & continuous development.

HH Driveright is excellent value for money starting at just £5.50 per vehicle per month. More information can be found at where you can also request an online demonstration.

In summary, please do not forget your drivers and vehicles when you are coming out of lockdown, including the grey fleet, employees who use their own vehicles on company business. Make sure that the necessary checks are carried out to keep everyone safe.

About HH Driveright

HH Driveright offers a comprehensive service, using the latest technology to provide a total and secure solution for managing your vehicle fleet and drivers, including those that use their own vehicles for business purposes (grey fleet).

Our versatile App, security system and dynamic database will give you complete control of your vehicles and drivers in real-time, reducing vehicle thefts, improving driving behaviours, streamlining your daily compliance procedures and eliminating that time-consuming paperwork. Our secure database allows you to maintain, retrieve and analyse all your data in one place.

Our ‘Online School of Excellence’ creates a pathway for driver training & continuous development and Driveright Consult provides you with a one stop shop for all audit and compliance requirements.

Rebecca Hall, Managing Director
Telephone: 01937 830 144
Address: HH Driveright, 5 Fusion Court, Garforth, Leeds, LS25 2GH

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“Sportsperson of the Year” Awards 2019: Coming Soon

“Winter is coming” which means it’s almost time for the most important and prestigious sports event in Bulgaria – “Sportsperson of the Year”. Preparation for the official ceremony has begun and organizers are already well in place.

The grand sports awards will be held for the 62nd time now, continuing the tradition of celebrating and awarding the achievements of Bulgarian athletes who have competed in different fields over the past year. After so many editions, “Sportsperson of the Year” Awards have turned into a tradition for the Bulgarian nation and Bulgarian sportspeople. The importance and scale of the ceremony attract people with different background – from famous Bulgarian public figures, through politicians, to all the sports enthusiasts, of course.

But let’s not forget all the journalists. Their role is tremendous as they represent the jury of the awards. More than 100 renowned journalists from various national electronic and print media channels take part in the voting every year and select nominees in several main categories. They include: “Sportsperson of the Year”, “Team of the Year”, “Athlete with Disabilities of the Year”, and “Coach of the Year”.

At the very beginning, the awards used to have a bit more modest nature. The very first time when the survey is organized is back 1942 by “Sport” newspaper and it is the readers of the newspaper who select the best athlete at that time. Later on, in 1948 and 1955 the organizer of the poll is “Naroden Sport” newspaper and again the readers determine the winner. In 1956, the poll is carried out by “Radio Sofia”.

The first formal poll is conducted in 1958 when the basketball player Vanya Voinova becomes the first official winner and best athlete of Bulgaria.

Ever since 1994, Nove JSC Holding becomes the official organizer of “Sportsperson of the Year”. The main person behind the event is Vassil Bojkov – businessman, antique collector, and promoter of the Bulgarian sport in many ways.

From what can be observed, each following ceremony is greater than the previous one in terms of organization, program, and stage performances by some of the best Bulgarian musicians and singers. Last year’s ceremony, for instance, was hosted by two of the most recognizable and charming voices in Bulgaria – the radio and TV host Mitko Pavlov and the loved-by-everyone singer Orlin Pavlov.
As for the upcoming “Sportsperson of the Year” 2019, details will be revealed very soon.

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