evolution of handedness

evolution of handedness

Book claims dominance of right handedness due to sex on the wrong brain, now causing global warming

Scientists have long wondered why ninety percent of humans are right handed. The book “Sex On the Wrong Brain” links right-handed dominance to a mental disorder that may have provided a survival advantage in difficult times but now threatens Earth with greed, authoritarianism, and global warming.

Anthropologists have determined that our ancestors became increasingly right-handed and eventually settled into a predictable nine to one majority over left-handers. In “Sex On the Wrong Brain”, author Ard Falten claims the advantage right-handed humans had was that they are more likely to divert impatient satisfaction-demanding reproductive impulses to brain functions that need patience and objectivity. Sex on the wrong brain, or sowb, is presented as a common undiagnosed mental disorder that can stimulate new research in sexual dysfunction, psychology, neuroscience, and genetics, with broad implications for how we interpret human history.

“It’s not human nature or lizard brains causing these cycles of greed, war, and self destruction,” Falten explains. “The problem is we have two hands but only one sexual organ. Without sex education humans will keep making the wrong choice. Learning sex with the dominant right hand, which is connected to the left side of the brain, burns in the long-lasting neural patterns that cause sex on the wrong brain.” The author points out that most brain functions use both sides but there are trends. “Biologically, that reproductive energy is supposed to stimulate emotion, orgasm and eventually reproduction. How much is used up in the detour through the side of the brain often associated with math and logic and what problems is it causing along the way?”

The book suggests that when reproductive urges associate with parts of the brain used to measure, quantify, and calculate, they want more, bigger, faster. “That increases greed and materialism and emphasizes competition where cooperation might be preferable,” says Falten. “Sex on the wrong brain feeds greed-based capitalism and it’s destroying the planet.”

The book explains how sowb creates an irrational need for certainty. The author lumps a variety of symptoms into the Certainty Deficit Disorder, or CDD. “When reproductive impulses mix with logic and problem solving they push for finality, conclusion, and quick easy answers. They want the thinking to end. That irrational desire for certainty can turn harmless everyday uncertainty into stress and fear.” Symptoms include authoritarianism, fascism, absolutism, intolerance, racism, and misogyny.

The author points out authoritarianism is often measured with the Uncertainty Avoidance Index, or UAI. “Research shows that authoritarians try to reduce uncertainty by imposing simplicity, conformity, and order. Even nature is a source of uncertainty that must be controlled or destroyed.” The book describes how authoritarians try to create certainty by reducing degrees of belief and judgement to simple binary absolutes like good or evil, right or wrong, black or white. “You’re on one side of the wall or the other,” says Falten. “That’s why authoritarian leaders are very certain and never admit doubt or being wrong.” The book describes how creating and accepting certainty requires denying reality and that authoritarian belief systems cultivate thought patterns that reroute reproductive energy to reward denial with pleasure. “So it can actually feel good to lie and accept lies. With sowb it’s easy to sell the simple certainty of global warming denial versus the reality of uncertain and complicated alternatives,” says Falten.

Symptoms vary widely, affected by libido, behavior, culture, heredity, and even by gender. The book explains how anatomical differences generally make sowb worse in men so they view women as sources of uncertainty that have to be controlled and design belief systems that institutionalize misogyny and paternalism.

“Sex on the wrong brain has been influencing humans for hundreds of thousands of years. In harsh environments or in periods of scarcity or conflict, sowb-induced fear, greed, and authoritarianism could offer an advantage over curiosity, creativity, and cooperation. That could select for right-handedness and particular sowb symptoms preferred by our ancestors, or their leaders,” says the author. “Early humans lived short lives and reproduced sooner. As Earth became more crowded and developed and humans began to control the age of reproduction the frustration increased and so did sowb. Authoritarianism and sexual repression go hand in hand and reinforce each other. Populations that developed more recently would probably have less sowb than older civilizations.” The book points to historical clues that sowb has been encouraged, such as worldwide discrimination against left-handedness as well as possible evidence in the Koran. The book also suggests some people may be using marijuana as a natural remedy for sowb.

“Democracy evolved to limit sowb symptoms like greed-based capitalism and authoritarianism but it’s not working. Without appropriate sex education what might have been an evolutionary advantage in the past may now destroy the planet,” says Falten.

“Sex On the Wrong Brain” is not a text book. In order to reach a wider audience Falten weaves sowb theory and symptoms into a science fiction comedy set in a dystopian near-future with global warming about to destroy Earth. The USA is ruled with talk radio and a Trump-like president builds a wall along the southern border. Then a flying saucer crashes in New Mexico and left-handed Lulu Lopez finds an alien multi-tool that makes ‘sex zombies’. When the king of talk radio deports her parents she uses it to get revenge, terrorizing radio stations across the country. Lulu is branded a witch, rockets to the top of the most wanted list, and gets the attention of a stranded alien who needs Lulu’s multi-tool to save Earth.

Simon Barrett of Bloggernews.net says “I like ‘Sex On the Wrong Brain’ a lot. If you like Douglas Adams and don’t mind a few ‘smutty’ bits, you will enjoy this book.”

“Sex On the Wrong Brain” by Ard Falten is available from major booksellers as an e-book for $4.99.

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