Changing the Narrative

Author Parker J Cole decides to break new ground, by writing Medieval, Gregorian, and Victorian fiction centralising on black and multi-ethnic characters.

Anti-racism protests across the world have highlighted issues that people from minority backgrounds face. It has had a positive impact in a sense that people from all over the world from various backgrounds have come together to tackle this issue, and are trying to come up with solutions on how to eradicate this from society.

This made Parker J Cole research into black history more, and as she was studying she made extraordinary discoveries that there were black people for example in Victorian, Medieval times in different countries across the world, who were not just enslaved but also held high positions in society.

Take for example composers George Bridgetower and Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, they made a excellent contribution to classical music in medieval Europe, and Anton Wilhelm Amo who was a Philosopher from Ghana and was a professor of Helle and Jena in Germany after studying there, the list goes on and on.

In her newest published work, The Butterscotch Bride, an antebellum sweet romance that takes place in Alabama, Parker uses the element of sweet romance to focus on the love of two enslaved people in a unique way that doesn’t solely focus on the struggle of African Americans in the U.S. but on their strength of character through adverse times.

“Yes there was oppression, but oppression is not the end of the story. In Butterscotch Bride, I wanted to focus more on strength than struggle, hope instead of despair, and forgiveness instead of judgement.

There will be more books like The Butterstoch Bride not just in Medieval Europe or the U.S., but across the world. My agent is currently in talks with a publishing house concerning them.  I aim to change the narrative in a sense showing that we were more than enslaved people, but an empowered people.”

The Butterstoch Bride is now available on major online book stores.

New York State’s largest African American Chamber LIAACC Encourages Corporations to Support Diversity during National Black Business Month

New York, New York – New York State’s largest African American Chamber the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (LIAACC) encourages Corporations to Support Diversity during National Black Business Month.  Corporations who support chambers of commerce such as the Long Island African American Commerce can set a great example for all companies to follow in leveling the playing field for blacks in America.

During the recent Covid-19 crises African American businesses and organizations have been adversely impacted by this ongoing pandemic across America.

The Long Island African Chamber of Commerce, Inc. serves as a champion for Black Businesses in New York State and needs the continuous support of corporations to fulfill its mission of helping to grow small minority-owned businesses.

“At the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. we believe our chamber will have a substantial impact on the scope, size, and growth of small business owners in the region for many years into the future if supported by diversity initiatives of corporation across America.” Phil Andrews, President, Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. was named by the New York District Office of the United States Small Business Administration 2019 Small Business Champion for 14 counties in Downstate, New York.

The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has appeared on WABC Here and Now, NBC’s Positively Black, and featured on the Nationally Syndicated Show “The Karen Hunter Show” on the Urban View – African-American Talk – SiriusXM. The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a leading supporter of small business owners in the area of advocacy, access to capital, technical assistance, education, and capacity building for small minority-owned businesses. 

Press Kit: https://www.scribd.com/document/444971283/Phil-Andrews-LI-African-American-Chamber-Press-Kit

Corporations and Philanthropic organizations interested in support the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. via their diversity initiatives are encouraged to email LIAACC at info@liaacc.org.  For more information on the programs and activities of the chamber visit www.liaacc.org

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Puzzles that teach children about diversity. Learning about our world from the comfort of home

Very Puzzled: Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo.

LONDON – July 9th, 2020 – Very Puzzled, a children’s toy manufacturer that connects children to diversity has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign
on Indiegogo.

Very Puzzled provides a vibrant range of highly engaging jigsaw puzzles, colour in t-shirts and posters that parents and carers can explore with their children. Not only do the puzzles assist children in their motor and cognitive abilities in an era of screen dependence and digital overstimulation, but they also allow the player to learn about integral parts of our world that they may not have been as exposed to before – and perhaps never will.

Each puzzle showcases a variety of historical landmarks and attractions that have been designed to provide endless fun and interesting topics of discussion that can be used as a playful way to learn and offer an authentic means of interaction for both children and adults.

We started with the passion to highlight the majesty of Africa and the African Diaspora, we are now exploring other parts of our diverse world and want to showcase other nations rich with culture, such as India, Egypt and Cameroon.

We are currently living in a moment of history that has been shaped one way or another by the personal views of some placed upon many. These views which have led to systemic injustices are mainly formed during childhood and therefore it is important that our children are as exposed to the beauty and strength of diversity. Very Puzzled jigsaws are a catalyst towards a greater understanding of the people in our global community.

About Very Puzzled:
Very Puzzled., based in London, UK, was founded in 2017 by Patrick Adom, MBA graduate and IT Professional Services Consultant. The company’s first product, the Africa Map jigsaw puzzle, was created with both parents and children in mind. Very Puzzled offers children and parents of all backgrounds the opportunity to explore and learn more about the richness of Africa and the African-Caribbean diaspora. Worn by artists such as Emeli Sande, it is proud of a desired educational tool amongst parents of all backgrounds.

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Professional women gather at WIN Manchester to realise their power and celebrate the Suffragettes

-®´©Ånancyfina_DSC7911WIN Manchester, a WIN curated leadership event for professional women and men, will take place on 7 June at the UKFast Campus in Manchester. In this 100-year anniversary of the very first women gaining the right to vote, WIN Manchester will celebrate the spirit and legacy of the Suffragettes while providing participants with inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and connections to help them succeed in their careers and prepare for the future.

The event is hosted by WIN, a global women’s leadership initiative based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The theme of the event is “Realizing Your Power and Leading Change Differently – the Suffragette Edition.” At the event, participants will learn how women with authentic power are impacting business models and bottom lines and discover how progressive companies are embracing diversity and creating inclusive environments that foster innovation.

The speaker line-up at WIN Manchester includes:
• Sue Johnson, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Consulting, PwC
• Elaine De Fries, Operational Manager, The Pankhurst Trust
• Geraldine Bown, CEO & Founder, Domino Perspectives
• Nazir Afzal, Former Crown Prosecutor – NW England, Former Chief Executive – Police & Crime Commissioners
• Graham Sparks, VP HR Diversity and Inclusion, Royal Dutch Shell
• Claire-Marie Boggiano, Director & Coach, Lurig Change & Development
• Gavin Markel, Head of Women’s Football, Manchester City
• Ken McPhail, Professor of Accounting, Director of Research and Deputy Head of School, Alliance Manchester Business School
• Isabella Phoenix, Omnichannel Transformation, HP Inc.

“We are delighted to bring WIN to Manchester, the birthplace of the women’s suffrage movement. At this pivotal time, as we celebrate women’s achievements in all walks of life and grapple with the new and old challenges we face, we must not forget the vital contribution of the suffragettes,” said Kristin Engvig, WIN’s Founder and CEO. “At WIN Manchester, we will draw on their legacy and ask: how can we access our inner power and strengthen our outer influence to make things happen, differently?

WIN Manchester is sponsored by Alliance Manchester Business School, UKFast, Shell, Lurig Change & Development, BASF, Oakridge STRIDE, Shoosmiths, Grant Thornton and Direct Rail Services.

Professor Fiona Devine, Head at Alliance Manchester Business School said: “At Alliance Manchester Business School our world-leading academics are engaged in a wide-range of research connected with gender and diversity; and across all our programmes we support the world’s future leaders to embrace diversity and foster innovation. We take our inspiration from the great city of which we are part and we are extremely proud to support the first WIN conference here in Manchester.”

For information about WIN Manchester, please visit www.winconference.net or write to pr@winconference.net.

About WIN

Modelling, empowering and connecting leaders in global, authentic and feminine way – for the world, work and life

WIN works to get a critical mass of conscious women into decision-making roles, to progress careers, to create companies with the highest values, to encourage and support more women in politics and in business, and to give space to artists and activists. The Global WINConference, an annual leadership forum, has become the reference for modern women working internationally and organisations active in the field of women’s leadership and diversity and inclusion. WIN has welcomed more than 16,000 leaders and hundreds of companies to live events worldwide. With its highly creative and holistic take on traditional business topics, it has both celebrated and transformed the lives of thousands of women, and positively impacted hundreds of companies. It inspires leaders to run organisations for the future, with noble values and awareness, and to live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm. It accelerates change by developing, empowering and connecting leaders to a global, authentic and feminine vision.


“WIN is a leadership journey: a path for doing business the authentic way. It encourages people to live creatively and view life & work systemically, from new perspectives. Along the way, WIN helps enhance careers, improve business and develop potential along with individuality”

Kristin Engvig, Founder and CEO, WIN