Hawaii-based tech entrepreneur back at it with a real estate start up in the face (mask) of COVID-19

● New, disruptive, online real estate website
● Thousands of virtual 3D tours to help in the times of COVID-19
● Website is Buyer and Seller focused vs most Agent-focused websites
● “Smart Price” algorithm uses public data points to suggest fair market prices

July 31, 2020

Jeff Berzolla, founder of the largest vacation rental tech company in Hawaii, has started a new online real estate company called Frustrated by the lack of information he was able to find when trying to buy a home on Maui, Berzolla set about to solve the problem.

“Every day, people make the largest financial decision of their life – buying and selling a home – without good, unbiased information. At, we bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the real estate industry – exposing essential, hard-to-find data and hyper-current market conditions. These tools help our users make educated buying and selling decisions.” collects as much data as possible about each property and is not just a regurgitation of the MLS. The site is fast, mobile-friendly, displays county assessed values for properties and recommends a Smart Price for each home, condo or parcel of vacant land based on recent comparable sales and the difference between those recent sales and county assessed values.

COVID-19 has seen an increase in online real estate searches and Video/3D tours are more coveted than ever. Most websites do not have 3D tours nor the ability to filter to show only these properties. Nalula offers users the ability to easily search for their dream property and currently has over 3000 listings with 3D tours. The site also boasts 17 filters, 9 sort functions and over 200 data points for each property.

Nalula’s Smart Price offers customers an alternative to Zillow’s Zestimate. “In doing my research, I concluded that most sites are focused on enriching real estate agents, rather than helping buyers and sellers make fair deals. I find it very misleading that Zillow’s Zestimate instantly changes when a property is listed for sale. I want our customers to know that data drives our Smart Price and we are going to constantly work to make our Smart Price smarter with each iteration of our technology.” Berzolla said.

Nalula launched its beta website in Hawaii in July 2020 and plans to expand nationwide by the end of the year.

About Nalula

Everyday people make the largest financial decision of their life – buying and selling a home – without the necessary information to determine if they’re paying or receiving a fair price.

At Nalula, we strive to bring transparency to the real estate industry – exposing essential data and current market conditions – so you can make an educated buying or selling decision.

Media Contact: Jeff Berzolla
Phone: 1.808.351.5713

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Award-winning Cambridge company to pioneer radical new Covid-19 test

Thumbs-up for DiagNodus as company receives highly competitive Innovate UK grant

DiagNodus Ltd, a Cambridge biomedical company based at Babraham Research Campus, has received a prestigious grant from Innovate UK to help it develop a radical new test for Covid-19 using anal swabs. DiagNodus expects its new test to be more accurate than the model currently in use, which is based on collecting material from the nose and throat.

Dr. Alex Loktionov, CEO and Scientific Director of DiagNodus, commented: “recent peer-reviewed studies ( have shown that the virus remains in the bowel for longer than it does elsewhere in the body. Therefore, if we develop a test that spots it in bowel material, using our already proven diagnostic approach, we can trace the disease in patients who might otherwise have tested negative, but are in fact carriers of Covid-19. This can also protect from infection medical professionals performing gastrointestinal and colorectal procedures, and I am delighted that Innovate UK will be helping us take this project forward”.

Hard at work: A DiagNodus scientist doing her bit in the battle against Covid-19

The recent funding boost is the latest in a series of positive developments for DiagNodus. Earlier this year, the company’s innovative research on detecting bowel cancer was featured in the British Journal of Cancer, one of the world’s top medical publications ( The company has also launched an ambitious strategic partnership with St. George’s Hospital, a leading London NHS trust, as well as strengthening its Board with a new director tasked with commercialising its products and drawing in investment. This builds on an impressive track record in recent years, which have seen the company gain two granted patents, while the European Commission has recognised the work of DiagNodus with a prestigious Seal of Excellence. DiagNodus will announce a major fundraising round in the coming weeks.

For more information on DiagNodus, please see or follow @Diagnodus on Twitter.

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RainmakerThinking has released a new study based on survey data they collected from more than 10,000 working adults in 84 different organizations and of 37 different nationalities during the ten years between the Great Recession to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

New Haven, CT, July 9, 2020—Overcommitment and work relationship conflict were the top two challenges facing workers between March 2010 and March 2020, according to a new study just released by RainmakerThinking, Inc.

This is the latest from RainmakerThinking’s workplace research, ongoing since 1993, which includes data collected from more than 500,000 individuals from more than 400 organizations, and is the basis of numerous studies, hundreds of articles, and 21 books. Their research on the intersection of overcommitment syndrome and relationship conflict at work—and how the most effective people solve that conundrum—is the basis of Tulgan’s new book, THE ART OF BEING INDISPENSABLE AT WORK: Win Influence, Beat Overcommitment, and Get the Right Things Done, to be published by Harvard Business Review Press in July.

In this new study, RainmakerThinking examined open ended response data collected between March 2010 (the end of the Great Recession) and March 2020 (the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic) in response to the question, “What is the most difficult challenge you face when it comes to doing your job?”

56% of respondents cited some form of overcommitment

48% cited some form of workplace relationship conflict

31% mentioned both overcommitment and workplace relationship conflict

73% mentioned at least one or both factors; only 27% mentioned neither

These numbers remained surprisingly consistent across a wide range of employees in various roles and levels in organizations of different shapes and sizes and industries.

Tulgan says, “These deeply intertwined problems of overcommitment and relationship conflict have been rising to the top, not just in this study, but in all of our research, training and consulting, more and more, over the last ten years. My search for solutions led me over and over to people who remain consistently in great demand without succumbing to overcommitment syndrome, those I refer to as ‘go-to people.’ I kept trying to figure out, ‘How do they do that?’ Figuring out how these real ‘go-to people’ stand the test of time is what led me ultimately to write the new book.”

“It is a constant theme in business, but especially since the Great Recession, organizations have been determined to get more and more work out of every employee,” Tulgan says. “Organizations have not only steadily increased everybody’s individual workload, but they have also been streamlining work by pushing increased collaboration. That means everybody is dealing with a lot more people—and all these people are almost always making requests of each other.”

What Tulgan saw, again and again, was a tendency for people—trying to be good team players and prove their value—to manage these relationships by overcommitting themselves, saying “yes” to every new ask or project, even if they didn’t have the bandwidth. Even before the Pandemic hit, when unemployment was at record lows, most employees didn’t want to give the impression they were not pulling their weight. Says Tulgan, “That is doubly true now, with so many people so worried about their job security.”

“The irony is that people who allow themselves to become overcommitted end up either dropping balls and letting people down or start to suffer from what I call ‘siege mentality’ and start hiding from everyone and everything at work. Either way, their overcommitment ends up causing conflict in their work relationships.”

The go-to people Tulgan has studied, whose way of thinking and conducting themselves form the basis of his new book, are not just “yes” people. “The reason why people ‘go to’ them over and over again is not that they say yes to everyone and everything. Rather, they play a longer game of service,” Tulgan says. These go-to people serve others more and better, add more value for more people consistently over time, and thus are the most relied upon by their peers. How? By pacing themselves, slowing down to make sure they do the right things in the right order for the right reasons, every step of the way.

Says Tulgan, “These go-to people realize that, if you are truly committed to service, you don’t burn yourself out because then you will be of no service to anyone, at least for some period of time. In fact, you will likely require the services of others.”

How do you make yourself truly indispensable at work in the post-pandemic world? Says Tulgan, “The way to add the most value for the most people consistently over time is to play the long game of service, one moment at a time. That is how you beat overcommitment, avoid relationship conflict, and win real influence so that everybody wants to work with you and nobody would want to work without you. That’s what the book is all about.”

Learn more about RainmakerThinking’s ten year study and their findings on their website.

Bruce Tulgan’s The Art of Being Indispensable at Work is due for release July 21, 2020 from Harvard Business Review Press and available for pre-order now from all major booksellers.

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The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Removes “Margin Killers” in the Post COVID-19 Economy

The USMCA will support mutually beneficial trade leading to freer markets, fairer trade, and robust economic growth in North America. It will also brings lucrative opportunities to boost cross-border e-commerce.

WASHINGTON– Mexico and Canada are the top two export destinations for U.S. Small and Medium-Enterprises goods. In 2016 (latest data available), 82,000 U.S. small and medium sized businesses exported $51.2 billion in goods to Canada, and 53,000 U.S. small and medium businesses exported $76.2 billion in goods to Mexico.

Now, for the first time in a U.S. trade agreement, the USMCA includes a dedicated chapter on SMEs, as well as other key provisions supporting small and medium-sized businesses throughout the agreement.

In recognition that digital trade represents enormous value to the U.S. economy and plays a critical role in fostering economic growth and innovation, the USMCA includes a first-of-its-kind chapter on digital trade that contains the strongest commitments of any international agreement.

Entrepreneurs on both sides of the Mexican border are working with their State Government agencies to level up their digital efforts for exportation and distribution without having to rely on a supply chain organized by brokers that exhaust profit margins. These “margin killers” are facing extinction as entrepreneurs are understanding the opportunities being afforded to them under USMCA.

“In today’s market conditions, we have to work to create win-win opportunities for all. The brokers that have historically taken advantage of exporters, and inflated market prices, will have a hard time doing so in the post COVID-19 economy under the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The United States Business Association of E-Commerce will work to support mutually beneficial trade leading to freer markets, fairer trade, and robust economic growth in North America” said Tayde Aburto, CEO of the USBAEC.

Businesses interested in promoting their products and services online and leveraging the benefits of the USMCA can join the Exporters/Importers marketplace

About the United States Business Association of E-Commerce:

The United States Business Association of E-Commerce is an online business association connecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with domestic and global buyers and leveraging an online platform to help businesses compete more effectively in the digital economy.

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Leading LTC Data and Service Organizations Partner to Deliver.

Brick Township, NJ, June 19, 2020: Five organizations that serve Long Term Care facilities have teamed up to create Tracking-19, a free resource that helps nursing homes to manage the exponential increase in the number of COVID-19 related requirements. SNF Metrics, SHOPP, PRIME SOURCE, Zimmet Healthcare, and People Powered Nursing created Tracking-19 and the associated app that fills a desperate need for reliable and efficient infection tracking and reporting for both residents and employees. The app also helps nursing homes meet continually changing reporting expectations by government bodies like the CDC, and State and County Health Officials. The benefits beyond COVID-19 will be the ability to track signs and symptoms for residents to get ahead of infection outbreaks.

“Long term care facilities have their hands full during the pandemic caring for residents and ensuring their employees are healthy and safe.” said Ken Berger, President & COO of SNF Metrics. “Add to this, the new reporting demands and employee testing requirements. This puts an impossible strain on LTC organizations already struggling to cope with the toll this virus has taken on the industry.”

The complimentary app offered on takes the guesswork out of employee and resident COVID-19 testing, tracking and reporting. Facilities can easily use the app to input line listing and employee testing data from any department or any facility. The app, updated daily, will always have the latest reporting requests and formatting so facilities can devote more time to resident care and employee safety and not struggle with version control, time-consuming duplication, manual tracking and careless errors as a result of unimaginable workloads.

“This gives all parties the confidence to win in this pandemic,” said Michael Greenfield, CEO of PRIME SOURCE. “Residents are getting the best care, employees know they are working in a safe environment with reduced risk of infection to themselves or the residents they care for, our government partners are getting the data they need, residents’ families feel relieved their loved ones are in good hands and the facility operators have the right data to know they are running their organizations in the best way possible under unimaginable circumstances.”

Country-wide, long term care facilities face steep financial penalties, and could face permanent closure of their facilities if they are not able to comply with the changing government reporting demands.

Tracking-19 is available now and is free to facility operators in the USA. Visit

Tracking-19 is the result of expert collaboration between five industry-leading private companies:
The Society for Healthcare Organization Procurement Professionals
People Powered Nursing
Prime Source
SNF Metrics
Zimmet Healthcare Services Group

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● Researchers highlight COVID-19 threat posed by traditionally-equipped bathrooms
● British-manufactured toilet has been proved to reduce airborne germs by 95%
● Protection from infectious disease a key concern as economy restarts

Laindon, Essex, UK, 18 June 2020: The hygienic, water-saving, UK-manufactured toilet Propelair® is fighting the spread of COVID-19 – and saving water – in offices, service stations and restaurants as the nation bounces back from lockdown.

Propelair’s patented toilet technology suppresses airborne germs, saves water and limits carbon emissions. Propelair is working with businesses eager to curb the washroom infection risk caused by their obsolete conventional flush systems.

Scientific research published this week in Physics of Fluids found that standard toilets produce a “massive upward transport of virus particles … with 40%–60% of particles reaching above the toilet seat, leading to large-scale virus spread” when flushed. The authors added: “Blocking the path of faecal–oral transmission, which occurs commonly in toilet usage, is of fundamental importance in suppressing the spread of viruses” such as SARS-CoV-2, the strain of coronavirus that causes current pandemic.

Using just 1.5 litres of water and a high-speed jet of air, Propelair leaves the pan super-clean with one no-touch flush. Its distinctive air-sealed action locks aerosolised germs and with its SteriTouch® handle, minimises infection risk. A study by the Centre for Research into Environment and Health (CREH) found Propelair reduced aerosolised bacteria by 95%.

David Hollander, CEO, Propelair and former Dyson Managing Director, said: “As people return to their workplace, responsible employers are upping their guard against airborne germs, especially in the loo. As their businesses recover, they’re looking for new clean, safe technology that doesn’t – literally and figuratively – doesn’t cost the earth.”

Phoenix Product Development Limited, which trades as Propelair, is currently raising funds from both new and current investors, to boost sales, expand into new markets and add further services and innovations.

With more than 3,600 Propelair units installed in the UK and South Africa, the company’s new management team is talking to organisations about over 40,000 toilets in the UK and South Africa and will be targeting water-stressed Australia and countries in the Middle East. Following earlier investments by Investec and Earth Capital Partners, Propelair is developing innovations such as IOT connectivity to enable customers to measure water performance and utilise a zero-capital service offering.

Propelair has won numerous industry certifications and standards and was awarded the prestigious European Horizon2020 grant in 2017 to develop new innovations.

● Photos of the management team and Propelair toilet are available from Allerton, below.

Media enquiries:
Allerton Communications
Peter Curtain +44 (0) 3633 1730 / +44 (0) 7733 301 707

Further information:

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COVID-19: Equipment Solutions for Sterile Offices – Glass Keyboards

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become more important than ever to maintain a hygienic work environment. The importance of sterilising high contact areas like door handles has been emphasised and this also applies to office equipment like desks, the computer mouse and especially the keyboard. With reports that bacteria and viruses can survive on non-porous surfaces like plastic for up to 72 hours the need to disinfect office equipment is more important than ever- especially if you are working in an environment where multiple people use the same equipment throughout the day.

If you’re not convinced, one study by researchers at the University of Arizona found that shockingly, the average desktop keyboard contained traces of bacteria, 400 times greater than that of a standard toilet seat. You can find out more about that same study, here.

How has COVID-19 changed the traditional office?

There is no clear precedent for what offices will look like after the pandemic is over. There are some who believe that both open plan spaces and crammed cubicles are a thing of the past with new emphasis being placed on technological and digital solutions that make social distancing and cleaning much easier. Some suggesting one-way systems and socially distanced desks that help employees feel safer. There is also more attention being given to the possibility of mobile or flexible working which may lead to more home offices.

With safety measures like infrared temperature checkers at the entrance to buildings as well as staggered arrivals and remote meetings, it is clear that there is already a shift in what it means to work safely in an office environment with a direct emphasis on employee safety when it comes to COVID-19 and any other diseases. It is clear that the old office equipment may not be suited to this “new world” and other solutions like the anti-bacterial and anti-virus glass keyboard.

Plastic keyboards in the modern office- what is the problem?

The traditional plastic keyboards that are found in offices across the country are not suitable for the type of sterilisation needed to effectively remove bacteria and viruses from the surface. The gaps between keys do not allow the kind of all over protection provided by a disinfectant spray or being washed in hot water. If you were to try, the keyboard itself would be damaged and would likely stop working. This is also a problem with the traditional computer mouse or trackpad. The numerous components of the traditional desktop computer- usually all made of plastic- are difficult to disinfect without damaging the hardware.

What are the solutions?

It is clear that the plastic office devices need to be a thing of the past, especially considering the danger that COVID-19 poses to office environments. The solution appears to be a total design rehaul. Changing the structure and material of the keyboard to ensure it can be easily disinfected. The use of Glass Keyboards in the medical fields- especially as keyboards for laboratories and cleanrooms- can offer a simple solution to this issue. As well as keeping keyboard-sharing to a minimum, the use of wipeable keyboards also allows the equipment to be easily and effectively sterilised without worrying about internal damage.

The anti-bacterial and anti-viral keyboards have a smooth, hygienic glass surface that allows the keyboard itself to be wiped clean with various sanitisers and disinfectants or even placed completely in a dishwasher in a similar way to other medical equipment. The lack of gaps or crevices between the keys mean that the liquid can’t touch the delicate technology inside and ensures that the keyboard will still function, even after being totally submerged in water.

It is also clear that another solution is to streamline the office devices in order to reduce the possible surface area for bacteria to remain on. This is also why some devices like this one have a function that turns the keypad into a mouse touchpad with a simple keyboard shortcut. If the touchpad is a part of the hygienic keyboard, it can be sterilised much easier and condenses the traditional office devices into one, compact and easy to clean solution.

Glass Keyboards like the one offered by Cleanroom Supplies are a key change that may help make using your technology safer- whether that is at home or at work. This video demonstrates how easy the wipeable keyboard is to sanitise, its sleek design and different functions as well as it’s superiority compared to the traditional plastic keyboard. It also shows the universal suitability of the device for any environment, the hygienic keyboard would not look out of place in a dentist or doctor’s office as it makes it easier to provide safe treatment whilst recording patient information. It is also appropriate for other highly sterile environments like laboratories or cleanrooms as well as a germ-conscious office.

Is this solution for me?

The idea that glass keyboards are only keyboards for cleanrooms or laboratories is a myth. The importance of sterile office equipment cannot be overstated in the current environment especially as people are beginning to return to work after isolating for long periods of time. The clean wipe, glass keyboard is compatible with anyone’s hand, even if they are wearing medical gloves or if their hands are still wet.

Not only is the glass surface safer, it is also more stylish. With an ergonomic design that allows anyone to cut down on clunky plastic, the LED backlight makes typing in darker conditions much easier- whether you’re working late or in a low light environment for work. The clean wipe keyboard available from online retailers like Cleanroom Supplies is an interesting and hygienic update for the modern office.


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One Digital Signage taking the fight to COVID-19 with cutting-edge LCD hand sanitiser solutions

The West Midlands-based digital signage specialists announce new distribution agreement with Northamber PLC following program of investment in sanitiser technologies essential to the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

27th May 2020, Birmingham, UK – One Digital Signage are pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Northamber PLC that will see the industry-leading AV & IT distributor promote and distribute One’s innovative range of hand sanitiser units.

One Digital Signage has understandably experienced huge interest in their sanitiser & thermometer-integrated products during recent months and this exclusive partnership is the latest step in the growth of this business area.

There is now a critical need for sanitiser solutions amongst organisations and venues exploring safe ways to open for business as their recovery from the COVID-19 crisis begins. One Digital Signage have already invested more than a hundred thousand pounds in the development of a unique range of units designed to meet this need.

“We found organisations can often feel forced towards purchasing Chinese manufactured units directly, with no UK warranty or in-country support” explains Richard Westhead, Managing Director at One Digital Signage.

“Put quite simply, it makes no sense to have such low resilience in an area that will become increasingly crucial to business continuity. That’s why all our units offer a full 3-year UK warranty, aftersales support and are CE, RoHS and RED approved.”

The sanitiser units boast lightweight design and a simple setup process, making self-installation possible for most businesses. Combined with a low maintenance construction utilising moulded plastics, which won’t corrode due to contact with sanitiser liquids, it means the units offer market-leading total cost of ownership.

By integrating their high-quality screen hardware into the range of wall-mounted or freestanding automatic hand sanitiser stations and kiosks, One Digital Signage has designed the products to allow organisations to comply with NHS guidance on infection control and most importantly protect their staff, customers and visitors.

The digital displays can be managed individually or as a network in order to deliver consistent and up to date information. Built-in 3G, WIFI and ethernet functionality allows the units to deliver connectivity options suitable for any location or business.

The units also include a nozzle management chip to provide reporting on sanitiser usage and reordering requirements. This ensures organisations know exactly how the devices are being used and can avoid business disruption from shortages or maintenance issues.

The larger units in the range, such as the 22” touchscreen curved kiosk, can be upgraded with hardware such as integrated thermal printers and infrared thermometers. These technologies provide a comprehensive and powerful infection-control solution for any site where admission, capacity and queues will require careful management in the future.

On the new distribution agreement Westhead comments: “The process of reopening for business is still surrounded by uncertainty. However, one thing that is guaranteed is the role digital signage has to play in keeping the population mindful and informed as the return to public spaces happens.

“We are looking forward to working exclusively with Northamber Group to bring our unique range of products to the market and play our part in the UK’s economic recovery at this unprecedented time.

“Having carried out their usual stringent due diligence process, the new partnership demonstrates Northamber’s confidence in ourselves and our sanitiser product range. It will now enable both our resellers and clients to benefit from Northamber’s incredible 40 years’ experience; as well as having access to their industry-leading logistics and distribution infrastructure.”


One Digital Signage are the UK’s leading LED & LCD Digital Signage Specialists. They have been Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) behind many well-known digital signage brands for over 20 Years.

Based in the Black Country, at the heart of the West Midlands, they manufacture a large range of LCD and LED, including: Digital Signage Kiosks, Indoor and Outdoor Totems & Displays and Screen Enclosures & Touch Screen solutions.

One Digital pride themselves on the quality of products and service offered and are one of very few manufacturers to offer a 3-year warranty alongside access to a dedicated technical support team.

The full range can be found on their website –



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Influential South Asian Diaspora in the UK and US unite to respond to Covid-19

Award-winning international education charity Magic Bus have launched a new campaign – being match funded by the US-based The Dhanam Foundation and championed by influential British-Asian women – in response to COVID-19 and the impact it will have on children and young people across India.

Magic Bus runs one of the largest poverty alleviation programmes in South Asia, and in any typical year works with approximately 385,000 children and 9000 trained volunteer mentors in 22 States across India. Magic Bus have responded to Covid-19 by pivoting to prevent loss of life and protect their young people throughout the pandemic. The Magic Bus team of nearly 10,000 staff and volunteers is working on the frontline to deliver food and medical supplies to hundreds of thousands of households in the worst-hit areas of India. Thanks to donations to-date, the charity has been able to distribute food and medical supplies to over 110,000 people already, with several hundred thousand more to receive support over the coming weeks. Throughout the lockdown, Magic Bus has continued to support young people with their education, with over 3,000 virtual sessions delivered over the last six or so weeks. Crucially, the charity has even managed to train and place over 680 young people in new jobs in perhaps the most unstable employment environment the world has seen for some time.

The work, however, continues. Funding is needed now more than ever, and Magic Bus has teamed up with several influential and inspiration individuals to bring awareness to the cause over the coming weeks and months. The Dhanam Foundation, the education-focused family foundation of technology entrepreneur Ram Shriram and his wife Vijay Shriram, will match donations to Magic Bus’s COVID-19 Relief efforts 1:1 up to $500,000.

Ram Shriram is a highly successful entrepreneur, based in the United States. His company Junglee was acquired by Amazon in 1998, following which he was an executive at Netscape and Amazon. Ram was one of the founding board members and early investors in Google. Today, Ram and the Shriram family are dedicated philanthropists, focussed on advancing educational opportunities worldwide and improving conditions for marginalised youth in India. Ram has had a long-standing relationship with Magic Bus, since providing seed-funding in 1999 when CEO Matthew Spacie founded the NGO. He has remained an active advisor to the organisation throughout its 21 years of working with street children.

Ram Shriram, President of the Dhanam Foundation commented:

“Dhanam Foundation has made this emergency grant to the kids of the Magic Bus community, all of whom have been badly affected by this pandemic. We hope more supporters will join us in this important mission to preserve the gains made to lift those less privileged into a world of literacy and opportunity to have a job and earn a living wage. This pandemic should not be a reason to disrupt and setback the impact of Magic Bus in communities of need across India.”

The COV:AID campaign is being championed by a group of new influential advocates for the charity. These internationally renowned figures include actresses Seeta Indrani, Mamta Kaash, and Goldy Notay, television and radio presenter Seema Jaswal, comedian Shazia Mirza, Hindi singer Avina Shah, celebrity make-up artist Dimps Sanghani, chef Nitisha Patel, academic Opinderjit Kaur Takhar and footballer Sandeep Tak. The advocates are using their profile and influence to raise awareness of the cause and be an advisory group for Magic Bus UK’s board.

Several of the advocates have already delivered compelling video appeals, shared across their wide-reaching social media channels, including Goldy Notay, Nitisha Patel and Dimps Sanghani.

Magic Bus UK’s Director, Rahul Bissoonauth commented:

“This is a powerful commitment by the Dhanam Foundation and we are incredibly thankful for Mr Shriram’s match-funding opportunity. Our hope is this will encourage other inspirational supporters from around the globe to come forward and make this commitment go further – helping to save thousands of lives in India over the coming weeks and months.

The support of our advocates, such inspirational individuals, comes at a time when it is needed most. Their stories, and their willingness to come forward and support our vital work in India at this time, give us hope and show us the best of humanity; people helping people – through hard-work, creativity, neighbourliness, and charitable giving. We’re delighted to have each of them on board for this new campaign and look forward to working closely with them over the coming months.”

Of becoming a Magic Bus advocate, Shazia Mirza, comedian and writer, added:

“I love what Magic Bus does and stands for in South Asia. Having been a teacher and worked with young people for most of my life, I know education is the answer for the future of these children, especially girls who may be forced to marry young. Education is the key to their freedom.”

To support the COV:AID campaign individuals can donate via Thanks to the support of the Dhanam Foundation, your generous gift to Magic Bus’s COVID-19 Relief efforts will be matched 1:1 up to $500,000.

Organisations wishing to explore how a greater contribution can help Magic Bus scale efforts, can contact the UK Director, Rahul Bissoonauth at

Magic Bus use sport, play and mentoring to keep vulnerable young women, girls and children in education, prevent child marriage, and ultimately help them secure successful long-term employment. With their support, only 5% of Magic Bus girls drop out of education, 97% are free of child marriage, and over 70% find successful salaried work.  In 2019 375,000 children were on this journey of moving out of poverty in 22 states and 80 districts of India, as Magic Bus turned twenty years old. In December they were nominated as one of the top 5 non-profits in education across South-East Asia.

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AI-Powered Fever Detection Camera Offers Solution to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

IN-DEPTH’s advanced thermal imaging system allows for quick and accurate detection of elevated body temperature

LOS ANGELES (May 18th, 2020) –  IN-DEPTH Camera is pleased to introduce their fever detection camera to assist in preventing the spread of viral diseases such as COVID-19. Utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced scene analytics, the thermal imaging system allows for quick and accurate detection of elevated body temperature and automated people counting as they enter a building. The IN-DEPTH camera can also detect if people are keeping safe distances from each other.

The system is an effective non-contact fully automated solution to provide safer environments in places such as airports, hospitals, police departments, schools, businesses and any large public gathering location. The turn-key system comes pre-configured for fever screening making it ready to run with minimal setup or training. The efficient software is intuitive and easy to use so that people can be processed quickly to avoid creating bottlenecks and disgruntled lines.

“The current health crisis posed by COVID-19 has prompted an increasing number of businesses and organizations to look at ways to improve their health security strategies, said IN-DEPTH Camera founding team member Michael Mansouri. In an effort to meet the demand, we have refined our products and services with the expansion of real-time preventative and guidance tools.”

NOTE: A presentation demo video of the IN-DEPTH Fever Detection Camera System can be found here :

The system features AI-enabled facial recognition technology and can scan upto 30 people per second and store over 20,000 faces in real-time and identify ‘as known’ or ‘as strangers.’ The AI scene analytics tool can detect scenarios such as an individual entering with or without a mask, detection of mask removal, and assess the number of people entering a building. The AI Social Distancing tool can detect if people are keeping safe distance from each other by analyzing real-time video streams from the camera — all in real-time with no additional employee required to operate.

Businesses and organizations across the globe are struggling with a difficult decision: when and how to return to workplaces in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike other disasters such as an extreme weather event or IT outage, a global health pandemic does not have a definitive “end.” As businesses learn to operate in the “new normal” and implement tactical safety measures, IN-DEPTH Camera helps organizations make this challenging transition by offering a quick and accurate solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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