New Funding for eCommerce and Online Business

Motion Finance is excited to announce the launch of our accessible, practical financing service designed for eCommerce and online businesses. We are passionate about helping businesses accelerate their growth! Here’s how we’re helping:

  • Funding for paid digital advertising (eg. Google/Facebook ads)
  • Quick online application (no paperwork!) for funding up to €15,000
  • Unbiased application assessment process: our proprietary algorithm assesses your business’ potential
  • Repayment through revenue-sharing: pay a fixed percentage of your weekly sales so if your business slows down, your repayments slow down
  • No compound interest, no deadlines!

Many online and eCommerce businesses have the potential to scale quickly, but with the delay between paying for ads (very short window), and receiving sales and conversion revenue (up to three months), they simply don’t have the resources available for online advertising.

Now is the best time for businesses to take advantage of the massive global shift to doing everything online—from education to collaboration to shopping.

This new model of funding is exactly what’s needed to propel businesses with such enormous potential into success in a global online marketplace.

“Affordable and convenient advertising funding gives online businesses a better chance to achieve higher sales and growth faster. It can really act as that extra boost and help them succeed.”

Augustas Štaras, Motion Finance founder

The algorithm for determining approvals is a breakthrough in providing equal and accessible financing for business owners. The only thing the algorithm looks for is business potential. Regardless of who you are, if your business has potential, Motion Finance is here to support you and accelerate your business to the next level—whatever you determine that next level to be!

About Motion Finance: Motion Finance provides financing for e-commerce and online businesses to fund their advertising and growth. Curious? Visit us at

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Temporary Space Company ootBox Raises $900k Seed Funding Round

ootBox, a company that builds and leases temporary spaces manufactured from cargo containers, announced that it raised $870,000 in seed funding. This seed stage equity round was led by venture capital firm i-Hatch Ventures, with participation from Bolt Ventures and Island Capital. This funding will accelerate ootBox’s production in Columbus, Ohio and help further scale the product.

“ootBox’s focus is to create temporary space that is both beautiful and flexible,” said Robbie Friedman, cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of ootBox. “With everything that is going on in the world today, the ability to deploy space wherever it’s needed, without sacrificing anything in terms of comfort, natural light and design is more important than ever.”

An acronym for “out of the box”, ootBoxes have been used for everything from temporary home offices, to hospitals, retail experiences and development sites, thanks to the small footprint and customization opportunities.

“Our leasing and plug and play approach approach fits perfectly with the unknowns facing the world of real estate right now,” said cofounder Allison Zofan.

Designed using custom 10-foot cargo containers and punctuated by tempered glass on two sides, an ootBox arrives on a flatbed truck, plugs in to a standard outdoor outlet and is available for short-term leasing.

Brad Farkas is a managing partner at i-Hatch, a venture capital firm that specializes in early stage ventures.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the future of low-cost high quality temporary spaces, especially in today’s environment where there is a critical need for short term swing spaces for home offices, gyms, commercial offices, retail, and the like. ootBox represents a new industry of instant special-purpose spaces that can be customized and delivered on a moments notice for a breakthrough low price”.

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Recruitment expert extends a £5 Million staff funding lifeline

Benjamin James Kershaw CEO of Golden Egg Recruiting apart of The Golden Egg Group extends up to £5million payroll funding line for organisations financially affected by the Corona Virus pandemic.

Launched in June Golden Egg’s Funded Staffing Scheme is on hand to support the most affected companies through these changing times. The scheme offers a financial support option for UK businesses through flexible payroll funding.

The initiative will bridge the finance gap, relieving the cash flow pressures of companies scaling up their operations while retaining their staff population.

Benjamin explains “For any business owner, making payroll is always a top priority I understand first-hand what these past few months have been like for all UK Businesses. We all have faced challenges, especially when it comes to staffing and cash flow”.

“We have put in place up to 5 million pounds worth of payroll funding to kickstart organisations of any size to payroll their staff. We can handle all payroll facilities to give businesses the breathing space and confidence to recover while continuing to operate through this pandemic.”

With many UK businesses reporting challenges in accessing government-backed loans and grants, Golden Egg’s funding initiative provides a quick and accessible route for organisations to stay afloat, to retain employees and secure their future growth plans.

“I want to support organisations to help them prevent job losses and kick start their businesses post COVID19. The funding line initiative with up to 60-day payment terms can cut through the payroll administration headaches and ease cash flow pressures to assist British enterprises to bounce back to full speed” adds Benjamin.

No jargon or no lengthy application process, Golden Egg’s Funded Staffing Scheme is immediately available to businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Each funding opportunity is based upon a case by case basis and subject to credit status.

For information about the scheme and to apply please visit:

IMAGE: CEO Benjamin James Kershaw

Media Contact Details & Further Enquires 

Holly Wood , Golden Egg Recruiting Ltd

Sale , UK


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Dreyfus Corporation Securities Funding Facilities Throughout Asia

London— 01/04/2020 — Today Dreyfus Corporation announced the immediate availability of Securities Funding throughout Asia, enabling Investors, stakeholder’s and Institution’s to take advantage of this significant opportunity. “We face uncertain times with market turmoil but Dreyfus Corporation backs and supports our partners throughout Asia,” said Rhys J. Aldous, Executive Vice President at Dreyfus Corporation.

Many customers have already benefited from our Securities Financing globally. We are fully committed to delivering our Securities Financing to Investors, stakeholders and Institutions all across the globe. Our Securities Financing in Asia will enable our clientele to have the benefit of 2.5% annual interest rates and world-class financing.

“My company was in a tight position and we needed funding fast, thanks to Dreyfus Corporation and their Securities Financing we were able to take a non-recourse loan without putting extra business assets at risks,” said Christian Webber, Chief Financial Officer, “We have turned our negative situation into a positive situation thanks to Dreyfus and their simple Securities Financing solution”

Our Securities Financing and Availability
Our Securities Financing throughout Asia is driven by customer feedback and is part of Dreyfus Corporation’s commitment to delivering the most innovate funding solutions in one convenient installation. We provide loans against publicly traded securities throughout the world and have an extensive presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia. Lending against publicly traded securities is one of our core services and we can provide funding in the hundreds of millions Pounds Sterling. Securities lending is also known as “stock-loan” and our firm leads the market in many countries. We are committed to offering the most competitive stock loans to our clients. Our Securities Funding throughout Asia is available for immediate placement, visit our website for more information;

Dreyfus Corporation is the worldwide leader in business and welcome’s the news of new partnerships and funding for our clients throughout Asia.

Dreyfus Corporation securities financing was created by Dreyfus Corporation to fund our clientele in the UK, European Union, South America and Asia.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Dreyfus Corporation™

Media Contact Details
Kathryn Tyler
Executive Secretary
0800 014 8169
our securities backed lending:

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ESF identifies the best research proposals for funding on behalf of the Research Foundation–Flanders

Between December 2018 and August 2019, the European Science Foundation (ESF) – Science Connect provided to the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) with almost 5000 validated evaluations for research proposals, spanning all domains of research. All evaluation reports put together, would represent a book of 11,000 pages. This is ESF’s largest grant evaluation campaign to date.

With a budget of 350 million euros (2018) available for research in science, engineering, and the humanities, the Flemish public research funding organisation needed to secure the allocation of its resources to the most promising projects in a timely, transparent and independent manner. Thus, it entrusted to ESF the evaluation of its 2,438 proposals concerning two funding schemes: junior and senior Postodoctoral Fellowships and Research Projects.

With a track record of nearly 10,000 research projects and fellowships evaluated across 66 competitive calls that are implemented by international programmes, philanthropies or national funding organisations since 2016 (including the AXA Research Fund, University of Bordeaux, Grand Est Region et al.), ESF has become a major actor in providing independent scientific assessments.

For the 2018-2019 FWO campaign, ESF staff addressed thousands of invitations to matching experts, securing the final involvement of more than 4,000 reviewers (two expert reviewers appointed per application). The expert reviewers provided an informed opinion on the scientific merit of the applications and research projects, in the form of assessment reports which were provided to FWO’s disciplinary expert panels responsible for the selection of the best applications for funding. Throughout the process, ESF ensured that quality standards and ethical guidelines were respected, especially in managing conflicts of interest, ensuring confidentiality and monitoring the quality of the output produced.

Thanks to this partnership, FWO gains access to a wide range of international experts, benefits from an efficient and transparent online scientific evaluation platform and receives high-quality outputs directly transferable to applicants. At the same time, ESF expands its network of partners with top research organisations while continuously improving its scientific assessment process.

After the conclusion of the evaluation, Hans Willems, secretary-general of FWO, declared: “FWO is pleased with the services ESF can deliver for the search and assignment of external reviewers. These should be experts of excellent standing and ESF has managed so far to ensure they were engaged and wrote reviews that were indeed very appreciated by our review panels. Flexible and trustworthy partners like ESF are crucial for organisations like FWO that have to respond to the high expectations of the scientific community”.

Commenting on the partnership with FWO, Nicolas Walter, ESF Chief Executive stated: “ESF has been fully mobilised and committed to provide a very strong basis for FWO’s funding decision. I am very proud of what our staff and community of experts have been achieving through this partnership. I am very much looking forward the 2019-2020 calls”.

European Science Foundation (ESF) – Science Connect: The European Science Foundation (ESF) is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting the highest quality science in Europe to drive progress in research and innovation. ESF operates in the EU and wider European environment and collaborates with major scientific stakeholders.

With over 45 years’ experience in all areas of research, ESF works closely with its members and partners sharing its expertise and establishing diverse partnership opportunities to support scientific decision-making.

It currently hosts five Expert Boards and societies (CRAF: Radio-astronomy frequencies, NUPECC: Nuclear physics, ESSC: Space sciences, the Europlanet Society, and the European Astrobiology Institute. ESF’s Community of Experts plays a vital role in sustaining scientific collaboration and supporting excellence in grant and programmatic evaluation. Today it comprises over 8,000 key experts in all scientific disciplines.

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Sirenum Secures First External Funding Round

Dynamic Workforce Management technology leader announces injection of funding
to drive growth into new geographies and industries along with improvement and
expansion of its product suite

LONDON, UK, 18 October 2019–Sirenum, the leading UK-based provider of technology
solutions for innovative temporary staffing agencies, is proud to announce its first
round of outside investment, led by a quartet of technology investors: seasoned
investment manager Bill Currie, construction technology entrepreneur Dermot
O’Grady, Intrinsic Capital founding partner Mark Horrocks, and former Tesco CEO
Sir Terry Leahy. The new investment will expedite Sirenum’s growth beyond its
current geographic footprint, facilitate growth in markets outside of staffing, and allow
for refinement and expansion of its product suite.

“This is the culmination of lots of hard work. It is a pivotal moment for the company. It
will change how we operate, how we are perceived and how we think,” said founder
and CEO Benjamin Rubin. “It will open the door to developing new capabilities,
facilitating new hires, embracing new technologies, and seeking new opportunities.”

With the investment, Sirenum leadership plans to drive deeper penetration into the
United States and Europe, where the company has recently closed large deals in
Poland, Switzerland, and Spain to add to its existing enterprise clients in Belgium
and Italy. Additionally, the investment will enable the company to continue to expand
functionality as the world’s leading enterprise-grade solution for temporary staffing

“We are excited to be investing in Sirenum at such an interesting time on its growth
journey,” said Bill Currie on behalf of the investment group. “We look forward to
working closely with the team to help achieve its full potential.”

The Sirenum team is excited to benefit from the years of investment, operational,
and workforce management experience of the investor group. Currie, the founder of
the William Currie Group, which specializes in investments in the retail, e-commerce
and tech sectors, was previously a leading investment analyst for Barclays, Hoare
Govett and Charterhouse Securities. O’Grady, who is co-founder and chief executive
of the construction accounting and technology firm Ardent Tide, is a serial venture
investor, philanthropist, and civic leader. Horrocks founded the investment advisory
firm Intrinsic Capital in 2007 and serves as a non-executive director for a number of
businesses. Sir Terry, who served as CEO of Tesco 1997-2010, was Knighted for
services to food retailing in 2002. He is known for transforming the supermarket
industry in Britain, growing Tesco to the largest chain in the UK and one of the
largest retailers in the world.

With clients on six continents including relationships with some of the staffing
industry’s most well-known brands, Sirenum has firmly established itself as the
staffing industry’s leading provider of technology for managing the temporary
workforce. The company’s user base has grown to include hundreds of thousands of
dynamic workers in staffing and beyond. Key to that growth has been the company’s
commitment to recruiting and increasing domain expertise; its team possesses
nearly 60 years of experience in the staffing industry and a combined 140 years of
experience in workforce management technology. With this investment, the company
intends to build on its success in staffing by its nascent penetration into its corporate
install base across construction, retail, transportation, care, and security.

“The investment group’s belief in our team is especially gratifying. It validates our
focus on domain expertise and our strategy to penetrate staffing and then branch out
into other key industries,” said Sirenum co-founder and director of marketing and
corporate development Joshua Pines. “Finding the right partners on this investment
was very important to us, and we’re thrilled with the way it’s worked out.”
“We’re really proud of our team for reaching this milestone. They’re passionate,
thoughtful, and above all, great teammates,” added Rubin. “We’re also really grateful
to our business partners and clients for their help and encouragement along the way.
Getting here has been exciting, but we’re even more excited about where we go
from here. It’s a great day to be a Sirenumite!”

About Sirenum
Sirenum powers the dynamic workforce. As the leading global provider of
cloud-based workforce management technology to temporary staffing agencies,
Sirenum provides transformational scheduling, monitoring, financial, and compliance
technology to innovative employers, streamlining the management of hundreds of
thousands of workers globally, including organisations in the staffing, transport and
logistics, care, and security and events verticals. To learn more about Sirenum
technology for dynamic workforce management, please visit

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