EDMOND, Oklahoma – The Whig Party is returning to American politics after 166 years and will be in play during the 2020 election. The party will only field a vice presidential candidate. Its preferred nominee, comedian Andrew Heaton, refused to run for president at the party’s remote convention this month, but agreed to run as its vice presidential nominee. The Whig Party will not run a presidential candidate this election.

Mr. Heaton told delegates via Zoom that “anyone who runs for president is a psychopath” and that “if by some fluke you win, it sure looks like a lot of work.” Heaton has therefore agreed to run only for vice president, saying in his acceptance speech, “I’d be pretty good at shaking hands at diners and funerals and stuff. I think I’d have to live in an observatory, but that’s fine.”

Mr. Heaton is following in the footsteps of Dave Barry, Bob Hope, and Steve Colbert, all of whom have previously run for president. He is filing with the FEC, and attempting to get the Whig Party on as many state ballots as possible before November. The Whig Party is confident it can appear on the Louisiana ballot, which has low filing fees and few needed signatures. Heaton has also indicated he will run in Guam, which has no electoral votes, and possibly Alberta, a Canadian province.

Starting late in the game and with virtually no ballot access, Heaton is aware that he will have to work outside of normal election strategies. “I’m going to focus on getting endorsements from former vice presidents,” he said. “I think we’ve got a pretty good shot with Dan Quayle. Then Cheney, Gore, and Mondale if he’s still alive. Biden isn’t running for VP this time so there’s no conflict, but getting Mike Pence’s endorsement will be pretty hard.” 

Heaton says he’s also open to running on multiple tickets, including as Joe Biden and Kanye West’s running mates, simultaneously.

Mr. Heaton is available for interviews via his campaign hotline at 844-768-3397 or by email at He is the host of two programs, the science fiction podcast “Alienating the Audience” and “The Political Orphanage,” a news and policy podcast.

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Irish Writer, Maurice Manning, Reads Late Taiwanese Writer Chung Chao-Cheng’s “Field Hospital”

Taiwanese writer Chung Chao-Cheng, who sadly passed away in May, was born and raised during the expansive period of Japanese Colonialism. Although his first language was Japanese, his mother tongue was that of Hakka, spoken natively by the Hakka people throughout southern China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and in overseas Chinese communities around the world.

Following the takeover of Taiwan by Chiang Kei-Shek’s Nationalist Party (KMT) in 1949, Chung began to learn Mandarin, which was to become the official language of Taiwan. As a result, the native dialects of the Hakka people and those of Taiwan suffered repression, forbidden to be taught in schools or spoken on public occasions in favour of Mandarin. Having been supressed during Taiwan’s period of Martial Law, local Taiwanese writers were subjected to severe censorship, with literary works widely utilised for propaganda purposes.

Despite the restrictive environment that Chung found himself in, he nevertheless continued to produce illustrative stories of the everyday Taiwanese person, as well as assisting other Taiwanese writers in having their works published.

Throughout his decorated life, Chung managed to publish countless novels, novellas, short stories, and memories. In addition, he translated dozens of Japanese literary works in to Mandarin. His persistent efforts to express his thoughts and ideas, together with those of his Taiwanese peers, have truly left an indelible mark on Taiwanese literature.

In memory of Chung Chao-Cheng, Irish writer Maurice Manning, author of “The Kilderry Files”, recorded a reading of Chung’s “Field Hospital”, a short story which tells of young soldiers at the end of the Second World War.

As Chancellor of the National University of Ireland, Maurice Manning has also formerly served as a member of the Irish parliament. Maurice Manning currently serves as the President of the Irish Human Rights Commission, and was the former Chair of the European Group of National Human Rights Institutions. His latest work, “The Kilderry Files”(2017), is a novel centred around Ireland’s Emergency period (1939-1976), a time when the politics of the Catholic Church was rampant throughout the island.

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GNB Industrial Power Wins ServiceMax Award For Innovation In Field Service

Exide Technologies, a global provider of stored energy solutions, has won a ServiceMax award for innovation in providing field service to its clients. The award went to GNB, the division of Exide responsible for Motive Power and Industrial applications. The awards were presented at the recent Maximize London event on 7–8 October.

ServiceMax is a leading software platform for field service provision, and its annual awards recognize customers whose innovative use of its solutions leads to outstanding delivery of field service. GNB won its innovation award in the category “ServiceMax – Keeps The World Running”.

ServiceMax has helped GNB to vastly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our field service operation,” said Max Hemmingsen, Director Digital Tools EMEA at Exide Technologies. “The software gives excellent visibility into our operations, and allows GNB to be more responsive to customers. Thanks to ServiceMax, we now precisely measure performance in areas such as utilization, first-time fix rate and average response time.”

GNB has used ServiceMax to fully standardize its service delivery model across Europe. It increased uptime and productivity, improved invoice efficiency and introduced more consistent processes for service technicians. Real-time analytics allow management to fully understand the field service operation at a glance.

Maximize is the world’s premier conference on service execution management, showcasing the ways that companies around the world use ServiceMax to perfect their customer experience while boosting revenue and business performance. The two-day event includes talks, demos, previews, product updates, case studies, and networking opportunities for the EMEA community in the industry. This year’s event took place at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in King’s Cross and featured motor-racing legend Christian Horner as a special guest speaker.

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