Alix Cope of Bazar Discusses “The New Normal” – an Opportunity to Create Positive Change for the UK

Currently, much of the world is in lockdown, but the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be much longer than what we see knew. Many observers are now calling modern-day life with the arrival of COVID-19 “The New Normal”.

We video-conferenced with Alix Cope and Finley Cope the Co-Founders of Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace App to discuss “The New Normal”. We asked, “What does the New Normal mean to you and the wider public?” Alix replied, “For us all the Coronavirus has come as a great shock and will be a tragic milestone in all of our lives. Young or old, everyone has been affected, like nothing else we have collectively experienced – “we are all in this together”.

With a positive frame of mind though the pandemic creates an opportunity to embrace environmental challenges and create positive change for the UK and around the world”.

We asked Alix “In what ways do you feel that COVID-19 can benefit the environment moving forward?” Alix replied, “It’s not of course the virus itself, it’s about how the mindset of people changes. I’ve been really encouraged by the environmental gains in air quality we are experiencing due to the lockdown, we can experience this in the long-term if we embrace an ethical lifestyle and make the right choices. For example, we need to see an end to “fast fashion”, through responsible buying and choosing fashion brands, which are eco-friendly, like those we promote on Bazar.”

Finley went on to discuss how “The New Normal” can benefit the UK. Finley said “At this time the UK economy is in turmoil, but we have a chance to make long-term improvements for the benefit of society and the environment. In many ways UK brands already lead global environmental and social impact schemes. We now have a great chance to change our ways, ditch plastic, buy responsibly and change our lifestyles.

Bazar is passionate about supporting UK ethical brands and Artisans. We advocate “buying locally”, it reduces transport pollution and supports local economies, on Bazar, buyers can connect with local sellers. Many UK businesses and Artisans selling through retail shops, visit trade fairs and craft shows have lost their income.

These businesses can use Bazar app technology to create a new income stream (provided they pass our ethical trading checks). All products can be uploaded in minutes through bulk uploading functionality. When you buy through Bazar you know that you support ethical British businesses.”

In finishing, Alix also mentioned the Bazar Eco-Programmes – “Buyers should know that  Bazar pledges 1% of sales commission revenue, which is shared between our Bees, Trees and Seas partners. Currently we are partnered with Bees Abroad and One Tree Planted. A number of our sellers also have their own “give back” schemes too.”

Downloading Bazar
The Bazar app is available for download from the Apple Store (iOS version) or from Google Play (Android version). Links for download are:
• Apple Store –
• Google Play –

Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes.

About Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace App
Bazar is a new app launched to the market, which has a vision of #makingethicalthestandard through the buying and selling of sustainable, artisan, ethical, pre-loved and eco-friendly products by community members.

The concept of co-founders Finley and Alix Cope, Bazar is a “social marketplace”, which connects and promotes ethical brands, micro-sellers, artisans and the community together. Ethical values are clearly stated for all members to view before transacting.

Developed with members in mind Bazar has been developed from the “ground up”. Bazar is designed with simplicity in mind but offers rich functionality to members. The ability to openly communicate is valued between buyers and sellers alike, this is enabled through inbuilt discussion forums, instant chat, and numerous other methods.

Through Bazar’s “Make the Switch” campaign, emphasis is placed on buying locally and also buying British. Why not join Bazar by visiting some of the links provided below.”

Bazar marketplace contact details
Company website:
Pro-seller registration:

Registered Office: Well Cottage, Upperton, Petworth, West Sussex, United Kingdom, GU28 9BQ
Telephone: 020 8337 2175
Contact: Alix Cope, Co-Founder
Organisation: Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace

Social media links
Bazar also have social media channels, which are full of tips and hints to help users to embrace the “new normal”:
• Facebook –
• Instagram –
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• YouTube –

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Project will benefit the Refugee Community Kitchen by raising £10,000, which will supply 15,000 hot meals for the UK’s homeless.

Migrate Art, the art organization fundraising to support displaced and homeless people, has partnered with 10 major contemporary artists and illustrators to create limited editions of re-usable, reversible face masks.

Artists include the creative duo from FriendsWithYou, who have collaborated with Pharell Williams, J. Balvin and Alice + Olivia, as well as British artist Helen Beard, architecture and art polymath Richard Woods, and the king of doodling Jon Burgerman.

An initial set of five masks will be released on Monday June 1st, with a new design released every Monday at 11am for five concecutive weeks.

The masks will be sold for £19.99, or as packs of five for £79.99, and be produced with, and support an independent business in the UK, with all profits benefitting Migrate’s charity partners, Refugee Community Kitchen, who have been feeding homeless people in the UK throughout lockdown The campaign aims to raise £10,000 which would allow Refugee Community Kitchen to provide 15,000 meals.

The masks will be available for pre-sale through the Migrate website from Monday June 1st at 11am.

“This pandemic and lockdown has had a serious effect on charity funding, which ultimately negatively impacts the lives of the most vulnerable people in our societies. Refugee Community Kitchen have continued to put themselves at risk and have been out on the streets every week to feed the UK’s homeless- they are some of the unsung heroes of this crisis. When we saw for-profit businesses start to pre-sell face mask designs, we saw an opportunity to raise money for a good cause, and create a beautiful, high quality product with some of our favourite artists. We want to offer a more morally- balanced alternative for people and to put some positivity out into the world during a challenging time”
– Simon Butler, founder, Migrate Art

“Despite the chaos and devastation of the COVID-19 crisis, Refugee Community Kitchen has continued to serve nourishing food to people in need at points throughout the UK. In London and Edinburgh, we are carefully preparing and serving hot meals every week. We also provide food to vulnerable individuals, families, food banks and other food outreach projects. We are deeply committed to addressing food poverty in Northern France and the UK and continue to adapt our systems and procedures in order to best be of service moving forward. We need your support as more and more people feel the crushing impact of COVID-19. The demand for our food service continues to increase as the government scheme to putthe homeless in hotels has ended and more people lose their incomes.”
– Refugee Community Kitchen

“We are always looking for ways to help our fellow human. We feel wearing a mask is the safe and considerate measure to containing this virus, and we wanted people to be able to spread good vibes to themselves and others with our Little Cloud pattern.”
– Sam Borkson, Friends With You art to aid

‘I’m delighted to be building my ‘brick wall’ masks for Migrate Art , I initially worked with them on their Multicolour project last year and have kept up to date with the amazing work they do helping those affected by the ongoing migration crisis’
– Richard Woods, artist

‘It’s a privilege to help, in some small way, an organization such as Refugee Community Kitchen, who have helped many many people and fed millions. Helping and supporting others in need is the positive good-kindof-infectious we should be spreading around these days.’

-Jon Burgerman, artist and illustrator

About Migrate Art:
Migrate Art has raised has raised over £175,000 for their charity partners, which has funded projects that offer food, shelter, education and psychological support to tens of thousands of displaced people in the UK, France, Greece and Iraq. They collaborated by over 30 of the world’s leading artists including Anish Kapoor, Rachel Whiteread, Shepard Fairey, Antony Gormley, Mona Hatoum and many more. Simon Butler founded Migrate Art in 2016 after first visiting the Calais Jungle refugee camp in Northern France, and was later joined by Ian Syer through their mutual desire to use art to improve lives. Simon had previously worked in a number of London’s most prominent contemporary art galleries, including Newport Street Gallery, White Cube and Lazarides, and Ian is the founder of, one of the UK’s leading online art market places.

About Refugee Community Kitchen:
Refugee Community Kitchen serves hot, nourishing meals to displaced people in the UK and France, having supported almost 3 million people since December 2015. Refugee Community Kitchen have delivered almost 3 million meals to homeless and displaced people in the last four years. Their operation started in Calais, but they now feed people across Northern France, throughout the UK and also in parts of Belgium. Although they had to stop their operations in France due to the French lockdown, they re-focused all their energies to feeding people in the UK. During this time when we are all vulnerable, people living on the streets become even more vulnerable. RCK help these exposed people in the most direct way possible- by providing regularly hot meals for anyone that needs them.

Initial 5 masks,
Monday June 1st 11am:
Kai & Sunny (16.5k followers)@kaiandsunny
Helen Beard (90.8k followers)@helenbeardart
Jon Burgerman (115k followers)@jonburgerman
Miaz Brothers (8.4k followers)@miazbrothers
Richard Woods (10.2k followers)@richardwoodsstudio

Subsequent weekly mask releases (order TBC):
Camille Wahala (153k followers)@camillewahala
Friends With You (134k followers)@friendswithyou
Craig & Karl (68k followers)@craigandkarl
Mike Perry (96k followers)@mikeperrystudio
Philip Colbert (17.7k followers)@philipcolbert
Swoon (148k followers)@swoonstud

@migrateart / / #masksformeals /

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Sputnik7 and the Tourism Department of Segovia partner to create a Virtual Segovia

Sputnik7 Productions s.l. and the Tourism Department of the Town Hall of Segovia have entered into a partnership to create virtual experiences and tours of the historic buildings and monuments of Segovia starting with the Real Casa de Moneda.

Under the agreement, Sputnik7 will create interactive digital replicas of the main historical locations in Segovia, which will be made available to people around the world as mobile applications and fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences.

The agreement was signed by the Councillor of the Tourism Department of the Town Hall of Segovia. The project has the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain and the sub-director general for the protection of the historical heritage of Spain.

The Virtual Segovia project came to light thanks to the hard work of the Tourism Department of Segovia. The goal of the project is to generate global visibility for Segovia’s heritage sites by providing virtual access to a wider and more diverse group of people. This includes students, cultural travelers as well as people with reduced mobility or difficulty traveling.

The virtual experiences created under the partnership will be free of charge and will include high-quality 3D recreations along with interactive virtual tours, so people can learn about the history and culture of the destinations before visiting.

“This project is a great example of how technology can be put at the service of history, which is especially appropriate in the case of the Real Casa de Moneda, since it was always characterized by housing the most advanced technology.” – Claudia de Santos Borreguero

The Real Casa de Moneda

The Real Casa de Moneda (or Royal Mint) was selected as the first location for the project because of its rich history, and it was widely regarded as one of the oldest and most important pieces of industrial architecture in Europe. It was recently renovated and outfitted with a museum that includes original machinery, and teaches visitors about the minting process.

The project will include the development of 3D applications for both iOS and Android devices, along with Virtual Reality applications for Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. Support for the HTC Vive and other platforms is also under discussion.

The shooting of high-resolution images of the property using drones and high-end DLSR cameras has already been completed, and the 3D replicas are being created using photogrammetry software from RealityCapture and Pix4D. It is estimated that the entire development process will be completed by the end of April 2020.

Find out more

Visitors can follow the progress of the various projects in Segovia on Sputnik7’s website at They can also download the Real Casa de Moneda brochure at

About Segovia

Segovia, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to its extraordinary architecture. It has played a leading role throughout the history of Spain and is distinguished among other cities because of its rich cultural, cuisine, traditions, festivals and, above all, its impressive Roman Aqueduct. Find out more about Segovia at

About the Real Casa de Moneda

Built by Felipe II in 1583, the Real Casa de Moneda was an innovative and pioneering coin factory in Spain and the first property of the crown. It housed the most modern machinery of its time for the production of coins, ahead of the factories of the industrial revolution, and is recognized as one of the best and oldest examples of industrial architecture in Europe. Today visitors can enjoy its two museums, exhibition halls, historic garden, channels with hydraulic wheels, guest houses, restaurants, and bar-cafeteria. Discover more at

About Sputnik7

Sputnik7 Productions is a next-generation marketing and production company dedicated to the promotion of art, history and culture through the use of immersive experiences and virtual tours. We focus on creating engaging solutions that can be viewed and shared online and explored by visitors from all over the world. Find out more about Sputnik7 at

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