Engineer launches UK business venture creating unique gifts

A Glossop businessman, who has travelled the world as an engineer, is using his specialist skills to create unique personalised coasters as his business relaunches across the country.

Steve Gray, who spent 30 years installing and maintaining machinery for retail giants across the globe, has perfected a specialist technique to create personalised wooden gifts that merge unique designs with laser precise cut outs.

Tawny Barn, in Glossop, is run by the 58-year-old who uses decades of engineering expertise to reconfigure his laser cutter to specifically support precise shape cuts in line with any design to craft unique Christmas presents, wedding favours or even business logos for promotions.

Steve Gray said: “My work took me all over the world and meant that I was regularly reconfiguring and maintaining specialist machinery. So, when I started Tawny Barn I was in a unique position to be able to modify the laser cutter to make aligning printed designs perfectly with the cutter simpler and more precise. It means I can now use any flat material from acrylic to MDF and wood to print and cut out intricate shapes perfectly. The possibilities are endless, unique photo gifts, logo designs for businesses and even personalised designs. It really is exciting.”

Having spent the past year touring craft markets including Glossop Artisan Market, Stockport Worker Bee Markets and Creative Connections with his original plain MDF cut out designs Steve is now looking to make his printed designs available nationwide.

Launching a new online shop through this month people will now be able to purchase his new bespoke designs from anywhere across the country with free samples available for a limited time only.

Steve added: “It is a big step for the business. I have been touring craft fairs for the past year and all of my designs have been really well received so this now takes the designs to the next level merging print designs with precise cut outs. It means I can make coasters that are completely bespoke. If you can think of a design, I can make it.”

Steve who has spent the last 30 years working as a service engineer started S Gray Engineering in the town in 2003.

For the last 15 years he has travelled to everywhere from South Africa, Nigeria, Syria, Canada and Greece to install and maintain bottle fillers and other production and packaging machinery.

In 2018 he took up his new venture and set up Tawny Barn selling MDF shaped cut outs for arts and craft projects.

This year he is looking to make more intricate designs available and is now offering printed and cut out designs.

Tawny Barn can create any shape in flat material and has even helped with laser cutting clothing patterns.

For more information visit or go to to claim a free coaster sample.


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5 Tips for Creating Niche Content for the Finance Industry

Creating compelling niche content can be a challenge. Due to the vast number of websites and blogs that exist online these days, producing high-quality content that targets a niche market requires skill, know-how, and dedication.

When it comes to the finance industry, many of the challenges involved in creating niche content are no different. If you’re looking for ways to create content for the finance industry, read on for a few tips. While some of these can be generically applied to other industries, they’re essential for the early stages of producing content that delivers.

Know Your Audience

Good content isn’t just about the quality of writing. It’s also about how well your articles target a specific audience and meets their needs. Producing high-quality niche content depends very much on this first tip.

Before you set about typing ideas onto the page, establish your target market, and look to resources like Forbes to help determine the niche they fall into. This requires thinking about their age, demographic, interests, social backgrounds, and, most importantly — their primary needs. Once you know who you’re writing to, it will be much easier to produce content that matters.

Write Consistently About Relevant Topics

Finance, like any industry, will have a broad set of topics. Having established your audience, narrowing down your topics will be an easier job, one that can produce great results if you do it consistently. If you’re knowledgeable in the area, coming up with topics might not be so tricky, but if you’re new to the industry, do some research ahead of time. Niche markets could include banking, investing, credit scores, credit rewards, savings, budgeting, or loans. Once you’ve decided on your topics, be sure to write regularly.

Evaluate Your Competitors

Knowing your competition can be just as valuable as knowing your audience. It is also an essential way of establishing your niche market. If you can find a gap in the market in an area that you’re passionate about, then that’s half the battle. If you’ve decided on the loan industry, for example, you may want to start exploring the likes of Cash Lady and other companies to help you differentiate your content from competitors.

Be Smart About Promotion

Having brilliant content is excellent, but without the right promotion, it will simply be left unread. This is where the knowledge of your audience is also key, as you will want to ensure your digital marketing promotions are targeting the right areas. When it comes to social media, make sure you research the best hashtags for your financial niche and ensure that you’re signed up to the most popular platforms to promote your content. You may also want to invest in paid search ads or other forms of promotion to make sure your content is being well circulated. During this process, also remember to implement a solid keyword strategy to ensure you can rank high on the Google search pages.

Analyse Results

Once you’ve initiated your promotional and digital marketing campaign, be sure to continuously analyse the results. Whether this is done through Google Analytics, Monster Insights, or a decent website plugin, evaluating how your content is being received is key to the ongoing production of relevant and successful content. You’ll want to look at everything from the bounce rate, the average time spent reading each page, as well as the demographics like age, location, etc.

Final Thoughts

Producing niche content that is not only relevant but also found, is a challenge in today’s online world. However, you can make a big success of it if you start with the above tips and remain consistent in your approach.

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