200,000 Members of International Church Hold Virtual Prayer Service for Covid-19

After its initial outbreak with a cluster of pneumonia cases at a seafood, poultry and live wildlife market in Wuhan City, China, Covid-19 has spread rapidly across the globe. The virus has hammered economies worldwide and brought devastation to many.

On 16 September Shincheonji Church of Jesus, a church with thousands of members in various countries, held a global online prayer service to pray for the victims of the coronavirus and their families, healthcare workers, government officials and for the complete eradication of and cure for Covid-19.

The virtual prayer service was live-streamed to the entire congregation with more than 200,000 members in countries all over the world participating, including the USA, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

In keeping with social distancing, health protocols and protecting its members from possible exposure to the coronavirus, Shincheonji arranged the virtual gathering for members to pray together in safety and set an example for others. Prayers were mainly for the healing of those infected with the virus, for overworked healthcare workers who are struggling to fight Covid-19, and for people in economic distress in the wake of the pandemic. The overwhelming online participation from its members worldwide showed the desire and urgency to end this virus and for healing and restoration in communities.

The Chairman of Shincheonji Church Mr Manhee Lee suggested this online virtual gathering and said that all believers will continue to pray at the church’s worship services until the complete eradication of the coronavirus. At least 1,700 of the church’s South Korean-based congregation have donated their blood plasma for research around an effective treatment. Convalescent plasma has also showed promise as therapy for Covid-19 and is believed to have reduced the severity of symptoms in critical patients.

“In order to defeat Covid-19, we need to embrace, love, and unite,” as global citizens, the church said. “We wanted to do all we can as believers by praying for the people working to prevent the spread of the virus and healthcare workers who are working at the frontlines of this battle against Covid-19 and we believe that God will answer our earnest prayers.”


COVID crisis brings out best in councils but smaller boroughs need greater homelessness resource

Greater Manchester councils have made a herculean effort to house the homeless during COVID-19.

But smaller areas were far less equipped than cities to deal with rough sleepers – and concerns are that a broken economy could mean more homeless people coming their way.

That is the conclusion of a survey of all 10 local authorities in the region by charity Homeless-Friendly, who are deeply concerned for the health of rough sleepers who are back onto the streets. They are also asking: “With such limited resources, what will happen to the homeless during the next pandemic?”

The good cause posed three questions to local authorities via Freedom of Information requests. They asked what resources councils devoted during the Coronavirus to provide shelter, what attempts they made to reach homeless people during lockdown and whether or not they followed Government Guidelines on housing rough sleepers.

The results showed:
• All 10 had provided additional accommodation including hotels, with Oldham spot-purchasing more if needed, Trafford utilising local B&Bs and Stockport providing 121 units of temporary accommodation with microwaves
• Almost all had a dedicated outreach team, with some visiting “known areas” for homelessness every day and most working with partner agencies to identify and support homeless people
• All followed Government and Greater Manchester guidance with some such as Tameside, holding daily briefings

But while Manchester had long-established links with local charities, a street kitchen, and mobile phones for rough sleepers to use, smaller councils had far less provision.

Homeless-Friendly was formed after concerns about the health of rough sleepers and has engaged hundreds of NHS surgeries, hospital A&E units, hospices, out-of-hours services and businesses.
The Government allocated £3.2 million of additional funding to house the homeless in hotels at the beginning of March. That scheme has now finished. Economic strife is already beginning to bite and fear of catching COVID has prevented homeless people from gaining healthcare.

Dr Chauhan concluded: “There are some pretty dire predictions about how virulent the virus could become during the traditional flu season of October and November. What will happen this time? Will the Government again find additional resource? And even more importantly, what are we doing long-term to solve homelessness? Our charity was forced to ask for donations to put together COVID-19 protection kits for rough sleepers after the Government refused our petition to provide these. In emergency and non-emergency times, they have to do so much better and mirror the kind of dedication showed by Greater Manchester councils.”

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Contagious Covid Comedy – PR Fire

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (June 26, 2020) – KeithFromUpDaBlock’s new comedy album The Covid Theory is an audio visual diary of paranoia, social distancing & activism through a comedic lens. Parodies of Prince, Bill Withers, Dr. Dre, Eminem, MC Hammer, Men With Hats, Lil Nas X & A Tribe Called Quest provide an eclectic blend of funky, soulful, thought provoking, funny jams written, produced & mixed by Keith himself while in isolation due to the Corona Virus Global Pandemic. Keith says “I wanted the album to sound old, tangible, frequently played & classic . I had to make this album because it was the only thing that kept me sane.”

Everything about “The Covid Theory” is executed for levity & insight during this particularly stressful moment in history. On track #4 titled “Forgot About A.I.D.S” he transforms Dr. Dre & Eminem’s Hip Hop masterpiece “Forgot About Dre” into commentary about Police brutality, The Tuskegee Experiment, Racism, Homophobia & parallels between the Covid-19 Global Pandemic of today & The A.I.D.S Epidemic of the 80’s & 90’s. On track #1 titled “Can’t Touch That” he sets his sights on M.C. Hammer’s smash hit “Can’t Touch This” & breaks down the various things you shouldn’t touch & one thing you should touch – The $1200 Stimulus Check. As intelligent as his perspective is, it is also masterful by capturing the original songs cadence & rhyme schemes while interjecting facts & funny punchlines.

This is KeithFromUpDaBlock’s 9th studio album & possibly his best work to date. He is a Philadelphia born Creative & Performing Artist, Producer, Comedian & Arts Educator whose credits include opening for Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, J.B Smoove, Deon Cole, Hosting the popular Philly Music Video Show Urban X-Pressions, Racking up millions of views on Youtube, Vlad TV & Worldstar Hip Hop, Dancing for The Philadelphia 76er’s NBA team, Founding Philadelphia Comedy College along with appearing on The Dr. Phil Show, MTV’s Ridiculousness, VH1 ‘s Undateable, Mindhunter on Netflix & performing a piece he wrote alongside Triumph The Insult Comic Dog on HULU. In January of 2021 he will appear as Frederick Douglas in CNN’s “Lincoln: An American President”

If you would like more information please contact
Vernon K Ruffin Jr. – or (267) 471-2303

The Covid Theory by KeithFromUpDaBlock is now available on all digital download/streaming platforms.
Artist: KeithFromUpDaBlock I Album Title: The Covid Theory I Record Label: Ruffin Vision Records Release Date: May 30, 2020

Amazon Music

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Covid 19 IgG Antibody Testing Available to the Public

Last week, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) asked all private laboratories to pause offering  Covid 19 IgG antibody testing using self-collect finger-prick samples, however, as Paul Harris, Charge Nurse from Blue Horizon Blood Tests explains, “it is still possible to be privately tested for COVID-19“We recognise that government agencies have to ensure the highest standards are being set and maintained. We shall not be offering self-collect finger-prick tests for COVID-19 until the MRHA gives the industry the all clear.
However, we are assured the tests run through our partner laboratory prior to this imposed pause in proceedings were valid. The method used to verify accuracy was by having volunteers donate venous samples and capillary samples (ie finger-prick) at the same time. They tested both these samples and compared the results and found them to be almost exactly the same from a clinical/statistical point of view. This is a well recognised practice in laboratories and is known as validation – in essence ensuring that the test being offered is as accurate as claimed.
This has been forwarded to the MHRA and are confident in the outcome.While the approach is under review, we are offering the same validated IgG test on samples collected from a vein – and have adjusted our test kits accordingly. Anyone trained in phlebotomy (blood taking) can use our Vacutainer Covid-19 test kits to take a venous blood sample which will be sent into our partner laboratory for analysis using an immunoassay kit from a PHE approved manufacturer.

More details are available at

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Pierce offers advice to businesses as cyber criminals find new ways to exploit the Covid 19 crisis

Security experts warn that the emergence of Covid 19 related phishing scams is the worst they’ve seen in years; the tactics employed by cyber criminals have become increasingly sophisticated, and play on the confusion around government guidelines, in order to defraud businesses.

Lancashire based business advisory and accountancy group Pierce has published a series of articles to help guide businesses through the legislation, so that they can get the help they need to survive during these difficult times.

Lisa Kennery (Director) said “Pierce has been putting clients first for nearly 100 years. We feel that right now, it’s more important than ever to share our knowledge and expertise to help businesses to get through the current challenges.

“The underhanded tactics employed by cyber criminals play on confusion and fear. So, we are working to equip businesses with the knowledge they need.”

What is phishing?

Simply put, phishing is any fraudulent form of communication that attempts to persuade you to divulge sensitive data, that criminals can then use for financial gain.

Pierce has published a guide to some of the most recent phishing scams, and warning signs to look out for, to make it easier for you to protect yourself and your business.

Get the most up to date guidance

As government guidelines have been updated, and more information has become available, Pierce has continued to publish updated advice to reflect the evolving situation. Businesses can find advice and guidance on the website.



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Scottish tech firm set to transform the post COVID workplace

Keystone, a leading workplace technology company, has created a unique Return-to-Work solution which addresses the global demand for safe and productive Post COVID workplaces.

STIRLING, SCOTLAND, June 2020. Keystone, a leading provider of workplace technology, announces the launch of its Return-to-Work technology solution and is already experiencing significant demand from organisations around the world.

The solution combines 24×7 real time monitoring of client workspaces using innovative IoT sensors with advanced data science powered by artificial neural networks. This unique capability enables, for the first time, managers to configure the solution to meet their post COVID workplace policies and guidelines, monitor over 74 data points in real time (including occupancy, social distancing, air quality and environmental quality) and receive real time ‘breach’ alerts and automated risk level updates.

By deploying the solution, companies can provide a safe and productive workplace for employees during the return to work, re-configure office layouts based on real time occupancy and utilisation data, monitor workplace compliance to guidance and standards 24×7 and in real time, receive breach alerts (e.g. if employees breach the social distance rule for more than a pre-set period), log incidents and manage preventative tasks and report on the Return to Work program effectiveness.

By working with world leading academics and data science teams, Keystone will shortly be adding predictive capabilities which will proactively alert office managers to future risks or potential breaches of policy or guidelines, with recommendations on avoidance strategies.

Keystone is the technology division of Key Facilities Management, one of the pioneers of the facility management sector. To respond to significant client demand for effective tools to help businesses return to the workplace after the coronavirus pandemic, the team at Keystone has rapidly re-configured its existing FM+ and Workplace+ technology products to provide a low cost, quick to implement and proven Return to Work solution that uniquely provides complete coverage of the entire workplace, 24×7 and in real time.

Gordon Mitchell, Keystone’s CIO commented: “For responsible employers, the COVID pandemic has accelerated the importance of providing safe, healthy, adaptive and productive workplaces. Our unique combination of advanced data science, best of breed sensing capabilities and world leading expertise in facility management is the reason our Keystone solution is in such demand”.

About Keystone
Keystone is the technology division of Key Facilities Management, pioneers of the £1.2tn facility management industry. Headquartered near Stirling in Central Scotland, Keystone’s cloud based technology enables organisations to gain real time visibility and centralised control of entire workplace. The technology powers smart buildings connected estates and smart cities using a combination of innovative sensing capabilities and advanced data science. Keystone partners with leading academic organisations, innovative IoT sensor providers and facility managers to continually deliver value to an international client base. As a recognised pioneer of workplace technology, Keystone’s founder Gordon Mitchell is involved in the development of international standards and adoption of technology in the workplace.

Gordon Mitchell, Founder & CIO, Keystone


+44 (0) 1786 841603
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London art dealers in Canary Wharf to go virtual because of Covid 19

Many across the world are waiting for their offices to open up so they can return back to one.  But one Canary Wharf based art dealers, ME Art, have made the decision to abandon its immediate plans to open a physical art gallery in Canary Wharf all-together to focus on building and growing digitally.

The boutique dealers, which have a niche in selling unique and exceptional investment-grade artwork of British contemporary, post-war and street artists, like William Gear, Alan Davie and Endless. They made the bold call to go virtual in light of Covid 19, upon realising the lockdown has had little impact on sales, despite the inability to physically see clients and display artwork to them in-person.

Me Art launched with a gallery in 2017 located in Beckenham, South East of England. Given the majority of their client base were located in London, they decided in late 2018 to close the gallery and relocate to an office in Canary Wharf. The strategy was always to open a physical gallery in the city in 2020, whereby prospective and existing clients could come and view artworks and meet with their dealers in person. However, the lockdown has made them aware that this is no longer necessary right away.

Talking about the move, Joseph Lewis, the owner and Director of Me Art, said: “A decade ago the concept of a digital-only art dealership would not be technologically feasible nor accepted by our clients and prospects. However, with the emergence of high quality video conferencing as well as technologies such as augmented reality, we feel incredibly confident that we can replicate the standards and experience people get visiting a physical gallery, online. This is the game changer.”

He later added: The impact of Coronavirus on businesses is going to be felt for a long time across industries, even once lockdown has been lifted. The good news for us is that art buyers will now be more open to digital experiences, buying and viewing perspective art purchases online – from the comfort of their own sofa, using their mobile phone, or even augmented reality goggles!”

Me Art plans to start building a range of virtual services from the second half of this year, such as a virtual and fully  configurable gallery.

In the meantime you can see their art collection at: 

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Plumbing and Heating company in Essex continues to operate through Covid 19

Since the 23rd March the country has been on lock down, but some business are still operating and putting there clients needs 1st  regardless of the safety issues their engineers maybe encountering.

Into Plumbing and Heating are one of these such companies operating in Essex. They have continued to keep Essex residents with Heating, Hot water and dealing with any Plumbing issues they may have.  With out companies like this some people would of found it difficult possibly having no ways to get clean water if a leak presents it self and the only way to stop is to turn the mains stop cock of leaving them with nothing.

Owner Darren Dimmick made the comment stating ” we have tried to deal with every emergency and every job that has come in, to ensure the residents of Essex can continue their isolation knowing their plumbing and heating is in good hands”.

Dealing with Emergencies 24/7, Into Plumbing and Heating will continue to provide their full portfolio of services for as long as their employees are willing to continue to work.  Supplied with full PPE including Masks and Gloves to ensure not only their own health is protected but the clients are also protected.

For more information on the services the offer please visit

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As a nation, we are growing smarter about asking the hard questions each time that a vague, new, and potentially hazardous situation emerges in the news. The matters of official concealment that was eventually discovered about the contaminated drinking water supply at Flint, Michigan, was a teaching moment for many of us. Currently we are ensnared in a national virus story that still hasn’t given up all the details it holds about delays and failed concealment attempts that may or may not have played out. But another story was still evolving about a contaminated military base in Alabama, prior to these other news events that the public is now familiar with. The former soldiers who were stationed at the base, are still working to get that story fully told. Meanwhile, the official story line in Alabama remains entrenched in secrecy, denial, and a wall of silence.

Fort McClellan, Alabama was a former, federalized Army base that served as a military school complex. The base was divided into three important organizational sectors spanning its several years of operations. The three main organizations consisted of the former Women’s Army Corps; the Army Chemical Corps School; and the Military Police School. The veterans from the base have compiled an impressive cache of papers over the years that firmly supports their belief that the base was a multiple environmental spill zone, and that the Army worked to conceal it when the toxic sites were active.

Between the 1940s and 1998, when the base was formally closed by the BRAC agency, Fort McClellan endured as many as ten significant environmental spill sites that were sprawled out across four different property locations. These locations were owned or operated by Fort McClellan at the time, and included Pelham Range, the Anniston Army Depot, and the main grounds of the base itself. Newly discovered papers strongly suggest that the former base was used as a remote test location by a former military experiments command which was previously located in Edgewood, Maryland and Fort Detrick, Maryland. The military experiments were conducted both indoors and outdoors at various and often unnamed locations, and the veterans group believes Fort McClellan is one of them.  Because many of the tests were done outdoors and involved the use of chemical warfare weapons, both the volunteers and the innocent bystanders on the base as well were likely exposed to toxic open air releases and residual contaminated soil sites.

Not all of the environmental spill sites were allegedly tied to the military chemical weapons tests. One site was a former Monsanto chemical factory in downtown Anniston, Alabama where the soldiers travelled into while using authorized gate passes. Another site was a (TCE) chemical spill at Anniston Army Depot that was caused by the mishandling of runoff detergents that came from the facility into a nearby stream.

One of the more telling documents from Fort McClellan has revealed that the Army hospital had secretly established a cancer tumor health registry for the soldier medical patients at the time, and then never reported it out in any of the coordinated environmental reports that were done by Aberdeen, Maryland in the years thereafter. Nearly 3,000 pages of evidence papers have been compiled by the veterans now to support their claims of toxic exposures from the National Archives, vintage press articles, the Alabama Archives of Anniston Library, the BRAC agency archives on the Fort McClellan closure, and environmental engineering reports from both the military and the Environmental Protection Agency. The hospital records are not a match to the environmental reports. The tumor health registry was kept secret from the rest of the base.

In 2015, the veterans held a series of meetings for over a year with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs in Washington DC. Only part of their evidence papers had been compiled at that time. The effort failed and resulted in the VA posting a deliberately false web page on the agency’s website denying there were any toxic exposures to the veterans at Fort McClellan. The web page uses the wrong evidence reports and omits the critical exposure pathways reports that were issued by the environmental site engineers confirming toxic exposures to humans. Critical papers that were created as a result of remedial cleanup projects for toxic sites, are also omitted from the false VA web page.

The veterans group, known as the Toxic Exposure Army Veterans of Fort McClellan, have been working through personal meetings at the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee in Washington DC to obtain an authorization letter from them to be sent to the GAO Office to launch a new investigative report on the Fort McClellan matter. “We have asked the Committee to explore the hard legal questions of whether or not there were civil rights violations to our veterans, and whether or not there were breaches of EPA policy law that advises against the mistake of congregating multiple environmental toxic sources to emerge or languish at a single location,” said Sue Frasier who is the main activist for the group. Additionally, the veterans have been working through other meetings at the Washington office of Congressman Paul Tonko (NY) in an effort to have him sponsor three legislation bills in their name to increase their service recognition at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Both efforts are still a work in progress. “We are also talking to Senator Chris Van Hollen’s office from the state of Maryland, and his office does graciously meet with us. This makes it easier for us to share critical, declassified information with the state that they may wish to know about, as we move towards the goals of our remedy plan for the veterans,” said Frasier.

In sharp contradiction to the open doors that have been available to the veterans at these other offices, the authorities in Alabama have been obstinate, difficult, and rude. Senator Doug Jones, Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator Richard Shelby, and Congressman Mike Rogers have all taken their turns with refusing to even meet with the veterans, or to show any interest in helping their legislative cause. Frasier said, “Numerous outreach attempts have been extended to them and failed”.The veteran’s group has taken the position that Alabama is orchestrating some kind of a concealment plan to not recognize their health conditions, which they say are a genuine outcome of the outdoors field experiments that were secretly done at Fort McClellan.

The three proposed legislative bills that are under consideration by Rep. Tonko, are to create an accelerated review process at the VA for the Fort McClellan service disability claims. The VA has been using a clerical workforce as disability rating reviewers who have no medical or legal academic standards imposed upon them. It was also discovered that the VA has not been using licensed environmental health doctors in the exam reviews for toxic exposure medical patients.

A]. Here is a 2012 article about a direct test volunteer who was in the Maryland battery of tests that were similar to the outdoors version that was conducted at Fort McClellan. Edgewood was masterminding the test series at various other military locations including McClellan Army base.

B]. Here is a 2015 article that also describes the same battery of experiments that were done at the Maryland facility as described in A]. The Fort McClellan Veterans story has to do with outside bystanders who were not direct volunteers in these tests, even though the tests were nearly the exact same as those conducted at the Edgewood base (according to evidence papers).

C]. This is a 2016 article about another battery of tests that was conducted by Fort Detrick, MD and not by Edgewood. These tests were also duplicated at Fort McClellan, Alabama and have implicated the bystander veterans for a range of years thereafter.

D]. This final LINK will take you into a collection of vintage press articles that firmly establishes Fort McClellan as a former military experiments site for Edgewood and Fort Detrick, MD.

The medical patient veterans who make up the national stakeholder’s group of Toxic Exposure Army Veterans of Fort McClellan, are from all branches of service. The group was started in 2003 and has been working tirelessly at various points in Washington DC to overcome the process obstacles that are posed to us at the VA agency. Army veteran, Sue Frasier, is the founder of the group and works in meetings across Capitol Hill to advocate for their cause. Most of the veterans have returned back to their home states and don’t live in Alabama. Because of our age group, many of the veterans do not have the necessary computer skills to place them online. Those few who can be found, are organized on our Facebook page and through email chains. Our numbers are far greater offline than what we have located online. The pre-screening effort is accomplished by asking the veterans to review health science papers that are matched to the known toxic sources from Fort McClellan. This is to determine if they are a medical match for VA processing purposes. Most of the veterans are fully diagnosed at this stage of their lives, and many are already getting treated inside the VA Hospital system. Others have not yet been told about the contamination zone and are still getting treated in private care, but without this important medical information made available to them.

Sue Frasier, National Activist (Army 1970)
Toxic Exposure Army Veterans of Fort McClellan
129 Green Street
Albany, New York 12202
518-813-4087 home/landline

Staff for Congressman Tonko’s Office: JEFF MORGAN

Staff for Ranking Minority at Senate Veterans Committee: J.C. HENRY AND BILL VAN SAUN

Staff for Majority Chairman at Senate Veterans Committee: ASHER ALLMAN AND MARK CROWLEY.


1. Please do not develop this story as a personal illness feature story. It does not bring any help to our cause, and the reading audience has no filter about what the health conditions are that would establish the veterans as (likely) toxic exposure cases. Please keep this story focused on the newly discovered matter that Fort McClellan was a military experiment extension of Edgewood, Maryland.

2. Please do NOT use old and prior news stories on our Fort McClellan Veterans matter and merge it in with this new and updated release. Other news reports are known to be holding false information about our cause. They may also be featuring veterans who are NOT a medical match to the known list of environmental toxic sources that are defined for Fort McClellan service. Not all health conditions are covered by this environmental situation. Reporters are cautioned to not approach just any McClellan service veteran for a comment who also happens to have just any medical condition. For VA purposes, we are required to be matched up by health conditions to the toxic sources that are documented at McClellan.

3. Please do not ask us questions about population size. This is a question for the federal agencies and not for a medical patient group. We are not organized to take on the role of the federal agencies.

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Covid Marketing – Maintaining & Building your Brand during Covid-19

David Blackburn, founder of providing businesses with FIVE Agency quotes for FREE, talks about your brand, how you have invested in it, and how you can maintain and build your brand as we fight to survive Covid-19.

Recession, down turn, global disaster of unprecedented magnitude. Call it what you will, Covid-19 has affected every business in the UK. Some may never recover, many will return, the lucky will reassess and change. So, now is the time to look at your brand and ensure it is strong while you are deciding what the future of your business is, and how you will come out of this when the all-clear sounds.

Here are a few tips on how you can use the brand to implement change in your business.

If you are a savvy business owner, by now you will have assessed the risk to your business. Is it terminal? A casualty. Or walking wounded? Regardless of the outcome you have brand value in that business which says a lot about it and about you. When customers connect emotively – because they share the same values and beliefs as the brand – it leads to higher sales, better brand differentiation, and brand retention, encouraging loyalty. So, it your business is recoverable, that brand value is important. If you are planning to diversify, the brand values in your terminal business may be transferable. So, all the good-will and hard work that you have put into your will carry your business forward, or launce your new business if you get it right.

Define Your Brand
Review the product or service your business offers. Where in the market does it sit? Pinpoint the space in the market it occupies and research the emotive and rational needs and concerns of your customers. Your brand character should promote your business, connect with your customer base and differentiate you in the market.

Your Brand is Alive
Every brand is individual with a character made up of beliefs, values and purposes that define what that brand is and how we connect with it. It is just not just a logo. It has a personality that determines how it is seen, how the business behaves and how our customers interact with it. Like our own personal brand, how we react in certain situations, how we dress and what we say. Of course, for people it’s intuitive and it’s rare that you even consider what your own character is. But when you’re building a brand it’s vital to have that understanding. What makes your brand tick, and how do your customers view it.

Revisit your Value Proposition
Regardless of the future of your business, be positive and plan for a relaunch when the Covid-19 pandemic is under control. While your brand expertise may not change in a recession, the value proposition for the brand may need a tune-up. This is a good time to look at your most satisfied customers and understand hidden benefits of your brand that you may not have focused on. Are you an affordable luxury? Does your service help reduce the cost of a major investment? Follow the clues to see if you can uncover how best to talk about your offering in a recessionary environment.

Invest in your Customers
During this pandemic is an important time to invest in your most valuable customers, weather you are trading or not. If you have conducted a customer lifetime ‘value analysis’ you’ll know that your most profitable customers are extremely expensive to replace. Instead of losing them to a competitor after Covid-19, talk to them about the future of your business and how you look forward to working with them again. Aim to build long-term relationships with your customers. Ask – How can you repay their loyalty? Improve loyalty programs, offering education, training or new experiences or better access to your brand can all increase loyalty. Don’t dress up your offering and raise expectations that result in broken promises, create trust with honest branding – be clear who your company is and be true to the values that drive it every day.

Invest in your Staff
Invest in your best employees. If your employees fear for their jobs, you’ll lose the best ones first. Your top employees are most likely to have the best offers to jump ship. If you are forced to reduce headcount, use some of the savings for raises or retention bonuses for the survivors, who will inevitably have to take on more work. Or invest in education, cross-functional training or other valuable perks for your best employees.

Look for Opportunities
A business down turn like the Covid-19 pandemic, can be the best time to launch a new brand or venture because the competition is less intense. Consumers will still respond to value and marketers may find bargains to be had when advertising or promoting new offerings. Brands can also launch new offerings to smaller customer segments and grow these new businesses gradually with less fear of knockoffs. Big brands are encumbered by large layers of bureaucracy, preventing them from being flexible and reacting to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Those layers of decision-makers can make it hard for them to be daring with their branding. You can be innovative, bold and daring – stand for something you believe in.

Use the Lull
If business slows down for your brand, use that lull to innovate. Experiment with a new delivery method, creative packaging or different service options. Consider ‘quick fail’ iterative approaches in test markets as a way to gauge what you consumers will respond to. Try to pursue projects that you’ve wanted to do but were too busy to consider.

Develop your own distinctive identity. There is a big consumer trend towards independent establishments, and several chains are in fact trying to mimic an independent feel to capture some of that market. Truly independent operators can leverage their status to attract customers who are looking for something more original and authentic, that aligns with how they feel about themselves.

Strong brands burdened with financial weaknesses like inadequate cash reserves, a bad debt structure, mismanagement or inflexible cost structures may be good acquisition targets. Your brand can acquire new technology, patents, market segments or even complementary brands in a recession that would be unavailable or unaffordable during an expansion.

If you’ve carefully evaluated the market and understand how your customers are reacting to the recession, consider expanding. Brands who grow in a recession tend to consolidate those gains afterwards.

Have Pride
Always consider your branding when communicating with customers. Don’t lose your pride or dilute your brand positioning with indiscriminate discounting. Try offering more, rather than slashing prices. Promotions are an opportunity to reinforce your brand mission.

Written by: David Blackburn, founder of Marketing Quotes, providing businesses with FIVE Agency Quotes for FREE. E: support@ Written by: David Blackburn, founder of Marketing Quotes, providing businesses with FIVE Agency Quotes for FREE. E:

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