COVID-19 sucks, but charity record don’t need to… in aid of NHS’s Royal Medical Benevolent Fund

Released on Monday (6th April 2020 ) was a charity record in aid of the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund – a charity who support medical staff and their families in a time of crisis. This is a time of crisis.

The song; Home (City of Dreaming Spires) was recorded by #1 producer George Shilling, who has worked with the likes of Blur, Frank Turner, Yazz, Teenage Fanclub, and Suede’s Bernard Butler. It is written and performed by the Oxford based 3-piece band ‘The Ideas’.

The video features a live recording of the band from their separate homes, in current COVID-19 isolation.

The lyrics, although written last year, are uncanny in their representation of the current circumstances, “Take me to Rome, take me anywhere, just take me home. From the city on fire, to the City of Dreaming Spires, take me home…” – “You can’t run, from the places you love, no matter how obscene, or how serene…”
All proceeds from this incredibly uplifting record will go
directly to the charity.

The Ideas, wear their influences on their sleeves, with obvious references to other Oxford bands like ‘Ride’ and ‘Radiohead’, as well as other notable rockers like ‘The National’ and ‘David Bowie’.

The band said “We’re so happy to be able to help this great charity. Many of us are at home feeling helpless, we just wanted to get up off the sofa and do something…

Both the Ideas and the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund ask for as many people as possible to share this charity release online as possible to enable them to raise important funds at this time.

It is a fantastic record and a fantastic cause.

The UK’s doctors and even medical students will be in dire need of support, during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. They are on the frontline saving lives, whilst potentially risking their own.

Please share content about this record where possible – thank you, it is appreciated. Help us make this uplifting record the soundtrack of 2020. Remember: COVID-19 sucks, but charity records don’t have to…

The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund was formed in 1836. Their Patron is Her Majesty The Queen. Find out more via

The Ideas are from Oxford. They are Gary S Creigh, Steve Hare and Nick Aspey. Find them on social media via @theideasband or at

Contact Details
Claire Arnott
Media enquiries via 07527317245

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In the fight against covid-19 you don’t have to suffer in pain

Since social distancing was first introduced across the United Kingdom in a response to the covid-19 pandemic, physiotherapy clinics began to reduce patient contact and limit appointments for only the most urgent cases. When the guidelines progressed into a full scale lockdown, all physiotherapy clinics in both the NHS and private practice closed their doors completely.

This left a huge number of people suffering in pain, confused on how to manage their symptoms and unsure where to turn next. ‘Dr Google’ only works to-a-point and unfortunately, the internet contains lots of misinformation.

Your mum’s best friend’s cousin from bingo who had the same problem that you think you have now has recommended a home remedy….but that’s not worked either! So what now? was conceived and set up in 2017 by an experienced chartered physiotherapist and private practice owner Mark Humphreys. Initially aimed at helping people who work long hours or travel a lot and are unable to attend ‘traditional’ physiotherapy clinics, this service has now become invaluable in the fight against COVID-19.

With clinics closed, NHS 111 overwhelmed and hospitals ‘off limits’ except for the most serious cases, video consultations are proving a Godsend for anyone in pain.

As Mark explains on the website, ‘In modern clinical practice diagnosis are made by meticulously listening to the history and description of symptoms from the patient, the response to specific further detailed questions and sometimes the use of special movement tests. If indicated, we will then guide you through a self-examination to identify any structures of concern (like tendons, ligaments and muscles).

There is considerable evidence to support this from telephone-based services ran in our own National Health Service, but some of the benefits of a video over telephone consultation are that they allow you to actually show us where the problem is and us to observe how you move in relation to your symptoms’.

Mark continues to explain that due to the current ‘stay at home’ guidance he is seeing a large increase in clients with pain from situations where they are their dining room chair as their new office chair, training too little (or too much), or simply spending too much time on the sofa or in bed.

Established in 2017 is tried and tested. They offer something unique; using the most up-to-date software to conduct your video consultation allows them to show you on screen pictures, videos and explanations of your diagnosis during the call. It works across all devices from computers, to smart phones and tablets.

You don’t need to be technically-minded, just to have a device with a camera on it and an internet connection. It really is simple and easy to use. Best of all, it’s really affordable at only £20 for a consultation.

Given Mark’s considerable experience and expertise, wherever your pain is and if it’s a new injury or an on-going one, he can help help you stay fighting fit when it matters most!

Check out today and see how they can help you.

Mark Humphreys
Senior physiotherapist & Director
BSc (hons) Physiotherapy
BSc (hons) Sport & Exercise science

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Don’t just drink wine – experience it!

Wine tasting has well & truly arrived in Manchester. Renowned Italian sommelier and former wine merchant, Marco Castelanelli, has been bringing his unique brand of wine expertise (and sense of fun) to Club Vino since the Spring of 2019 and now things are really hotting up! Sold out events and partnerships with exclusive partners across the city mean the future of wine in Manchester is looking very strong indeed.

It’s the job of any sommelier to bring a wine collection alive, but Marco knows the story of every bottle – before he opens it – and shares it’s story with you in an engaging and fun way. After all, wine is a story – bottled.

Club Vino tasting events are designed around a theme and include a superb tasting experience, right through from the fizz – to the fromage! You’ll probably feel like you know the hand-selected wines by the end of the evening – but if you can’t take it all in, Marco can always take care of the wine at your next dinner party – as he has been doing for local & international clients for many years.

Sold out events in city centre mean that Club Vino is now delighted to extend its reach to Didsbury. There are three types of experience:

! Taste – a two hour session with 6 great wines, sharing platters and lots of cracking stories. From £39 per person. Choose from California Dreaming, Stop & Smell the Rose and more…

“If we knew there was this much food served, we wouldn’t have eaten beforehand!” Oliver !

Wine and Dine – three course dinner, and 6 wines, specially matched to complement each other perfectly. At £69 per person, this is a super date night – or way to meet fellow foodies!

Yet another great evening; Marco’s extensive knowledge, fabulous venue and a great group of people to enjoy it with! 5 stars all round!” Club Vino regular guest !

Sommelier Club – 6 superlative wines alongside a five-course dinner. A truly gourmet experience where you will taste wine you’ve never tasted before! £120 per person

“I founded Club Vino to bring something really different to wine tasting,” says Marco. “I really believe in bringing each wine to life and increasing people’s enjoyment through interesting stories and truly memorable experiences. I love this and I know Manchester will love it too.”

Whether you’re new to wine, a seasoned wine lover or simply want a hint of sophistication next time you are choosing wine, Club Vino is here for you. Get involved…

Upcoming dates!  More coming soon…  see

Friday 25th October: Made in Italy; Taste event (6 wines & sharing platters). £39

Friday 1st November: Bring on the Bubbles; Taste event (5 wines & platters) £39

Friday 6th December; Winter wine & cheese Taste (6 wines & sharing platters) £39

Can’t decide? Know someone who would love this? Gift vouchers are available.

Call 0161 410 0685
Instagram: @club_vino_uk
Facebook: Club Vino

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