NEXSTAND and the Turing Trust Stand and Deliver

10th August 2020- NEXSTAND EU celebrate a new partnership with the Turing Trust – 1 for 1 Tech for children in Africa.

NEXSTAND EU, London based remote working accessory company engages in a charity partnership with the Turing Trust. Helping to fund ICT education and resources for underprivileged children in Sub Saharan Africa.

Alan Turing was renowned for his work breaking the Enigma codes in WW2 and is recognised as a founder of computer science, helping to develop the earliest computers. James Turing is the great-nephew of Alan and a founder of the Turing Trust.

The Turing Trust supports education in sub-Saharan Africa by reusing computers and improving teacher training using ICT. The Trust has reused over 5,700 PCs enabling

NEXSTAND EU aims to support The Turing Trust by donating a percentage of profits as well as a further one-for-one donation whereby every remote work set sold will supply a mouse alongside a computer.

” We’re always looking for new ways to have people’s back and with this new partnership, we are delighted to be able to extend our reach to help the most disadvantaged young people in Sub- Saharan Africa. We’re passionate that they too should have access to ICT education. On a personal note, the organisation’s work is close to my heart due to my families history with Malwai, I’d love to see the people of Malawi and other sub-Saharan African countries reap the benefits of the digital age.” Samantha Eaton, CEO of NEXSTAND EU.

”With the support of fantastic, socially-minded companies such as NEXSTAND EU we will be able to realise our vision where every school had adequate IT resources to empower students with these vital skills.” James Turing

Statistics show that back pain is the second most common cause of absence from work in the UK. Every year over four million working days are lost as a result of back pain and on average an employee with back pain takes 17 days off to recover from an episode. The power of a simply raising your screen laptop to eye level is undeniable in correcting posture and reducing the risk of such episodes. Their flagship NEXSTAND K2 height adjustable and portable laptop stand helps to lift your laptop screen to eye level, you’ll be able to look straight ahead at your screen, keeping your head and neck neutral. It also encourages you to sit back in your chair so you can be fully supported.

Purchase with purpose and at the same time Improve your posture, health and productivity.

You can learn more about their company and products at

London based supplier of Ergonomic IT accessories and they’re on a mission to help stop the hunch! They help people & businesses to have a comfortable, healthy & productive desktop set up anywhere.

Name of Press Contact: Samantha Eaton
Phone: 0191 3082226

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Malecare moving online to deliver safe support in the context of COVID-19

London, United Kingdom, March 2020 – Given the latest updates of the Coronavirus disease, people are being advised by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States to be prepared for disruptions to daily life, in order to contain the further spread of the virus within communities.

Extra measures are being taken in all areas of business during this time; people are encouraged to limit travel where possible, to avoid large and crowded spaces, and massive events are being cancelled or postponed to later in the year. The main advice for people to prevent infection is to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly.

In the wake of Coronavirus, Malecare, a US-based patient advocacy organization who run multiple cancer support groups for men across the country, have decided to put all their support groups on hiatus and instead refer people to connect on their online peer-support communities on HealthUnlocked.

HealthUnlocked, the world’s largest social network for health, currently brings together 1.2 million people, across 300+ health conditions within 600 online communities. The communities are moderated by health experts such as Malecare, to provide people with a safe and trusted space to talk about their health challenges. Within the HealthUnlocked network, people can ask questions about their health, get recommendations for self-care and find peer-support online 24/7.

In the last few months, Malecare’s HealthUnlocked communities saw 5,654 new discussions prompting 93,685 replies. These conversations span across advanced prostate cancer to erectile dysfunction. Within these HealthUnlocked communities, people are still getting the support they need, without the risk of getting infected with Coronavirus, because the support groups can be accessed online, from the comfort of your home.

Darryl Mitteldorf, Director of Malecare said: “Dynamic and caring peer to peer support is a significant cancer care input.  Malecare’s brilliant online prostate cancer, male breast cancer, and anxiety support communities will help everyone live longer and happier lives during the Coronavirus worldwide crisis.”

Pepa Gonzalez, Director of Communities and Safety at HealthUnlocked said: “Our mission is to empower people to better manage their health, so we feel prepared to help our members and partners like Malecare navigate through the challenges brought on by Covid-19.”

About HealthUnlocked

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