COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated the growth of online retail – and is set to change the face of our high streets forever.

But rather than mourning the losses, it’s time to seize and celebrate the vast opportunities for business growth.

That’s the message from one of the UK’s fastest growing online retailers – a company which has risen to the challenge of ‘unprecedented demand’ during the Coronavirus pandemic and seen its sales skyrocket.

Sixty Stores Ltd is a multi-channel e-commerce retailer based in Stratford upon Avon, running sites including Sheds.co.uk, Minifridge.co.uk, Personalise.co.uk and Rattangardenfurniture.co.uk.

The surge in demand for garden buildings, home offices, home gyms and garden makeovers saw the company record a huge 113 per cent increase in sales between March and June this year, reaching £15.3 million.

That figure was more than double the £7.1million in sales recorded for the same four-month period in 2019.

It is evidence of the rapid acceleration of ecommerce driven by Covid-19 and the decline of the high street.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that in May online sales accounted for a record 33.3 per cent of all retail.

But, according to Sixty Stores Ltd, our shopping habits were already shifting and aren’t expected to revert back to the high street even post-pandemic.

Company Director William Letterese says: “Our high streets already look vastly different to the way they did a decade ago and news of store closures from retail giants like John Lewis and Boots are further evidence of a really significant and long-lasting shift in the way we shop”.

“Covid-19 has rapidly accelerated a change that was already underway”
“And while it’s undoubtedly heralding a difficult and challenging period for many, our success and the success of the UK’s ecommerce industry show it’s not all bad news for jobs or the economy.

“The demand for retail remains high – and it’s about seizing that opportunity now.”

Sixty Stores Ltd is on track for a record annual turnover of £23 million this year.

“As soon as we entered lockdown, consumers who wouldn’t usually shop online were left with no alternative,” Mr Letterese added.
“And that signals a big change going forward – the fact that people who were previously perhaps wary of doing things like banking or shopping online, have now seen the benefits.

“We quickly saw unprecedented demand across our ecommerce stores, particularly in the home and garden sector, with a surge in sales for summerhouses, sheds, home offices, home gyms, home refrigeration and garden furniture. It has undoubtedly been challenging at times, but we have a great team, which we look forward to expanding as business continues to grow.”

Sixty Stores Ltd, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, was established in 2011 with the primary focus of creating a group of market leading online retail sites. The aim now is to increase product ranges and expand further into the garden and home markets.

Sixty Stores Ltd was founded by Will Letterese, Ben Styles and Adrian Styles. Coming from an online marketing and web development background, they recognised the value of generic domain names and established the company with the primary focus of creating a group of online retail sites which utilised premium domain names as “brands”.

For more information and to view the Sixty Stores Ltd portfolio of brands and stores visit www.sixty.co.uk

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Cannabis is the modern perfume high

Two unique new perfumes containing CBD oil are taking the world of fragrance by storm! Launched earlier this year by international luxury perfume house Fragrance Du Bois and with an olfactory signature that is unique to perfumery, these new creations are sexy, intoxicating and utterly addictive.

Fragrance Du Bois is a name synonymous with the creation of iconic luxury perfumes using the world’s most rare and expensive natural ingredients, including its signature Oud oils, Rose Absolute, Amber and Sandalwood. It seems unlikely that cannabis or marijuana extract should join this illustrious list of ingredients but through the work of the magical perfumers at Fragrance Du Bois, that is exactly what has happened, with amazing results! CBD oil is the oil extracted from legally grown cannabis plants that contain none of the psychoactive properties usually associated with cannabis and marijuana. In fact CBD oil and the myriad of products that now contain it are fast becoming the go to health and wellness supplements of choice for treating a whole range of conditions, with many medical experts now acknowledging its beneficial properties.

Shadi Samra, Head of Perfumery at Fragrance Du Bois, says: “Since our inception we have always sought out new and intriguing notes and on a personal level this is my passion! The starting point was the pure Oud oils and we were one of the first perfume houses to use real Oud oils in commercial perfumes instead of synthetic alternatives. We then moved through the whole spectrum of natural and rare ingredients. Cannabis has been a revelation and we first came across it through research we have been doing into Oud oils, which have similar health benefits to CBD oils. We intended to launch one perfume using Cannabis oils but when it came down to it, we couldn’t choose between the final two! So being an independent perfume house with nothing to hold us back, we launched both!”

He added: “As a fragrance note, Cannabis oil is vaguely floral, with a hint of green, herbaceous earthiness. In both versions, the Blue and the Intense, we added the exact pure Oud oil to balance the Cannabis green note adding richness to its smoky aromatic smell.”

Cannabis Blue is a lighter fresh summery fragrance while Cannabis Intense has a slightly heavier undertone. Each of these fragrances has been a great hit with perfume lovers and customers around the world, bringing a unique new edge to the world of modern perfumery. Fragrance Du Bois is redefining modern perfumery and with its #perfumeredefined, is creating some extraordinary new fragrances to delight perfumistas the world over!

Fragrance Du Bois Luxury Perfume Redefined is a unique sustainable story of vision, passion and creative integrity.

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DappR Aviation’s High Flyer Sit-Stand Desk Combines Both Functionality and Style

SUFFOLK, UK; 16 June 2020 – The standing desk has undoubtedly grown in popularity over the last few months as more people have been forced to work in unconventional situations and spaces at home. Now, Suffolk-based designers DappR Aviation are upping the game with the ultimate in stylish and functional sit-to-stand desk design.

DappR Aviation are well-known for their highly innovative designs that make use of upcycled aviation parts, turning them into furniture, homeware and art. Combining an electronic sit-stand frame with natural, local woods, the High Flyer Desk, is both practical, sustainable and a real talking piece for your home or office.

“When choosing a standing desk, why settle for something clinical and soulless when you can sit or stand at an object of real beauty, to marvel at the twists, swirls and burrs of real natural Oak, Elm, Beech and Walnut, melded with the maelstrom of pigmented resin, creating a truly unique and durable work environment,” says DappR Aviation’s Neil MacDonald.

The benefits of a sit-to-stand desk are well documented and encourage people to adopt a healthier balance between standing and sitting, which can reduce back pain, lower the risk of heart disease, help to maintain healthy blood sugar and avoid Diabetes and even improve your attention span and mood.

Each High Flyer Desk by DappR Aviation is made to order with a range of electronic frames to suit your budget and load-limit, as well as various wood and resin effects to best suit your design aesthetic.

“We even encourage our customers to come and see the desk being made, once the design has been agreed upon over a video-conference. During the design phase, we will discuss the different wood options and how we can work with the wood to provide the unique features you love, including Live Edges, Resin River effects, Surface Hardening techniques, and other treatments,” explains MacDonald.

It’s all part of DappR Aviation’s ethos of creating one-of-a-kind statement pieces and their commitment to unsurpassed quality and personal care. Sustainability is also at the forefront of every design, with each piece built to last out of hardier-than-most materials.

“At the end of an aircraft’s working life it is “harvested” for valuable parts which, can either be reused as spares for other planes or made redundant – destined for the scrap yard. These aircraft and helicopters are designed to operate in extreme conditions, using materials and techniques at the forefront of innovation, which makes them the ideal choice for a highly unique and ultra-hardy furniture or art,” says MacDonald of his creative business model.

Watch the manufacturing process of the High Flyer Desk here!

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Pro Optix releases Next Generation Pro MINI & Pro NANO High & Ultra-High-Density WDM Multiplexers


Stockholm, Sweden – Fiber optical connectivity specialists Pro Optix have launched two new series of Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM) called the Pro MINI high-density series and the Pro NANO ultra-high-density series. A WORLD FIRST solution with density at 300% and 600% greater than traditional multiplexer solutions the new next generation series allows users to significantly reduce their data center footprint whilst capitalising on next generation design features. World first achievements for the NANO series include the use of CS connectivity in a multiplexer, the possibility to fit 3 x 40 channels DWDM multiplexers within 1U and the possibility of the XL version to utilize all available 96 channels in a DWDM multiplexer within 1U, allowing a fibre pair to be split 96 times. Pro Optix have partnered with Senko to deliver this next generation in WDM technology with the patented CS technology.

The Pro MINI modular multiplexer series utilizes LC connectivity and can have up to 54 CWDM channels or 48 DWDM channels within 1U, the modular and fixed Pro NANO multiplexer series utilizes CS connectivity and can have up to 108 CWDM channels or 120 DWDM channels. Within 1U you can mix Pro MINI and Pro NANO modular cassettes and CWDM and DWDM, delivering an extremely flexible and scalable solution that can be installed and upgraded with quick-swap ability, and being passive requires no power. For smaller installations in branch offices both series can be wall mounted.

Tom Nordin, CEO at Pro Optix highlighted “The new Pro MINI and Pro NANO series multiplexers bring a new compact concept to the marketplace that delivers unrivalled density in a unique combination of flexibility. The major driver is to reduce costs through having a smaller rack space footprint but being able to split fibers at greater levels to allocate to specific services or customers is also a huge benefit and cost saver. It is a massively flexible and simple solution that allows you to mix LC and CS connectivity as well as CWDM and DWDM within 1U.” Adding “WDM multiplexing was once seen as a complicated solution that required a team of experts, but that vision has changed. It is now understood that multiplexing is a simple way to quickly enhance how a business utilizes fiber effectively, and this is enhanced by the fact that the solution is passive and therefore requires no power. Although the design of the multiplexer is new, the components within the design are proven technologies, so customers can immediately have a robust and reliable solution”.

Pro Optix multiplexers come with extensive warranties, pre-sales support and technical support, and is manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

To watch a short technical animated video on the Pro NANO and Pro MINI series of multiplexers please visit: https://www.prooptix.se/en/products/multiplexers/

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)

By utilising Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) you have the opportunity to greatly increase the capacity of your fiber by multiplexing optical light signals on a single optical fiber. By separating out the fiber into different channels you can give many different services or customers specific dedicated fiber capacity, which is far more cost effective than obtaining many different fibers to achieve the same scenario. Read our full WDM guide for more information: https://www.prooptix.se/en/products/multiplexers/

About Pro Optix

Pro Optix provides a product portfolio that covers optical connectivity technologies from the core of your data centre to the very edge of the network. These include optical transceivers, fiber cabling, four series of wavelength division multiplexers, media converters, and MPO & MTP solutions for the international fiber market. With over a decade of experience and multiple business awards, our fundamentals are around strong technical knowledge, provision of a first-class customer service with the right tools, and ensuring solution due-diligence. Pro Optix is part of the Lifco Group.

Contact Information

Pro Optix, Vikdalsvägen 50, 131 52 Nacka Strand, Sweden +46 8 120 477 50 / sales@prooptix.se  www.prooptix.se
Tom Nordin, CEO +4672 500 22 24 / tom@prooptix.se

Motion Marketing, Virkesvägen 10, 120 30 Stockholm, Sweden www.motion-marketing.com
Rob Cullum, Lead Consultant +46 (0)737 190 636 / +44 (0)7908 920 080 / rob.cullum@motion-marketing.com

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