Don Karl Juravin Florida

Don Karl Juravin Florida



Attorney Andrew C Hill, from Florida, disappeared with the trust money of Don Juravin and the government. Attorney Andrew Hill was reprimanded by the Florida Bar. Hill is currently not eligible to practice law. Four law firms hired and fired attorney Andrew Hill possibly failing to report violations to the Florida Bar or the public. Meanwhile, Don Juravin fights to protect the public like he has been doing with Bella Collina (owner Dwight Schar), and the criminal Richard Arrighi.

Andrew Hill (Florida Bar license 46755) acted as the attorney for Don Juravin and his business beginning from October 2017. Don Juravin helps morbidly obese people achieve a healthy weight without surgery. 

Attorney Hill was still representing Don Juravin, his wife and the businesses in some cases. However, he failed to show up to court and act in these cases, leaving Juravin no choice but to file this Bar complaint against him.


Throughout several months while Hill was working for Juravin, Attorney Hill routinely disappeared during the day though his contract called for work for Juravin at certain hours of the day. Without notice, he would go missing, even though he later billed him for those hours.

Moreover, attorney Andrew Hill billed Juravin for hours he was watching sports, news, and bi-sexual pornography on the web.


Several times, to play on Juravin’s sympathies for him, Mr. Hill lied about health issues he was having, including about being in the hospital. 


While others were allegedly scammed by attorney Andrew Hill and his wife Melissa Hill, no one dared to file the proper Florida Bar complaint or identify themselves on the web for further sharing of the scam. 

Don Juravin feels that law firms that employed attorney Hill and had to fire him, failed to be responsible and share their bad experience with the Florida Bar or on the web and warn others.  “They also failed to contact me to verify employment and his stories,” says Mr. Juravin and added, “These law firms seem to care only for themselves.”

Few law firms employed Andrew Hill, possibly exposed their clients’ personal data and also their financial data. These law firms employed attorney Andrew C Hill. They never contacted Mr. Juravin for a reference or filed a Florida Bar complaint:

  • Harper, Kynes, Geller, Greenleaf, Vogelbacher & Frayman
  • NeJame Law
  • Groelle & Salmon


When Juravin hired Mr. Hill, he represented to Juravin that he was able to do the work Juravin asked of him and to lead the legal team. Juravin was upfront with him about the demands of the job, and he assured him he could do it. However, Juravin later found out that Hill could not do the job he was hired to do due to his ongoing mental health problems. He should have told Juravin about these problems before Juravin hired him.


There were three contracts Mr. Hill signed with Don Karl Juravin during his time spent with Jurain. Don had to keep updating them because of his disappearing and refusal to work within Don Juravin’s rules that he had agreed to from the beginning. He signed these contracts with no intent to honor them because he kept disregarding their terms  This caused tension and friction between him, Juravin, and the rest of Juravin’s legal team.


On several occasions, Hill seemed to be under the influence of drugs, mentions Juravin.

ANDREW HILL (and possibly Melissa Hill) STOLE MONEY

At the very beginning of January 2018, Juravin paid Andrew Hill $25,000.00 (one check for $10,000.00 and one for $15,000.00) to go into his trust account. Even though their agreement was that Juravin would only issue payment after the work was completed, Juravin wanted him to be able to work without worrying about payment. When he began showing that he was having problems giving Don Juravin consistent work, Juravin told him that he wanted his money back. 

Hill giving Juravin the runaround. He forced Juravin to enter into another agreement or else he would disappear with the money. Juravin had to beg him to return him the money for a month and a half. But he just disappeared. 

Hill always had stories about why he couldn’t meet Juravin. He eventually said he didn’t have the money but had deposited it in his personal account, not his trust account.  That money became a “forced loan” with a second agreement.


During his work for Juravin, Andrew Hill accepted the transfer of funds that had been frozen by the FTC from Juravin’s prior attorney. These funds were to go into his trust account and were subject to an Asset Freeze Order by the Middle District of Florida

Another attorney, who was working with Juravin on complying with turning these funds over to the FTC after the case was final, asked Hill several times for the bank information to provide to the FTC. Hill said he had the funds, Hill ignored her requests for verification and bank information.


A check was sent to him from a New Jersey attorney, Richard Newman.  Hill was supposed to hold this check-in his trust account for Juravin. Juravin never received those funds.


Andrew Hill was given a computer at a cost of almost $2,000 so he could be more productive. He sold Juravin’s computer and lied that he still uses it. 


Andrew Hill admitted to using the business credit card for personal items, including at a pawn shop. Attached is the statement from the pawnshop in question. Juravin has reported this to the police and they also will turn it over to the State Attorney’s Office for investigation.

  1. Stole Juravin’s credit card identity, used his name Don Juravin, in KWIK PAWN & JEWELRY. 1027 S DILLARD ST, WINTER GARDEN, FL, 34787 407.614.5938
  2. Stole Juravin’s credit card identity several other times while Juravin was overseas. 

He threatened to kill himself if Juravin reported this incident to the police.  

Juravin is available to give you more evidence and testimony. This attorney is a disgrace for the Florida Bar. “Don’t be afraid to expose the scam. It’s your civil duty.” says, Don Juravin who offers more victims to contact him and check updates on the Florida Bar. 

Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina Florida Continues To Scare Residents And Lose, Says Don Juravin

Whether you live in a gated community or in a normal neighborhood district, one thing can be certain. The Homeowner’s Association you are forced to work with has a list of unnecessary rules and an even longer list of lawyers. In Bella Collina, resident Don Juravin and his family have been suffering “selective enforcement” as a form of retaliation from Dwight Schar’s controlled HOA after posting an honest online review exposing the truth about Bella Collina

Bella Collina, a community in central Florida, owned by Redskins minority owner and billionaire Dwight Schar (who acts through various DCS entities or Bella Collina Real Estate), is so poorly managed that it’s driving homeowners or potential residents away. The properties are losing money drastically. Too many people are deciding to jump out of the sinking ship. An estimated 300 to 500 families actually decided they didn’t think Bella Collina is worth any further investment and they prefer not to pay Club or HOA dues and lost all of their investment and fled Bella Collina

In order to live at Bella Collina, residents are forced to pay $40,000 to $80,000 in club fees (the fine print reveals that you can practically never see that money again), and $5,000 to $10,000 every year. Dwight Schar, or his employees, can decide at any time and for any reason that your family and kids are banned from the Club at Bella Collina and still force you to pay the fees forever. Does it sound like an illegal or retaliatory act? 

The HOA is meant to be run by the homeowners and the property owners. However, because Bella Collina is sort of a ghost town, with only about 70-90 real families live in the neighborhood year-round out of a possible 900 lots. This makes it possible for Dwight Schar to overrule the homeowners and use Bella Collina to do anything they want, even against the interests of the homeowners. According to a court deposition, it seems like Dwight Schar’s employee, Randall F Green, retaliated against a family, a mother and her kid by canceling a school bus that was driving in Bella Collina to pick up the children, so that they had to walk all the way out of the neighborhood to get to their bus. This exposed them to the danger of the road, Florida sun and heat. This was Dwight Schar’s HOA punishing, retaliating and harassing residents via their kids, as they have recently have done to the Juravin mother and 3 girls. 

Who has been running Bella Collina? For years, convicted criminal Richard Arrighi was convicted of fraud, and stole millions from the state of Massachusetts, according to legal records. Arrighi was sentenced to three years in prison, and then failed to pay the money he owed in restitution. This Bella Collina manager was caught lying about his ability to pay, as well as his assets available. 

Paul Simonson, Dwight Schar’s finance guy, runs now Bella Collina, after about 5 years that Richard Arrighi defacto managed the place. Paul Simonson himself was a defendant in a class action accusing of scam, fraud, embezzlement, and racketeering. 

Another Dwight Schar employee is Randall F. Greene, who was sued for a fraudulent real estate transaction. In essence, Randall F. Greene and wife Christina Greene were accused of “stealing a house” in Bella Collina. Greene was accused of engaging in “fraudulent acts in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme to prevent the Plaintiffs from taking possession of…” a Bella Collina property

According to Juravin, these offensive employees are bankrolled by billionaire Dwight Schar. One can only imagine that he knows or approves, at least in financial terms, of the actions of his employees. 

Residents Don Juravin and his family have experienced the unreasonable rulings first hand. Mr. Juravin moved into Bella Collina in December of 2015. After a few months of living in Bella Collina, he was tired of living in a community that claimed to be one thing on the advertising brochure but was, in fact, something else. For the amount of money invested in Bella Collina, the Club, and the amenities, the return was small. 

Mr. Juravin penned a review and placed it on Google. The retaliation he received through Bella Collina’s HOA bankrupted him.

Immediately, the Juravin family–including his wife Anna and their three daughters–were banned from Bella Collina’s Club. The letter Mr. Juravin received marked the family as “dangerous.” When a neighbor took the Juravin children to the community pool with her own children, the Juravin daughters were told they could not enter. 

According to Zillow, Juravin himself, like probably all homeowners in Bella Collina, lost money on their investment in Bella Collina. In just two-three months, his house dropped $229,000 in value–a total of 10.9%. That is a massive property loss. 

Despite being banned from the pool, the Juravin family was still forced to pay the massive fees associated with the Club. Meanwhile, Mr. Juravin was told by the local court that the fees were legal because he agreed to them. Moreover, the court reasoned that the fees were legal because Mr. Juravin was paying them. 

Mr. Juravin was not the only homeowner that tried to take on Bella Collina. Other families tried to actively fight the HOA at Bella Collina, only to be chased away. 

Three families, the Heckenbergs, the Sheltons, and the Sutherins, sued the Bella Collina Club, calling the massive Club fees they were forced to pay “unjust” and even “illegal.” However, even in these cases, while the homeowners were not paying the fees, their cases were dismissed. 

In retaliation, Bella Collina canceled the school bus that came to pick up the Sutherin children. The children were forced to leave the community to be picked up by the bus. Eventually, the Sutherins were forced to move to another neighborhood.

Dwight Schar’s HOA has made it clear: one can’t just leave their HOA past behind. It will catch up to you. The Sutherins were chased down Dwights Schar‘s henchman Randall Greene whom he placed to control the Board. Randall F Green, in what seems like a scary harassing way, sent a mug to the Sutherins with a note: We sent you a mug just to let you know that we have not forgotten that you still owe us money and we know where to send the copy of the judgment when we get it…I really don’t like white trash.” Is that what we should expect from Dwight Schar the “philanthropist”?

It should come as no surprise then that Dwight Schar’s son, Spencer Schar, was accused of assaulting or harassing two females. 

Such actions taken against these families may be seen as illegal, says Don Juravin and may have no corporate protection. 


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