Engineer launches UK business venture creating unique gifts

A Glossop businessman, who has travelled the world as an engineer, is using his specialist skills to create unique personalised coasters as his business relaunches across the country.

Steve Gray, who spent 30 years installing and maintaining machinery for retail giants across the globe, has perfected a specialist technique to create personalised wooden gifts that merge unique designs with laser precise cut outs.

Tawny Barn, in Glossop, is run by the 58-year-old who uses decades of engineering expertise to reconfigure his laser cutter to specifically support precise shape cuts in line with any design to craft unique Christmas presents, wedding favours or even business logos for promotions.

Steve Gray said: “My work took me all over the world and meant that I was regularly reconfiguring and maintaining specialist machinery. So, when I started Tawny Barn I was in a unique position to be able to modify the laser cutter to make aligning printed designs perfectly with the cutter simpler and more precise. It means I can now use any flat material from acrylic to MDF and wood to print and cut out intricate shapes perfectly. The possibilities are endless, unique photo gifts, logo designs for businesses and even personalised designs. It really is exciting.”

Having spent the past year touring craft markets including Glossop Artisan Market, Stockport Worker Bee Markets and Creative Connections with his original plain MDF cut out designs Steve is now looking to make his printed designs available nationwide.

Launching a new online shop through this month people will now be able to purchase his new bespoke designs from anywhere across the country with free samples available for a limited time only.

Steve added: “It is a big step for the business. I have been touring craft fairs for the past year and all of my designs have been really well received so this now takes the designs to the next level merging print designs with precise cut outs. It means I can make coasters that are completely bespoke. If you can think of a design, I can make it.”

Steve who has spent the last 30 years working as a service engineer started S Gray Engineering in the town in 2003.

For the last 15 years he has travelled to everywhere from South Africa, Nigeria, Syria, Canada and Greece to install and maintain bottle fillers and other production and packaging machinery.

In 2018 he took up his new venture and set up Tawny Barn selling MDF shaped cut outs for arts and craft projects.

This year he is looking to make more intricate designs available and is now offering printed and cut out designs.

Tawny Barn can create any shape in flat material and has even helped with laser cutting clothing patterns.

For more information visit or go to to claim a free coaster sample.


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In celebration of Father’s Day, all-new UK-based brand Daditude is launching to help consumers celebrate the father figures in their lives by offering them a truly unique and personalised collection of gifts. Acting as the one-stop-shop for dads, Daditude has been created to provide a wide range of bespoke items for that special someone, including items for camping and BBQs alongside stunning whisky tumblers and grooming products.

With Father’s Day being a time to celebrate the huge contribution, guidance and advice that dad’s provide, UK-based brand Daditude is launching to help make finding the perfect gift for them even more accessible. However, dads should be thanked all year round, and the all-new Daditude brand is the gift shop for fathers, allowing sons and daughters the chance to purchase truly unique and meaningful products at any time and for any celebration.

No matter whether it is a birthday, special occasion or they simply just want to thank him for everything he has done, Daditude is the all-new company specifically designed to fit all dads. The brand provides consumers with a full range of products that are ideal for any father, at any time. Currently stocking nearly 300 products, the Daditude collection offers a huge variety of products and the current range includes:

  • Cards for all occasions
  • Fully customisable gifts (such as chocolate, lighters, notepads, keyrings and photo frames)
  • Personalised coffee mugs
  • Cufflinks
  • Bespoke alcoholic packages and tumblers
  • BBQ equipment
  • Camping essentials
  • Gadgets
  • DIY Tools

These are just some of the huge array of topics that the brand currently offers customers. Of course, there is the obligatory pair of socks; however, Daditude has been established to say that fathers do not just need socks. Instead, the company is giving customers a modern twist by providing them with a vast choice of gifts for dads.

Daditude was officially launched this week and has been created by a passionate and dedicated team that truly understands the importance of fatherhood. The all-new company has been established to provide consumers with a unique range of gifts that help to differentiate from the standard, mundane gifts traditionally offered. The brand will be focusing on ensuring that consumers will always be able to enjoy the most stylish, unique and never-before-seen gifts on the marketplace.

Speaking ahead of the launch, [RAJ DHANDA, OWNER] at Daditude added, “We are really excited to finally be launching Daditude. For a long time, the marketplace has been full of novelty items that are often cheap and hold no real significance to those special dads in our lives.

That is why we wanted to provide an alternative for consumers. Daditude has been created to act as the one-stop-shop for consumers that are tired of giving a dull pair of socks every father’s day, birthday or Christmas. Instead, they can now show how grateful they are by giving their dad a truly personalised gift that speaks straight from the heart.”

To find out more about Daditude, or find that perfect personalised gift, visit

Notes to Editors:

  • Daditude is a UK based company that formed in 2020 and is based in Tipton.
  • Full details can be found at whilst the brand can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Daditude accepts all major credit cards and forms of payment
  • Delivery is available internationally by Royal Mail, with prices starting from £3.99

For more information, contact

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Artfia, the Innovative Personalised Gifts platform, Announces Global Launch

Artfia, the Innovative Personalised Gifts platform with Over 100 Bespoke Products and Designs, Announces Global Launch.

Coventry, England, March 2020: Artfia, a brand new personalised gifting eCommerce platform with everything from tote bags to t-shirts available, is excited to announce this week that their site is officially open and available to take orders.

Founded to provide people around the world with access to gifts that are personalised, unique, and memorable, Artfia has over 100 unique products and designs in stock at this time.

“A gift symbolises so much more to someone if it is thoughtfully personalised,” said Wilson Lau, the founder and creative director of Artfia. “Out of all the gifts we receive in our daily lives, the ones that we cherish are those tailored specifically to us, our likes, and our preferences. We wanted to provide an easy-to-use platform that makes it easier than ever for people to gift one-of-a-kind presents to their loved ones.”

Artfia’s extensive product range include options for clothing, prints, kid’s products, cards and invitations, notebooks, schoolbags, backpacks, and even themed packages that encompass cards, balloons, and flyers for milestone events like sweet 16 birthdays and graduations.

All apparel and bag options, like personalised tote bags and personalised t-shirts, can be customised to accommodate the gift recipient.

As our tagline proudly states: “we are a cult for art lovers and those looking to create something beautiful and irreplaceable,” said Lau. “We are a one-stop-shop for everyone out there that may find it challenging to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Stress no more with Artfia, your trove of gifting perfection, which I proudly announce is open today.”

The Artfia name comes from a fusion of art and mafia, with the Artfia platform designed to provide a solution for users to create bespoke products online with utmost simplicity. Additionally, Artfia proudly sources products from independent companies to support small businesses and offer unique customisable objects.

For more information, visit:

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Time to ban the bath bomb?

Shoppers are being urged to buy with care this December after a survey by revealed that more than a third of Brits (37 per cent) will bin a present given over the festive season – with many of those being beauty gift sets.

The survey of 1,000 adults in the UK also found that 43 per cent of people will try and regift something they get this Christmas. Meanwhile 38 per cent of people expect to resell a gift they get and 29 per cent think they’ll have to return something they do not want.

When asked what kind of gift they had previously returned, resold, regifted or binned . Meanwhile men were more likely to have disposed of booze they did not want (36 per cent).

Despite this, 61 per cent of people say they buy beauty gift sets at Christmas. A third (34 per cent) of people said they buy them for convenience while another third (32 per cent) say it is because there are usually good deals on the products.

The most likely person to give an unwanted gift was a work colleague, named by 31 per cent, while least likely was kids, mentioned by just three per cent.

When asked how getting rid of gifts made people feel, a third (34 per cent) feel guilty, one in five (21 per cent) feel wasteful, while eight per cent are annoyed at getting a gift they didn’t want.

However, when asked about the features of their favourite present, the most popular answer was simply a present that ‘shows the person has thought about me’ (42 per cent). Cost barely registered with only six per cent hoping for an expensive gift.

To avoid the waste, and the post-Christmas stress of returning or selling unwanted goods, bosses of are urging people to shop with thought when buying gifts.

Dan Brown, owner of, said: “We fully expected people to say they returned or regifted Christmas gifts, but it was a shock to discover that so many are already expecting to bin what they get.

“Beauty gift sets were one of the main presents mentioned as being disposed of but they’re fine if you know the person uses the products. The evidence shows that it truly is the thought that counts and putting in the extra effort to make sure we’re buying the right thing will stop the waste.

“It’s easy to be seduced by high street three for twos, but it’s quite simple – if you are not sure, don’t buy. Ask the person what they would like, or just donate to charity instead. After all there is much more to Christmas than presents.”

For more information contact:
Liz Murphy



Marmalade Game Studio, makers of The Game of Life and Cluedo: The Official Edition, have globally launched Championships for their latest game, Sudoku 4Two Multiplayer.

London, UK – Marmalade Game Studio have launched the much-anticipated update for their popular Sudoku 4Two Multiplayer. The game has introduced Championships, a place for players to compete against each other for amazing rewards. Each day Sudoku players get a set of puzzles increasing in difficulty. Each puzzle has its own set of rules, hints and boosters that will be offered for free. Users who get the best scores win trophies and other desirable rewards.

Marmalade’s Sudoku 4Two Multiplayer is the only Sudoku game that allows users to play competitively against each other, featuring true multiplayer options across multiple devices and platforms. The game is free to play on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store and is getting very positive reviews, with a rating of 4.8* on iOS and 4.5* on Google Play.

We are very proud of Sudoku 4Two Multiplayer and are excited by the overwhelming reaction we’re getting from the market.” said Mike Willis, CEO of Marmalade Game Studio. “It’s clear people love playing this classic game and we are thrilled to be providing them with a digital version that allows them to compete against each other. Championships is the next step in reinventing Sudoku and transforming it into a social, fun and competitive experience.”

About Marmalade Game Studio
London-based Marmalade Game Studio is one of the most successful publishers in the digital board games market. Notable successes include The Game of Life and Cluedo: The Official Edition, both highly polished and innovative games that constantly top the charts on the app stores.

For further information please contact:
For UK:
+44 (0) 8456 434 969

Web Links:
Marmalade Game Studio
Twitter: @marmaladegames