Free the Visualiser In Your Laptop With IPEVO’s Mirror-Cam

SUNNYVALE, California. – August 7, 2020 IPEVO, the key leader in visual communication technology has just announced the release of its newest product, Mirror-Cam.

Due to the rapid increase in remote learning, pupils and teachers alike are constantly searching for a solution to replicate their original learning environment. One of the biggest hurdles they faced was real-time interaction and feedback. Mirror-Cam exists to eliminate that inconvenience, all in an adjustable and compact design that you can take wherever you go.

Simple but intuitive, the mirror inside Mirror-Cam allows users to transform their laptop webcams to create a “visualiser effect.” By redirecting the laptop webcam’s field of view to the keyboard area, anything that happens over the keyboard also happens on the laptop screen.

Pupils are then able to utilize the overhead showcase space to take notes, create sketches, solve problems, do read alouds, and many other things, all whilst receiving live feedback. This lets pupils take the lead of their own learning while giving teachers and parents the flexibility and convenience to make the most out of the learning process.

Users may also take advantage of IPEVO’s Visualizer software to capture the optimal image. Functions ranging from simple controls such as rotating and enlarging images to taking photos, recording videos, and keystone image correction are just some of what Visualizer can offer.

The Mirror-Cam is now available in packs of 6 for £33.32 (ex VAT) and can be purchased through either IPEVO or Amazon.

For more information about the Mirror-Cam, visit:

Based in Sunnyvale, California, IPEVO is an EdTech company that makes and sells versatile visual communication tools. Designed with users in mind, IPEVO offers simple, affordable software, visualisers, and communication tools to help people create, teach, learn, inspire, and collaborate effortlessly and efficiently in an interconnected world.

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MindCheck announces Free Plan for its business mental health KPI platform

MindCheck’s holistic, data-driven Organisational Mental Health KPI Platform offers a 360º approach to employee wellbeing

BRISBANE; AUS; 16 July 2020 – As the world moves through a collective existential crisis – where home-work boundaries blur, uncertainty looms, and family pressures mount – it has never been more important for companies to fully embrace and understand the whole spectrum of employees’ mental, physical and emotional health. In 2020, it is not enough to look at employees’ wellbeing or wellness on a surface level, or as a mere checkbox exercise.

Depression, anxiety and stress – which were becoming ‘business-as-usual’ pre-pandemic – have now reached global epidemic proportions and make a nasty dent on businesses’ bottom lines. Did you know that, even before the pandemic, 20% of workers worldwide were suffering from debilitating depression, anxiety or stress every year? And that this continuously costs businesses about 5.8% of their payroll? Most people are not aware, as these costs are usually hidden, masked by misinformation, stigma and wilful ignorance on behalf of companies.

In the wake of the pandemic, global healthtech player MindCheck, born out of a passion and need for a human-first, holistic and hyper-personalised mental health approach, has announced that it is rolling out its MindCheck for Organisations platform worldwide, making its free plan available to all organisations for the first time.

Understanding that all organisations – regardless of size, headcount, industry or country base – need tailored mental health support now more than ever, MindCheck’s free plan has now been made available for immediate sign-up on

“From start-ups to scale-ups to SMEs and corporates, we believe that an inclusive, holistic, adaptable and integrated approach to mental health and wellbeing should be baked into the fabric of all companies from inception,” says MindCheck CEO Ricardo Se Cestari.

Having run successful pilots across the UK, Germany and Australia – from big industry to co-working spaces and SaaS scale-ups – MindCheck’s goal is to become the go-to 360º assessment tool for workplace mental health. As award-winning culture change and D&I expert Vessy Tasheva of, a delivery partner, says: “MindCheck has been critical to understand employee engagement, productivity and capacity to learn at any given time as well as identify what can be positively or negatively impacting the organization on a scale.”

MindCheck’s success has thrived in its ability to look at people through a 360º lens, as its Contributing Factors™ Assessment takes into account not only recent life events, sense of purpose and level of workload, but connection with nature, quality of sleep, relationships, gut health, and more. Moreover, it offers dedicated intersectional programmes for underrepresented groups ERGs i.e. women in business, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC, and unique partner innovative future tech and gamification solutions such as Healium, a US-based clinically validated VR & AR tool for stress, anxiety & burnout.

Matt Boyce, CEO & Founder of Australia’s Human Connection Project says, “Simply put Mind Check is a fantastic, perhaps even necessary, addition to any organisation. The ability to get an in-depth understanding of your communities’ mental health and overall wellbeing allows you to measure and implement positive, proactive steps to an inclusive, resilient and well workforce.”

MindCheck is the brainchild of successful tech executives who have had their personal battles with anxiety, depression and debilitating mental illness. The three founders have a combined 10+ university degrees from top universities such as Cambridge, Harvard, in the areas of Applied Psychology, IT, Business, HR, and Law. Under their belt, they hold dozens of academic excellence and industry accolades and are working alongside distinguished academics from King’s College London, NYU, Harvard and University of Queensland, as well as policymakers from the European Digital Society, to create a new mental health tech playing field that is holistic, digitally ethical, inclusive, evidence-based and, most importantly, accessible to all.

About MindCheck
MindCheck is a B2B/B2C digital platform delivering evidence-based frictionless, holistic & personalised mental health support for individuals & enterprises. It helps over 10,000 individual users per month better understand their levels of stress, anxiety & depression, as well as manage the possible causes underlying them (MindCheck Contributing Factors™). All through a simple and data-protected two-step assessment of over 55 lifestyle data points. Since inception, we have helped over 120,000 people with depression and anxiety worldwide.

For further information or PR enquiries, visit

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New free tool finally shows available delivery slots for all major UK supermarkets in one place

Delivery Slot Finder is a free chrome extension app that checks for supermarket delivery slots on your behalf. It supports all the major UK supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA, Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose & the Co-op.

As you can see in the short overview video on the Delivery Slot Finder website, a rare Sainsbury’s delivery slot was found whilst demonstrating the app. These slots are very difficult to find without the use of the tool.

The public release of the tool comes at a time when home delivery slots are still frustratingly difficult to find in the UK. By the time you’ve finished clicking through each of the sites and decided on which slot would work best for you, it’s probably already been taken by someone else. Delivery Slot Finder checks the supermarkets at the same time and shows you one aggregated view in under 30 seconds.

Built by software developer Rick Blyth initially to help family and friends find delivery slots during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now freely available for the public to use. The tool will always be free but there will soon be a premium version that will give notifications when it finds delivery slots for your favourite supermarkets.

Finally, the tool will shortly support checking for “Click and Collect” slots for those supermarkets that support it. Click and Collect is becoming more popular due to the way it helps minimise time spent in close proximity to other shoppers.

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Social Media Marketers host FREE Bounce Back Marketing Webinars for small businesses

Free events, networking, and mastermind with marketing expertsPeterborough, May 18th — From 2-4 June, DowSocial, a Peterborough based social media and marketing consultancy will be hosting a series of 15 FREE marketing webinars to help give small businesses the tools and expertise to bounce back from the negative impacts Covid19.

With 100’s over businesses across the UK already signed up this is a not to be missed event jam-packed with useful advice, insight and practical help and support for businesses ready to bounce-back.

The series will feature a range of expert speakers talking about marketing topics including social media, web design, email marketing, event management and marketing strategy.

Notable speakers include leading social media software company Sendible, who will be hosting a Q & A around effective ways to plan and schedule social media. There will be a charity networking event where business owners can network via Zoom and proceeds from the small attendance fee goes to charity.

The final event will be a marketing mastermind where business owners can share their challenges and get feedback and advice from peers and industry experts

Kristian Downer, Director of DowSocial said of this event: “Knowing how to market in a time efficient and cost effective way is more important than ever. We have designed these events to give small business owners the tools they need to survive and thrive in difficult market conditions”

To view the full schedule and to secure your place please visit: –

For more information:

Name: Kristian Downer
Position: Managing Director
Contact Details: 07747116155

About the Company. DowSocial is a Peterborough based social media marketing company providing marketing training and support across the UK and beyond. Lead trainer Kristian Downer is a Facebook accredited #shemeansbusiness trainer

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Ex-Tesla owner creates free online resource for UK Tesla community

Tesla has had a significant amount of growth in the last few years in the UK. So much so, that the Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling new vehicle for the month of April.

As semi-early adopters of Tesla in the UK, we decided to get our Model S in 2016. We had 3 incredible years with the car but as the family grew, we decided to sell it for a bigger and more comfortable family car.

We started trying to sell our car on Tesla forums, where people list vehicles or parts that they own and are looking to sell.

These forums were a clear miss, as they were littered with unorganized content. Even though our post received some interest, it was quickly overpassed by other people selling charging cables, and car covers.

We felt that our listing deserved more attention than it received, we were selling a fantastic car for a great price.

We were recommended by friends to post our car on an online marketplace called Autotrader but realized that it would cost us 40 pounds for a simple 2 week advert.

Our experience taught us that the Autotrader audience was more focused on finding petrol vehicles rather than electric cars.

Our paid Autotrader listing got very little interest, and after two weeks our listing had expired. We tried our luck uploading to other free online car websites but also were not successful.

Our frustrations with the sale of our Tesla pushed us to create the platform we needed, a free Tesla-only marketplace that is efficient and effective.

UsedTeslaWorld is the easiest way to sell your Tesla or parts in the UK. You can add your Tesla vehicle, or any parts completely free.

Seller listings are published directly to an audience of Tesla enthusiasts, people who care and understand the value in buying a Tesla. Any interested buyer can contact you privately, also for free.

We hope to continue helping the Tesla community by providing value with a resource that is free and continues to support a sustainable way of transportation.

You can find all the current used Teslas for sale here and any parts for sale here.

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Free Re-flow forms to support the highways and construction sectors return to work

Our way of supporting the sector

As the Government and industry bodies launch business reopening measures, employers are now moving operatives back to site with clearer guidance on safe working practices and definitions of essential work established. There are various considerations employers must keep in mind when reopening their physical work locations, one of which is regular screening of employees to ensure they are fit to work and not posing significant risk of spreading Covid-19.

In support of the sector, as it embarks on the ‘new normal’ working practices and procedures, Re-flow is offering two free digital forms that strengthen social distancing measures, to any company in the sector. The first is for managing Covid-19 back to work screening and the other is to enable contact free waste transfer notes. These forms are accessible to all employees on their smartphones through our Apple and Android apps.

Find out more

Ensure a safe return to work for your team

Keep on top of operative’s health, by symptom checking on a daily basis, using the Covid-19 screening form via the Re-flow app, allowing the return to work process to be done remotely.

Operatives can simply complete the information on the digital form at home or on site and the completed information is instantly sent to the Management team via email, who can then use the responses to decide when an employee is safe to return to work.

This has the primary function of keeping potentially contagious operatives away from site until they are well, by allowing them to screen from home. It also brings the process online, meaning there’s no physical documentation to exchange, which could be contaminated.

Full users of Re-flow can also add Covid-19 warnings and updates on the home screen of their app as a way of communicating to whole team.

Find out more

Remove unnecessary contact

This offers a simple form on the app for waste transfer notes to be completed easily and digitally. It includes information such as details of the waste, the processes it has been through, and further information about the transfer. Companies can also include all compliance and licencing information required to have a digital paper trail for auditing purposes.

Once again, this removes the need for physical documentation that could be contaminated and any requirement for person to person contact.

Find out more

How do our forms work?

*Integrate any kind of form you need into the app.
*Our forms can pull from databases, so that wherever possible, fields are
dropdown pick lists, removing interpretation errors.
*Make forms dynamic, so users can be asked for information based on the
previous response, removing user guesswork and unnecessary data input.
*Forms work completely offline and you can save as you go.
*On submission, forms are stored until a connection is established and then
automatically go straight into the cloud, immediately available to view as pdfs
in the management dashboard.

Find out more about Re-flow forms

The Offer – How we can help you for free

*Free access to the app will be available for a period of three months, up to and
including 31st August 2020.
*We offer the same data and hosting security as our paying customers receive.
*Any company can sign for an account via our website.
*All operatives can download the app on their smartphones and login using
your company’s unique login credentials to complete and submit the forms.
*All data is yours, and forms submitted via the app are instantly forwarded to
an email recipients of your choosing.
*The app your team will use in the field, works on iOS 10+ on the iPhone and
iPad and Android: 6+ phone and tablet. It also re-sizes to any device screen
*This offer does not include access to a management dashboard – normally
accessible to paying customers.

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Free Yoga For Everyone – Derbyshire Yogi Is Dedicated To Keeping Us All Fit In Lockdown

Derbyshire based yoga and Pilates teacher Tabitha Wright is dedicating her time while she is in lockdown to keeping us all fit and healthy with free yoga and Pilates classes for everyone. Social distancing and the lockdown mean none of us can go to the gym or to our usual exercise classes and this is having a direct effect on our health and for some of us our waistlines too.

According to under their guidance for the public on mental health and wellbeing: in order to look after our feelings and our bodies we need to: eat a healthy diet and we need to exercise at home, if possible outside, at least once a day. Their article also goes on to say that practising yoga and associated breathing can help us to relax.

As the owner of Tabitha Yoga, a local yoga studio in Belper, Derbyshire, prior to the lockdown, Tabitha was running daily yoga and Pilates classes. With over 20 years of experience in the practice of yoga, Tabitha knows only too well the many benefits of yoga for keeping the body fit and strong and the mind calm and balanced.

The Benefits of Yoga
“Yoga is associated with not just benefits of the subtle body but has boundless physical benefits too. Often benefits can be immediate and life changing. Obvious benefits like increased strength, suppleness and stamina. Unlike many sports, yoga works on all of your body’s muscles and enhances balance, improves posture and grace. One of the most magic benefits of yoga is that it cleanses and conditions your internal systems. It enhances your body’s natural processes like, digestion, elimination and detoxification. Regular practice of yoga can alleviate symptoms of asthma, backache, headaches, high and low blood pressure and Coronary Heart Disease.

Yoga is a system that is of benefit to everyone, regardless of their age, religion and experience. If practised regularly yoga will transform your body, mind and soul. – taken from

Free Yoga and Pilates For Everyone Forever
“At Tabitha Yoga we’re so passionate about yoga and Pilates and the many benefits they both have on our minds and bodies that we decided to make our classes free for everyone forever, so a year ago we started our YouTube channel called – Tabitha Yoga. We upload a new class every week and we now have over 100 different yoga and Pilates classes, meditations and relaxations that anyone can join in with whenever they want to wherever they are totally Free.” Say’s Tabitha enthusiastically.

The Tabitha Yoga YouTube channel is a new and upcoming channel in the ranks of YouTube having gained over 75,000 views and 1,400 subscribers in their first year. “We are only just starting out, but we are so proud to be the British yoga channel competing with some huge players in the market, particularly from over the pond.”
“We feel like we are truly connected with the people and we are all one community, sharing our experiences together. We are now making sure all the classes that we upload are focussed on helping everyone to get through social distancing and the lockdown” Tabitha goes on to say.

Helping Everyone to Get Through the Lockdown
Tabitha has been spending her lockdown time developing new classes that focus on the problems we’re all facing as a result of social distancing such as Yoga To Help Beat The Coronavirus, Yoga For Managing Change, Pilates For Lockdown Weight Loss, and Yoga For A Good Night’s Sleep, to name but a few. She has even put together a 21 Day Lock Down Class Plan featuring 24 different classes that can be done each day to help get everyone through the lockdown healthily and happily.

As she and her team are observing the rules of social distancing, Tabitha has run most of these classes as Livestreams so that they can be filmed and uploaded without her camera crew and tech team, and that’s no easy feat for someone who is a natural yogi and not a marketeer.

Free Live Classes for Key-Workers
Whilst all of this is impressive, Tabitha hasn’t stopped there. Realising that we still need to feel connected with our community Tabitha has also added daily live Zoom classes to her teaching schedule, so no one needs to feel like they are missing their yoga and Pilates classes or their friends, they practise with. While she does charge a small fee for these class for regular students, she is offering them Free of charge to all Key-workers, as her very small way of saying thank you and paying back for all the great work they do.

There are a great many people who have done some truly amazing and heroic things through this pandemic and we applaud them all. We’re sure Tabitha would not want to be considered a hero in any way but we hope you agree with us, that she too deserves a round of applause and, even better, a little support from us, the great British public too. ????

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Wonderflow supports companies with free AI-driven employee feedback analysis tool WonderWork

Amsterdam (NL) and Trento (IT), April 23, 2020 – Wonderflow, a leader in artificial intelligence-driven feedback analysis, today announced that it is making recently launched WonderWork, its employee feedback tool, available for free for the rest of 2020 to help companies overcome the global COVID-19 crisis.

Wonderflow’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is already used by many organizations to capture and analyze structured and unstructured customer feedback. WonderWork brings together the technology and the experience for employee feedback analysis. Users collect and analyze employee feedback for real-time actionable insights, which can be used to support new ways of working, as well as teams’ well-being.

The free version of WonderWork will feature:
– Availability for any company with more than 50 employees
– Unlimited collection and analysis of unstructured feedback
– Real-time access to actionable insights
– GDPR and ISO27001 privacy compliance

“Over the past weeks, we have heard from the managers and employees that they feel isolated during these unprecedented times and ever-changing circumstances,” Riccardo Osti, Wonderflow’s CEO, shared. “The speed of change has increased tenfold, and digital transformation is accelerating as a result of the crisis.”

Osti continues: “With the launch of WonderWork, we are able to help companies to stay connected with their employees, as well as assess their well-being and specific needs, especially in these times of crisis. Whether you’re a smaller business or part of a team inside a large organization, you can request free access to WonderWork.”

Mike Ruini, Head of Product at Wonderflow, emphasizes the importance of accessibility: “The concept is centered around ease of use. It will take just minutes to launch the first employee feedback request, which consists only of one open-ended question that will help you understand the satisfaction of your employees as they deal with changes. It helps your company build a continuous feedback loop with your employees.”

Learn more about WonderWork and request access via this link:

About Wonderflow
Wonderflow is a leader in feedback analysis powered by artificial intelligence. Wonderflow’s technology collects and analyzes vast amounts of unstructured and structured feedback, empowering companies to turn customer and employee feedback into actionable insights. Many organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, leverage Wonderflow as the central tool to deliver a better customer experience by integrating feedback into product development, customer service, e-commerce, and more.

Note to editors: Trademarks and registered trademarks referenced herein remain the property of their respective owners. For further information, questions, images, or interview opportunities:

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Free Listings With Help Senior Living Communities Generate Leads

SAINT LOUIS, MO – April 8, 2020

Digital Strike, an innovative digital marketing agency based in Webster Groves, MO, has launched a new website that helps senior living communities promote their facilities and amenities to prospective residents.

The new site,, offers listings for premier senior living communities that allow users to search by location to discover resources in their area.

“Throughout our agency’s history, we’ve gained valuable senior living industry insight working with senior living communities across the country,” said Chris Westmeyer, Founder and President of Digital Strike. “With this experience, we’ve decided to create a new resource for senior living communities that allows easier, more cost-effective digital lead generation opportunities than what is currently available.” is helping communities during this time of crisis by offering free listing signups and unrestricted access to the leads it generates.

“We’re in this business because we want to help out senior living communities,” continued Westmeyer. “The best way we can help during the current coronavirus pandemic is by giving these facilities one less thing to worry about. Right now, community representatives can sign up their location and reap all the added benefits that come with it, free of charge, indefinitely. These benefits translate to free exposure, free visibility, and free leads, allowing community leaders to maintain focus on the safety and security of their residents while knowing their marketing efforts are still firing on all cylinders.”

To add your community to your area’s local listing, visit today.

Over the last ten years, Digital Strike has become a leader in growth marketing servicing organizations of all sizes. To learn more about services visit

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Love sleep and free stuff? Check out the Better Sleep with Sleep Advisor giveaway for your chance to win lots of cool prizes like a light therapy lamp, white noise machine, and more!

Better Sleep with Sleep Advisor Sweepstakes

Awesome prizes every week! 

  • Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp
  • Everlasting Comfort Humidifier for Bedroom (6L) – Humidifier with Essential Oil Tray (Black)
  • Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set
  • SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine
  • Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover
  • ChiliPad Cube 2.0


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