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Donald Trump

Scariest Halloween Window Props to mark Brexit 2019

The latest Scary Peeper Halloween props could be more frightening than Boris, Nigel, a no-deal Brexit or even Donald Trump!

As Brexit and Boris Johnson’s actions raise fears for the UK economy, Britain could be destined for the scariest Halloween ever with Brexit landing on the same day as Halloween!

Usually reason to celebrate, the spooky holiday has become the nation’s third largest retail event, with 51.5% of UK consumers splashing out on Halloween accessories in 2018 and spending over £360 million.

As a leading global supplier of Halloween themed products, Scary Peeper understands all too well the demand for ghostly and ghoulish adornments. Their innovative, scream-inducing products have been featured on the Jonathan Ross Show, in the Daily Mail, Sun and the Metro in the UK and were famously removed from shelves in Home Depot in Canada for being too creepy!

This year, Scary Peeper has a new range of chilling creatures and characters to adorn the windows of UK homes, cars and stores and even take advantage of some Brexit scare tactics!

For those seeking to stay on political trend, why not splurge on a Donald Trump motion activated window decoration? He’ll be sure to raise blood pressure when the in-built motion sensor makes him tap on the window when a person passes by or it can be set to tap every three seconds.

Why not try a Vicious Dog, a Scary Cat, or for something a little more wholesome, an adorable Yellow Labrador? These creatures hang on the inside or outside of a window or inside your car window and can be used to frighten or delight your family, friends and neighbours!

Scary Peeper’s range also includes the Original Peeping Tom which created a media storm in 2017, the terrifying Tapping Motion Activated Witch, Frightening Clown (just in time for the new Joker film or perfect for a Pennywise prank) and Scary Burglar and are all exclusively available on Amazon. Prices range from £14.99-£39.99 for these creepy Halloween Decorations.

Morgan Dowtin, co-founder of Scary Peeper says “While a Halloween Brexit may represent a time of fear and uncertainty for the British public, Scary Peeper hopes that our new terrifying (or adorable) Halloween range of tapping props will provide a welcome distraction. These Halloween decorations have been designed with great detail and are eerily realistic, designed to frighten and delight political, dog and cat lovers throughout the UK and worldwide.”

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Trump Rocks the Fringe

DSC_MOAB2.jpgThe Official Edinburgh Fringe played host to three world leaders armed with instruments.

Beldon Haigh and The Mother of All Bands – donning uncanny masks resembling Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin – took to the renowned Liquid Rooms stage for the Saturday evening spot in front of an electric audience.

Having already gained the attention of The Late Late Show host James Corden after seeing the masks appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the clever guises created by Landon Meier – as well as the band – are accomplishing widespread notoriety.

The rock-funk act, who appear with Trump on bass, Putin on drums and Kim Jong Un on guitar, took the opportunity to showcase their single launch for ‘Airwaves’.

With its melodic chorus and infectious bassline, the record holds a spotlight on misogyny in the entertainment industry.

Lead singer Beldon, who hails from Falkirk, said: “We’re waging a different kind of war. In this more complex age of information overload, our protest band is cutting through with humour and using world leaders’ own images to parody them.

“Landon’s masks are scarily realistic and need to be seen to be believed. Being able to play live wearing them gives the audience a real theatrical and musical treat.”

“The audience particularly enjoyed our adaptation of Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’, reworked to ‘That’s Lying!’ They loved singing along to new provocative lyrics. This was a kick ass protest music with a lot of humour and ton of fun.”

The band also belted out its other hits – Land of Hope’ – a song highlighting the plight of asylum seekers and ‘Gaslight’ describing the escalating arms trade and the use of
chemical weapons.

The live performance can be viewed here:

As they continue to release music on their own independent label, Covfefe Records – so-called after Trump’s nonsense tweet – their online videos have clocked up thousands of views.

Notes to editors:
• The MOAB are Luke Stenner and Andrew Scott (Trump and Putin), Jimmy Green (Kim Jong Un), as well as Rob Webbon on piano, Ewan Main and Dru Baker (horns) and Fiona Lynch and Emily Copas (backing vocals).