Los Angeles, March 2020

Sorate is debuting its online retail that includes Matcha and Green Tea Subscriptions, Detox Plans, and accessories that allow you to prepare Matcha and infuse green tea at any moment, and in any place. Sorate is also unique in offering a variety of subscription packages, making the daily regime even more convenient.

The mission behind this brand is to educate on the health benefits of green tea and Matcha that have been discovered and studied through the years by the leading health doctors and scientists. Sorate’s passion is providing people with the best nutritional benefits from Western and Eastern medicinal practices, by bridging the plant-based medicine of Japanese Green Tea with today’s modern world.

Sorate believes that long-lasting health and wellness can be found in something as simple as a cup of tea.

The startup is founded by creative director Silvia Mella, filling a market gap of consumers who are seeking this convenience in their every day healthy drinking options.

Mella says, “The idea for starting Sorate came to mind after a period when I felt physically and emotionally depleted by the pressures of life. At a family-owned tea farm near Kyoto, I learned that regular tea breaks were the key to a peaceful mind as I went about my day. Stability = Serenity. When I returned to the States, I brought the good habit of Green Tea drinking back with me.”


In the Veneto region of Italy, Sorate is an informal way of saying “calm down” or “cool off”, while “Sora” in Japanese means “sky”. The logo is half a perfect circle in honor of Giotto, Leonardo Da Vinci, and the light of the Roman Pantheon. The other half refers to the Japanese zen circle, Enso.

Mella continues, “In Italy, we have a similar appreciation for the anchoring effect of our daily customs, like the energizing jolt of espresso at sunrise. It gives us a moment to see things clearly before we spring into action. Sorate is my love letter to Japan; which taught me mindfulness, and Italy; where I learned to appreciate the beauty in all things.”

All products are organic and sourced directly from Japanese family-owned farms.
The packaging and accessories are all sustainable and recyclable.

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East meets West: 22 years old blends Asian herbs and matcha into zero sugar energy drink

The story began like this – a young college student who suffers from mild dyslexia and struggles to spell created an one-of-a-kind tea soda made with organic Japanese matcha and several natural energy-boosting herbs to challenge Redbull’s traditional energy drinks.

The new in town HISE soda is a magical combination to power up your brain functions, especially on concentration and memory, and battle enervation and fatigue by strengthening your physical ability.

“I used to rely on energy drinks to deal with my concentration issue as I hate pills. Sure thing they do hype you up for three hours but the side-effects are just too much – blushing my skins, crazy heart pounding and energy crash” the young innovator explained. “So I turned to Chinese herbal and mint tea instead that worked like magic. Inspired by the natural drinks, I founded HISE, the powerful future energy soda that come with clean ingredients and zero sugar that are suitable for everyone, even the diabetes and persons on diet!”

To the remedy of many who want to stay energised but also value health, HISE’s new future soda comes with no side-effect but only side-benefits. With the recent super-food trend, matcha has been brought to the spotlight for its rich antioxidants content and free radical fighting properties. For more, matcha is high in dietary fiber and fosters metabolism which assist you in weight control and keeping fit. On top of that, the energy soda features three types of top-notch Asian herbs that improve your heart health and help fight age-associated and long-term diseases. One of the three, Rhodiola Rosea helps in improving mood and easing stress by correcting the chemical imbalances.

“Born in a family that is enthusiastic about teas and herbs, I am always amazed by their nutrition benefits. But we are aware that tea soda is also a soda that needs to taste good. So we studied the popular Western beverages’ taste and came up with this delightful tea lemonade recipe which is actually refreshing and sweet!” The Hong Kong based team pointed out that the sweet taste is from a new innovative natural sweetener extracted from the Eastern traditional favorite sweetener – Monk Fruit.

Excited for the future energy soda? HISE is now available as crowdfunding on kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hisedrink/hise-organic-matcha-lemonade-soda-zero-sugar and check them out at www.hisedrink.com

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Did you know in the U.K. According to the Stats over 24% of the population of consumes Alcohol on a regular basis and we all know it is at the end of the day of course something that it is meant to be enjoyed and responsibly as well.

We are all aware of the new guidelines set out by NHS which mention no more than 14 units a week for both men and women. But does really meaning cutting back attribute to a healthy body; I mean isn’t there something that can be done to use natural methods to maintain your health and still drinking or even not drink at all as per your preference.

Well there is a way my friends of what I have found or something that a lot of people can benefit from. Now of course nothing is to be taken for medical advice here always consult your doctor nor do I necessarily promote the consumption of alcohol; but the reality is it is something that a lot of us partake in here in the U.K. And If I could use my knowledge based on my own experience to help and only to help people to have some kind of tool or website they can consult when it comes to the drink my friends your prayers have been answered and yes it is possible to stay healthy based discussing natural substances as prescribed through Ayurvedic Medicine that can help you to maintain a healthy body; because at the end of the day health is something most people want now days and of course and with alcohol being there in everyday society I said to myself why not combine both?
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Don’t just drink wine – experience it!

Wine tasting has well & truly arrived in Manchester. Renowned Italian sommelier and former wine merchant, Marco Castelanelli, has been bringing his unique brand of wine expertise (and sense of fun) to Club Vino since the Spring of 2019 and now things are really hotting up! Sold out events and partnerships with exclusive partners across the city mean the future of wine in Manchester is looking very strong indeed.

It’s the job of any sommelier to bring a wine collection alive, but Marco knows the story of every bottle – before he opens it – and shares it’s story with you in an engaging and fun way. After all, wine is a story – bottled.

Club Vino tasting events are designed around a theme and include a superb tasting experience, right through from the fizz – to the fromage! You’ll probably feel like you know the hand-selected wines by the end of the evening – but if you can’t take it all in, Marco can always take care of the wine at your next dinner party – as he has been doing for local & international clients for many years.

Sold out events in city centre mean that Club Vino is now delighted to extend its reach to Didsbury. There are three types of experience:

! Taste – a two hour session with 6 great wines, sharing platters and lots of cracking stories. From £39 per person. Choose from California Dreaming, Stop & Smell the Rose and more…

“If we knew there was this much food served, we wouldn’t have eaten beforehand!” Oliver !

Wine and Dine – three course dinner, and 6 wines, specially matched to complement each other perfectly. At £69 per person, this is a super date night – or way to meet fellow foodies!

Yet another great evening; Marco’s extensive knowledge, fabulous venue and a great group of people to enjoy it with! 5 stars all round!” Club Vino regular guest !

Sommelier Club – 6 superlative wines alongside a five-course dinner. A truly gourmet experience where you will taste wine you’ve never tasted before! £120 per person

“I founded Club Vino to bring something really different to wine tasting,” says Marco. “I really believe in bringing each wine to life and increasing people’s enjoyment through interesting stories and truly memorable experiences. I love this and I know Manchester will love it too.”

Whether you’re new to wine, a seasoned wine lover or simply want a hint of sophistication next time you are choosing wine, Club Vino is here for you. Get involved…

Upcoming dates!  More coming soon…  see www.club-vino.co.uk

Friday 25th October: Made in Italy; Taste event (6 wines & sharing platters). £39

Friday 1st November: Bring on the Bubbles; Taste event (5 wines & platters) £39

Friday 6th December; Winter wine & cheese Taste (6 wines & sharing platters) £39

Can’t decide? Know someone who would love this? Gift vouchers are available.

Call 0161 410 0685
Email: marco@club-vino.co.uk
Instagram: @club_vino_uk
Facebook: Club Vino

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Reclaiming Caviar Diplomacy – Iranian Caviar Making a Comeback

As we’ve all been reading, the sanctions and recent events involving Iran are divisive. Caviar is something, however, everyone can agree on – regardless of political affiliation.

Our company, Caspian Monarque, has overcome numerous hurdles in being one of the few Iranian caviar suppliers exporting directly to the UK. We are one of only a privileged handful of companies to have access to the ancient and mysterious waters of the Caspian sea.

Our aim is to improve the commercial, cultural and ultimately, the diplomatic image of Iran. We are looking to build bridges between our ancient land and Europe via exposure to Persian delicacies.

It’s been a while since Iranian caviar has been widely available in Europe and we feel that it’s the start of the healing process.

Nobody who is decent wants war.

But we do know that many people want caviar.

And Iranian caviar is the best.

That’s not hyperbole; people such as Eric Ripert and Gordon Ramsay state that it is objectively and undeniably the best.

There was a horrible phrase coined during the Cold War: “Caviar Diplomacy”. It alluded to bribery via expensive gifts, for example, caviar. But we want to reclaim it and say that our efforts to bring people from both Iran and the West together to be true caviar diplomacy.

We offer Iranian caviar from Beluga, Almas, Osetra and Sevruga, ranging from delicate to powerful, textures that delight the palate, tastes and aromas that excite the senses and aesthetic qualities that make our caviar the jewels of the Caspian Sea.

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