New Offshore Database Support Services from ONQU could save UK businesses 40%+ of support costs

BIRMINGHAM, UK, 14 August, 2020 – UK businesses that offer support services could stand to save themselves at least 40 percent of their related costs, simply by investing in a new offshore model.

ONQU 24*7 Support recently launched a new offshore database support service, investing in the provision of certified and secure offshore personnel to provide DBA and technical services that can significantly reduce support spend, particularly for businesses that operate on a 24/7 basis.

These organisations regularly overspend valuable budget, using internal or external support teams, but ONQU will allow them to cut costs and increase value by focusing on areas that benefit users and customers rather than having to resource teams that are under-utilised and simply waiting for support calls to come in.

ONQU Director Steve Priestnall says, ‘Having worked in the Managed Services sector for over 15 years, it became apparent to us that a lot of the larger service providers could offer competitive rates through utilising offshore resources and leveraging much lower costs. We investigated how we could leverage the same skills and expertise, whilst guaranteeing service delivery excellence by utilising already established networks and locally sourced consultants.’

In this way, ONQU has created a service selection model that ensures that its offshore team is certified, has excellent technical skills and can deliver 24*7 services effectively.

“Our competitive service is delivered at much lower levels of investment in comparison to other UK managed service providers so we can compete on both enhanced quality of service at significantly lower support costs.”

ONQU is a trusted provider of Enterprise Database Services, with over 50 Years of combined enterprise consultancy and resourcing experience, currently supporting Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL and associated configurations such as virtualisation and disaster recovery, whether on premise or in the cloud.

For businesses looking to find out more about lowering support costs whilst maintaining or increasing service value ONQU Support can help support you in finding a solution. The team will discuss, on a no obligation basis available services, delivery and operational procedures.

For further information or PR enquiries, please contact:
ONQU Support
Steve Priestnall
Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK)

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Huge constantly updated people complaints database

Unscrupulous scammers steal personal data and money. offers easy API access to their constantly updated database of more than 7 Million, people reported blacklisted phone numbers.

Sheridan, WY, USA, June 2, 2020 – Despite the hard times caused by the current pandemic follows firmly behind their mission to protect phones from harassing spam phone calls. They are continuing to improve the first global anti-scam system. Currently their database of people reported harassing numbers has more than 7 Million blacklisted phone numbers and growing. About 20,000 newly reported numbers are being added daily. Their approach is different. They collect signals directly from the pain point. People report scam calls instantly from their phones or computers. Thus, everybody protects everyone.

“We provide access to our global database of crowd reported curated blacklisted phone numbers through our easy and fast comprehensive API with low latency –  Every user submitted report is reviewed by our human admin for typos, grammar and coarse language. Thus, the posted materials delivered to the public are grammatically correct, civilized and informative.

Huge constantly updated people complaints database 2

At Reverd, we value quality, therefore we cross verify every submitted phone number both automatically and manually by human admin using multiple information sources. We ensure both the phone number format and geographical location are correct when applicable.” – says CEO Mark McCoy.

“In contrast to other applications, like Nomorobo, we do not use scoring to determine if a number should be blacklisted. Reverd receives a signal directly from the victim of a harassing call. This not only eliminates guesswork but also provides invaluable clues. Description of the reported scam in some instances may contain clues of a possible crime, like the following example: “+1 (876) 326-4332 Possible sex trafficking.” – – that may help investigators, prosecutors and authorities.” – says company CEO Mark McCoy.

“The Reverd global database of Daily reported new harassing phone numbers is also available on DAWEX data marketplace – (DAWEX require registration).

We can work on customized data solutions to suit a client’s needs. We believe that everyone deserves clean, friendly, scam-free communication, therefore we share our database with providers and business partners. Give it a try. Let us know if you have any specific requirements.” – says CEO Mark McCoy.

Reverd automatic scam stopper receives scam reports from countries worldwide including U.S.A., the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, El Salvador, Ghana etc. The Reverd comprehensive API allows data to be filtered, by country, region or area code.

Huge constantly updated people complaints database 3

The current high volume of unsolicited calls during these difficult pandemic times is not acceptable. Some are targeting vulnerable groups of society, like the following complaint for example: “+1 (715) 227-6089 – We get calls from this number at all hour day and night. Some very early. I have a 95-year-old mother in a nursing home and she is not well. When I get these calls at odd early or late times, I jump up to get the phone thinking the nursing home is calling me! When I have answered I repeatedly tell them to take me off of their list but they still keep calling!” – reported by Stevenson –   This must stop. Tap into the constantly updated data with the fast and easy to use Reverd API. Response time can be tested here Give people the peace of mind they want.

Huge constantly updated people complaints database 4

Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Mr. McCoy as provided below.


Company – Reverd LLC

Contact Person – Mark McCoy

Phone – (307) 460-7710

Email –

Website –


30 N. Gould St.

Sheridan, WY 82801

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