New Music Hit: Boombamontana – Circus

Boombamontana is a producer masked duo from Greece. Their debut single “Bunda”, which marked Kiwibash’s debut release, in collaboration with Panik Records, has amassed 4M views on YouTune and 400K streams across all streaming platforms, peaked at #3 on the Greek trending YouTube charts and reached #2 of the Greek Shazam charts.

In regards to the promotion of their upcoming single “Circus”, we have already confirmed its place as the Festival Anthem of the 2020 Colour Day Festival in Athens. Colour Day marks one of the largest Greek festivals, featuring performances by some of the biggest stars of the country and nearby regions, as well as about 40k attendees.
The 3D animated was directed by the world-famous director John Katehis, nominated for Grammt Awards, in collaboration with Orfeas Antoulinakis, produced by Crystal View.

Find “Circus” here:

Follow Boombamontana:
Facebook: https://bit.ly/3f5IUM3
Instagram: https://bit.ly/2MF1e2y

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Lauren Rutherford to star alongside “Hollywood’s Queen” in hit new Comedy show – Students

Hailed as the next Inbetweeners, this bold new comedy showcases the trials and tribulations of University life. Filmed in North London, the show has all the ingredients to become a phenomenal success.

Nouveau Media United Kingdom, is to produce the series which is aimed at Netflix audiences in all territories. “Gripping, funny and addictive viewing” says, Peter Wilson CEO of NMUK. “The talent we are working with is some of the best I have witnessed. We have numerous surprises in store for our viewers and that’s all I can say”.

Life is a journey of twists and turns. Good times and bad times. Happy and sad times. But life is always a forward movement. And it all starts at Knob Haven University (KHU) for these five students, each one between 18 – 22 years old who live in London. All are flying the nest to face university head-on, while resisting the impulse to turn back to their parents.

We follow them in their personal and educational lives as they pick up valuable lessons that will prepare them for their future . . . life lessons on being a nobody, coping with workload, student loans, procrastination, all linked to stress and anxiety.

“This show is not a users guide on “Tips for Dealing With the Pressures of University” but rather to explore the common misconceptions people tend to have about university” reveals the shows Executive Producer, Alexander Saunders.

Anticipated Release Date: February 2021 Worldwide

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World’s First Blog Psychologist’s Book Is a Hit

He is one of the most recognisable blog psychologists in the world – the first in fact. Founder of psychology website Psychreg and YouTuber Dennis Relojo-Howell has put his wisdom into print with a new chart-topping book that he hopes will help readers look after their mental health.

Let’s Talk about Behaviour is an easy-to-follow compilation of essays highlighting the need for the understanding and caring of mental health.

Dennis hopes Let’s Talk about Behaviour will allow him to reach a new audience.

He said: ‘When Psychreg was launched in March 2014, it emerged as a directory of people who are interested in psychology – before moving on to become a dynamic platform it is now.

‘Since then, a number of essays have been published, which convey insights and trends on a range of issues.

‘It has been consistently mentioned in these essays that in the world we live in today, we understand more about our own minds than we have ever done before.

‘The overarching aim of Let’s Talk about Behaviour is not only to offer the latest research trends but to reveal an understanding within psychology, mental health, and well-being.

‘It is hoped that this book will further stimulate a greater understanding and appreciation of mental health.’

Dennis, who now lives in London, grew up in the slums of Manila. But by the age of 25 the highly-subscribed travel blogger had already gained qualifications and even bought his first house.

His travel blogs gradually moved towards posts about mental health – a field where he has become highly respected over the past decade.

Let’s Talk about Behaviour allows Dennis to present his reasoning behind what we do and how we can prevent having poor mental health.

Dennis added: ‘In my book, I have tried to convey the importance of looking after our mental health and well-being.’

Since the publication of Let’s Talk about Behaviour it has reached number one in Amazon’s psychology and training charts.

It has also been awarded entirely five-star reviews.

Let’s Talk about Behaviour is available on paperback and Kindle formats.

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How can businesses survive Covid-19 and hit the deck running when the coast is clear?

The answer is if you are serious about your business – YOU DON’T!!

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many of us to stop and think about the way we live and work and how we run our businesses. David Blackman, founder of Marketing Quotes provides tip to survive and thrive after Covid-19.

So when this is all over, how do we hit the deck running? In practical terms , we don’t! In reality, we don’t take our feet off the ground! We don’t stop running. If you are serious about your business, you work harder now that you have ever worked in your life. We keep running.

If you want a 12-week holiday, the chance is your business will not be there when you wake up in 3 months. Just because we are all working remotely doesn’t mean we can’t keep communicating, sharing ideas, seeking opportunities, talking to clients and keeping our staff engaged while we wait for the UK to heal itself.

So, being positive, what can we do? How can we help ourselves? How can we ensure we recover and thrive after the virus? Here are a few tips to help you beat the virus.

Research Grants

Grants and loans are being made ready for businesses and employees. Funds are there to help, however, understanding issues like this on the .GOV website is never easy. Unravelling the advice and financial help and how it applies to you can be, and is, a maze. However grants for small businesses are coming online, and business loans are now being made available and terms imposed by banks are being regulated by Government.

Evaluate & Reduce Overheads

Now you understand funding, evaluate your business. How bad is it? And be honest! Do you offer essential services that the public will need right now? If not, can you adapt, as the virus becomes more vigilant and lock-down continues? Key advice right now it to preserve cash, cut orders, slow/stop supplier payments, stop rent payments, cancel Business Rate DDs, and focus on credit control. The Government support on workers’ wages is there to help, as is the deferment of Vat & July tax payments.

Meet Demands

Can you change your business offering? Restaurants becoming takeaways. Gin producers making hand sanitiser! Has your business the opportunity to change before closing it down in line with Government legislation? If no hope exists, shut down, hibernate and plan for the future.


Talk to your customers! Explain how the virus has affected you and what you are doing to either hibernate or diversify. If you are hibernating, tell your clients of your plans moving forward. If you are diversifying, tell them what you are planning, which may be community projects, such as restaurants offering take-away meals for essential Key Workers, or charity donations of stock and products you can no longer sell.

Look to your competitors

Keep your clients close but keep your competitors closer. Before you plan your own marketing look to your competitors. Are they still marketing? If they are, you cannot afford to stop. If they are not, it’s your opportunity to dominate areas of the market. With less competition search engine results pages, and PPC (pay per click) will be cheaper. This is now a great time to create more traffic whilst the cost per click is lower.

Plan & Change

When we come out the other end of these troubled times, the business landscape will have changes that we may not have foreseen. There may be new opportunities. So, now is the time for some essential ‘house-keeping’. In the coming down months do something positive to get ready for change. DO NOT stop marketing your business. If you stop marketing, you lose momentum. Once you stop, people forget you. Keep waving the flag, and wave it hard!!

• PLAN – Write a marketing plan for your business, scheduling how you are going to move forward, when the pandemic is over. Plan from today, with activities through hibernation, culminating in your re-emergence and look to take some market share.

• DATA – Built a new database, or cleanse your existing database, to include clients, suspects and prospects. With a good database, plan direct mail campaigns to stay in touch.

• PR – Think about your profile, how you can communicate good stories about what you are doing, what you plan to do, and make sure your audience sees these news items online, in the press, on your social media and on your web.

• SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media activity can be very powerful right now. Don’t fall silent. The whole world is living on its mobile following social media trends and looking for news. Chefs are conducting cookery lessons on line. Fitness gurus are running classes on line. What can you do to inform, entertain, and raise your profile? You have a chance to be a resource to your wider business or local community.

• NEW PROPOSITIONS – Now is an ideal time for business to develop new products and propositions. Be bold. Think outside the box and be different. What will the market need?

• RETARGET – COVID-19 won’t be here forever, so invest in the future and retarget. When life returns to normal, business will quickly pick up, and by setting up retargeting now, you can take market share in your industry.

• EXECUTE – Some of these measures to keep your business active could become a big part of your marketing plan moving forward. Customers are expecting disruption to the way we do business, so why not plan to de different and different gets noticed!!
Lastly, stay focussed and positive. Businesses can survive and beat Covid-19 with a little planning and doing things a little differently.

Lastly, stay focussed and positive. Businesses can survive and beat Covid-19 with a little planning and doing things a little differently.

Written by: David Blackman, founder of Marketing Quotes, providing businesses with FIVE Agency Quotes for FREE.

E: support@marketingquotes.co.uk
W: www.marketingquotes.co.uk

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