A great mind once said; ‘’Music is powerful;  as people listen to it, it is affected by it ’’.

When I listened to  this new classic just out of the IM Electronica archive, my first thought was, we still have talents who understand sounds passionately and give us  arts that melt hearts;  and we definitely  need to talk about this good music.

If you are a big fan of House Music , the game has just blessed your playlist with a rare gem from a new talent, “Disco-C”

This Mexican Dj and producer who has  released his debut single under the label IM Electronica has been receiving so much love and has been topping charts with his new classic ‘’THAT SOUND – (Betoko Re-touch)’’; a song featured with  Betoko (Diyinamic, Suara) an international talent that promises to repeat the feat of being the summer song of the year.

You know what people say, ‘’Men lie, women lie, but numbers sure don’t’’, Disco-C’s new song has been in the top 200 of trending songs of electronic music for weeks on iTunes in the United Kingdom reaching number 2 in the charts.

This classic also reached 26 on the chart of Top House of Beatport Releases, also receiving good love and support from renowned DJ’s like Erick Morillo, Joseph Capriati, Riva Starr, Nick Muir to mention a few of them. As well as some Radio stations across the globe like Ibiza Global Radio, Kiss FM Australia, Cool FM El Salvador, Radio1 Mallorca, Kick FM Mexico have been supporting the hardworking of this new DJ and his brand. when you find some good music, it deserves all the support to push it up until it gets to thirsty fans looking for some good new sounds.


Believe me when I say this is a jam. Although this is the first single from Disco C, it has made such a strong statement already. you can only be thirsty for more of the talented DJ and Producer who also takes his promotions to high levels as a promotional tour around Mexico and a remix with a top DJ is planned for this classic ‘’THAT SOUND – (Betoko Re-touch)’’.

We know good music, we love good music, we promote good music and yes we recommend good music and this is one! is ART THAT MELTS HEARTS.

You can support the artist and his music by following him on all his social networks:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/iamdisco.c/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/iamdisco/
Itunes: https://music.apple.com/mx/album/that-sound-betoko-re-touch-single/1500035384

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